Hit and run bus more advice please.

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    Guys I rang RSA this morning and told the lady about what happened.

    I said I hadn’t heard from TFL yet about admitting fault.

    She said if I log it then it will go down as a claim and if I want to also claim for the door it would go down as 2 claims.

    So I said for now I’ll leave it and  wait. She said I won’t log anything yet?

    If you want to wait and hear from the bus company.

    What would you guys do?

    Its my first Insurance claim so should I just claim or wait till the bus company has rung?

    Cheers guys.

    The damage I’ve not touched but it looks like the paint On my front wing, minor scuffs and paint on the plastic trim.



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    Tbh Phil I’d chase up the bus company and stress how important it is you get you car sorted asap as being disabled you can’t be without transport and need to arrange a suitable courtesy car at the earliest opportunity(bad publicity for the bus company if it gets out about a hit and run on a disabled driver) which will be shown on the bus cctv.

    I don’t know your financial situation but I can’t see the door repair costing much more than a ton to 150(would need to see some pics to give a more accurate idea), if you can afford it I would just get it fixed myself and avoid the claim as it was you that did that one(under duress I know) but I would save the claim for any possible future need(things come in three’s)

    Just a bit of advice, write all your points down on a sheet of paper before you start making calls with space for replies next to each point as a way of keeping your ducks in a row(I found that so helpful when making the claim for mine).

    Hope any of this is in some way helpful and good luck.

    PS, do you have any pics?

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    I’m trying to load pics but I can’t ? I think the files are too big.

    Ill see if I can instal something to reduce the size?

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    Would be nice to see extent of damage. Motability will accept minor scratches, parking dents etc as long as metal is not showing. If you are in good terms with the motability expert at the garage you got your car from he might say the damage is acceptable and no need to get it repaired. Motability does not expect the car to be returned in pristine condition

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    I spoke to a very nice lady at tfl.

    She says she thinks she knows who the driver is.

    The cctv lasts 10 days but as I knew the approx time that would save lots of time.

    She said she will get back to me by Friday.

    In the meantime if a company called auto finess calls me they will just take my car and repair it. Including the door as she says it was done only as their driver wouldn’t stop.

    I laid on the motability thing and she noted I need a like for like loan car. Due to my disability.

    So things are moving on quickly.

    Car seems to drive fine.

    I know there are sensors in the whole bumper for the self park.

    So I said it seems to work but I’ve not had it tested.


    The damage doesn’t look much but I think that’s more down to my tyre taking some of the hit as I tried to move away as I saw him come straight across my bow.

    Plus vw make a strong car.

    im sure any other make of car the bumper would have been on the floor or at least more damaged.


    But i I had no idea what my damage was as I was concentrating on stopping the buss or getting his number.

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    Just one thing Phil, is this “auto fitness” company a Motability / RSA approved repairer?

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    Looking at the pictures the motability will probably say it’s ok no need to have it repaired. I know someone who returned his car with worse damage. It costs motability to repair cars with minor damage.

    If you are claiming from the other party then no problem, go ahead and claim.


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    The way I read Phil’s post it’s the bus company who is arranging the repair of the car. Motability/RSA uses nationwide repair centre. I think they changed their name now.

    Phil I advice you to ring motability/RSA and let them know what has happened. They need to be kept in the loop.

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    Agree with Wazza there. Keep them in formed.

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    guys I rang them at 8 this monrning and explained everything.

    She said she was happy to let the bus company repair it.

    Auto finess do all repairs for TFL so they must be a reputable company.

    The lady at RSA only said she’s make an official note if I wanted  them to repair it.

    But don’t worry, I’m not going to let them touch it unless motability are ok with it them taking it. ??

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    I hope it works out well. My worst experiences in accidents are with “company” vehicles and it seems the bigger the company, the worse they are to deal with.

    On the plus side, if that’s the only damage after a brush with a bus then maybe there is a god?! Could have been a lot, lot worse.

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    Hi Phil, just a couple of things, 1st one is that ding on the door crease line hasn’t broken the paint so should panel beat/suction press out without too much trouble or any need for paint and 2nd, although the damage to the front looks superficial and as you said the tyre took some of the brunt of the impact I would want the sensors in that area checked(there may be some under the skin) and also have the near side suspension/mountings etc checked as a friend of mine hit a kerb side on in his TT at 5mph on black ice and it did damage the wheel but it also trashed the driveshaft bearings, tore a gearbox mounting and bust both the bottom ball joint and bottom arm mounting!

    Everything on a car’s suspension is made to absorb vertical(and slight horizontal) impacts and not sideways impacts, even small(we’re talking less than 5mm) sudden movements with enough force(ie from a 9 ton bus) can cause unseen damage.

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    I’m surprised that Motability are OK with a third party repairing their car as I’ve always lead to believe that with no ifs or buts a RSA approved repairer has to do the repair.

    Had someone rear end me last February smashing the back bumper and destroying one of the parking sensors. The other party accepted all liability and their insurer asked me if they could take the car and repair it and the world was my oyster for anything I needed in the way of a hire car.

    As soon as I mentioned Motability that was the end of that as they seem to suggest they can’t come between a Motability customer and Motabilty.

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    All good advice thanks.


    Well as you you know i rang Rsa she said she was happy not to log anything till the bus company gets back.

    As you know I rang a number TFL (transport for London) gave me, management for the bus route.

    Very nice lady said she would put down the door as part of the claim due to circumstances etc and I might hear back from here or a company called auto finess I think? With a loan car like for like. Take my car away and check it over and repair it if  I’m happy.


    So i rang motability and she didn’t know? She basically said it’s your car it’s up to you.


    Ot I can go through RSA I’ll have 2 claims against me and have to pay £200.

    But if it’s not repaired by finess to the dealers standard it will be  down to me to claim again through them???

    But we’re talking about a scuffed bumper and dink in the door not something I’d except if not done perfectly.

    Then who would know I could scuff it again myself again in 3 almost 3 years and get it repaired for nothing and have no claims.

    No brainier.

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    nothing has happened as yet and the cars gone nowhere.

    Rsa won’t include the door on the claim even if tfl say they are to blame for both?

    This is my first motability car and claim etc in 40 years.

    My car will go nowhere if this company isn’t approved.

    I need the full company details so it can be checked first.

    im not sure how many claims you can have in a year? But it seems unfair I have 2 claims when none of it was my fault.

    The door kind of but I could argue the driver just wouldn’t stop and I had to try and get out on the one bay available, that’s the only reason I would go down that road and attempt to get out only for that.

    Also i could get a dents away guy for about £50-£80 to take out the dent.



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    After my car was repaired from my February rear-ender I had a letter from RSA saying my claims history has no mark downs on it due to other party accepting liability so your claims history should be good.

    That said when I first rang RSA to tell them about the damaged I got one letter wrong in the registration of the third party van and straight away they said I would have to pay the excess charge. Not that it mattered because I had the guys phone number and rang him to correct it.

    May be the other damaged to your car as you said can be fixed for £50 so might be the way to with that and mums the word.

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    yes that seemed to be what she was saying.

    She was asking me what I wanted? Not telling me what I have to do?

    I’m not worried about the £200 excess and the wing part won’t be my fault as I had stopped to let him out and he failed to stop at an accident even though I flashed him down.

    The reg etc was my worry as my memory is really bad. Part of my condition.

    So to try and remember a reg and a bus running number and the route number.

    When the guy buggers off at snails speed blocking both wide lanes in a single decker bus.

    Then waits till the lights change and goes through as they go red for me.


    I actually know a really good dents man . I sent him pics and he says mk 2 Tiguans are easier to do?

    So I may get him to just do it.

    What ever happens I’ll wait for TFL to get back to me.

    I played up the mobility so she said it shouldn’t be long.

    But I was surprised by RSA attitude, they basically said it’s your choice.

    Never asked for a pic of damage?

    I told her everything and he didn’t stop, I said I had a police number. So they can’t say I didn’t tell them every detail.

    Especially as they say this call will be recorded blah blah.

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    Phil, if you use an android phone there is a little APP called “Cube ACR” free from the play store that records your calls for you(both sides of the conversation), I use it on every call I make as the cardiac dementia plays havoc with my short term memory and I need it to remember anything I’m told on the phone(real goldfish), might be worth getting it just as a backup during this episode.

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    Yes mate I have a voice recorder  app. I’m the same I get confused really quick.

    but I had the phone on speaker and my wife heard her say it’s up to you it’s your car while you  pay for it each month.

    Does anyone know how many claims a year you are allowed with RSA?

    If it’s three as I think I def don’t want to loose 2’on something  not my fault regardless of cost.


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    Personally I would get the dent guy to do the door and just leave that out of the equation from the start, after all you can argue it was because the pleb didn’t stop but in the end it’s not worth the possible hassle I’d say.

    Doing it that way would leave you with a worst case scenario of a single insurance claim on your record but hopefully if the bus company accepts liability (and with the video they can’t do anything else) then you should come out of this with no claim and a mint motor once again. ?

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    I think that is spot on as he’s dam good.


    The front I may ask my son in law to wax and buff it out it can’t leave much of a mark.

    It certainly doesn’t need paint. As I said vw make a solid car and the paint is very hard.

    And fcuk the claims game it will be near as dam it as perfect so will pass the good codition return test and it will have had the least amount of contact by accident company

    Cheers all nothing’s straight forward.

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    Maybe just get dealers to check all is ok with sensors etc, they should do it for free, peace of mind and all that.

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