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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>hello i just looking for help .</p>
    I suppose collect car today bmw 320i sport

    Ive been in the dealer today ready to collect the car and then I found out that this is not the right car that I ordered  i supposed be with operating system idrive 7 and it came with idrive 6!

    So we didn’t collect a car

    Now I am looking for my right how to get compensation or get new car asap

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    impossible.someones lying

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    You need to contact Motability now, Trust you have not entered your pin as acceptance,.

    The dealer cannot enforce the contract, Motability will sort it out,, tell them exactly what has happened and say you need the car you ordered,

    Cheers Michael

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    What a disaster. ☹️
    Did you order before July?

    The following is taken from the BMW blog site;

    “Starting July 2020, the BMW Operating System 7.0 will become standard on all BMW 3 Series Sedan and Touring models”

    This means two things;

    1) The car was manufactured pre the changeover in or around July. And,

    2) If you were led to believe you would get the OS 7, (the website confirms this is correct as of today), then you are within your rights to reject the car as it was mis-sold. This is covered under The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. Basically this is a top-up to The Trade Descriptions Act and is there to cover us from being mid-sold products.

    Car sales people are notorious for doing this. They rely on the fact that most will just accept what’s put in front of them.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Dave G

    Oh no Vlad, the dealer has been bluffing you since the beginning I read on your previous thread when you ordered. I believe you also had half price on the HK sound system which you missed out on. Re-check your order paperwork, the live cockpit plus and screen is only 8.8″ touch display (attachment below) compared to the larger one you get on the M Sport.

    Also, Wayne is correct, perhaps your dealer ordered before July or you mentioned your dealer said he had another in stock?? These things do tend to update. Good luck chasing it up with Motability as looking at some member’s experiences they sometimes can’t assist. Must be really frustrating for you.

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    Dave G

    @Wayne, Sytner ordered my Touring in mid July, i’m just reading on my order statement, it mentions BMW Live Cockpit Plus? Just had a read at your article, does that mean the instrument cluster would be a digital as standard now? What does the Live Cockpit Plus provide? Cheers.

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    Hi Dave, I was really interested in the 3 Touring when I was looking in June.
    The instrument cluster was dials then.
    I had a look earlier at the Sport on the BMW configurator earlier and it seems that between then and now, the digital cluster has become standard.
    So Vlad’s ordered sometime on the change but been led to believe he was getting the digital display. 👍

    Shifty bloody ‘sales’ dealers imo.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Dave G

    Yes I remember you was interested Wayne. Also, don’t you think BMW has just got even better? Perhaps they are listening to their customers. Digital Instrument Cluster as standard, now definitely cannot complain! I’ve also realised now in the Touring config, they’ve put sunroof for £1,190. Seems like the premium pack has disappeared as alot of customers were complaining with a rather odd comfort plus pack. Interesting.

    Yes, I agree, it’s unfortunate for Vlad, I just hope he hasn’t input his pin but number one rule, always check the car before inputting the pin but the excitement and trust in the dealer these days can create large errors sadly.

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    You’re right Dave. BMW have made some great improvements over the past 12 months. And that includes finally adding full led head and tail lights. My current X1, even though it had the £800 LED upgrade still only has filament bulbs for break/indicator/fog lights.
    The 3 series is truly a fantastic car. My choice would have been the Touring if I’d chosen it.
    The XC40 was more comfortable for me though.
    I was hoping that Volvo would do the same re the lights in time for my new car but no. It will still have filament brake/rear turn lights. ☹️

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Guys I did put the pin in but i didn’t move anywhere with the car so they accepted that….but the think is ive been waiting so long and the car saler said that I was right that the car supposed come with idrive7


    But i don’t know if I have to place new order in or wait for them if they find some car in stock or if they can give me other model?

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    Dave G

    Wayne, indeed it is! I mean end of the day, it’s what you’re comfortable with and what suits your needs but overall I believe the Volvo you have chosen is a fantastic choice. The other bits and bob are like the extra bonuses you wouldn’t expect which meets satisfaction. For a Sport model to get all that as standard my goodness, hats off to BMW! Wish Volvo did the same.

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    Dave G

    Vlad, I do feel for you but you need to contact Motability i’m guessing that’s what the same advice the dealer gave they’re all sales driven people who don’t give a damn. Only a handful go out there way to even know what good customer service in and put themselves in your shoes.

    Unfortunately, looking at other people’s experiences it seems like you may need to order again. If you ordered before July then it you may need to stick with the vehicle you saw today to collect or risk paying higher price for new order. Speak to Motability Vlad. Dealers always play it smart, be careful! This is the second time for you as in your previous thread there was lies with your order build too!

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Yes thats correct I thing that there’s going some dodgy things. I will ask motability tomorrow if they can give me msport model as they got in stock and its only 1k more then sport model I seen today on car locator and I think that bmw can do a discount as they made mistake</p>

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    Dave G

    I don’t think they will give you a M Sport model Vlad as it’s not part of the scheme. Or did you mean as a compensation? As far as compensation goes with BMW, for sure, try and speak to the dealer if they can sort you out with the discount but another 3-5 months wait, I wouldn’t risk it.

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    You won’t be getting an M-Sport model as it’s not available in Motability so it wouldn’t be accepted.

    i say either try get Cashback from the dealer if you’re willing to live with it or  reorder and hope they give u a discount/Cashback amount so it leaves you paying the same as you originally paid

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    I was thinking as part of compensation  as then I dont need to wait another months for the car because m sport model plenty in stock

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    Vlad, you won’t be getting an M Sport varient as it’s not available to scheme users. Best I can tell is acceptance of the car plus a refund of some/all of AP. Perhaps a new order with a much more generous discount considering you’ll be waiting.

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    Yes I spoke with motability they said that they can’t get msport as its not on scheme, so I will try a compensation

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    Dave G

    Yes Vlad the M Sport is not available on the scheme. Even though you may have heard the dealer say they have a few in stock, it doesn’t mean it will be available. You may have been confused especially when dealers say we have a number of stock available just for their own private sales gain but you have to match it with what’s allowed on the scheme. What are you goi g to next Vlad?

    I recommend you take the current vehicle you ordered as wait times for a new order are till the new year. Unless you’re happy to get some sort of new deal and wait? Do keep us posted how it goes!

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    I will wait for some good deal

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