Heat pump tumble dryer

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    Anyone got one?

    We’re looking to replace our condenser dryer with a heat pump version

    Are they worth the extra cost against the savings

    All replies grateful

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    Not got one but did read up about them when we bought our condenser dryer and the general consensus seemed to be that they weren’t based on just costs because of the cost of buying one – although supposedly looks after your clothes better as they work on a lower heat.

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    My sister has one, hates it!  It’s very slow, still leaves towels slightly too damp to put away, and has a tank that needs regular emptying.  It was quite pricey too.  Worth reading lots of reviews before choosing which make, which she didn’t!

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    Had the same problem with an Idesit condenser washer/dryer, clothes never came out really dry.  OK I could leave them over the radiators overnight if the heating system was on but far from ideal.

    Luckily it died and I got a refund, bought a standard washing machine and an Indesit 4Kg normal tumble drier, there’s only 2 of us and not a lot of room in the bungalows kitchen.  It does a great job and haven’t really noticed any increase in the amount of electricity we use.

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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