Health Insurance as a benefit from work

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      I got sent a job description from an agent today which got me thinking.  It proudly listed off a string of benefits most of which I can’t use (Gym membership, Cycle to work scheme) but the one that got me thinking was the health insurance.  Most health insurances I know will immediately exclude pre-existing conditions.  Now, I’m not saying I’m next to death but that really doesn’t leave a huge amount for them to insure.   Does that make this a non-benefit?

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        I guess it depends on how much of your good parts you have left and the odds of those going wrong at some point in the future!

        For some it’s likely to be a benifit, whils’t others not so much. All depends on your existing medical conditions, which only you can decide, as I wouln’t expect anyone to list them all, for all to see!


          Same story with travel insurance.

          Three choices:

          1) tell the truth about one’s health conditions and get refused cover or receive an eye watering quote.

          2) lie about one’s various health conditions then be guilt ridden for the duration of your holiday.

          3) have your holiday in the UK.

          One time many years ago i went with option 2 for a long weekend break in Prague but the guilt trip ruined that experience. Nowadays its either UK holidays or a bank loan to pay for travel insurance.


            @MFillingham I used to have BUPA free as part of my pay some years ago when I worked for an American Insurance company, it seems to be common with American company’s. You’ll have to check about pre existing conditions, the health care, if free, will be taxed as a benifit in kind, BIK, so you may end up paying tax on something that’s no use to you. You can of course decline the health care.

            It’s not worth lying to your insurers, they don’t check when you buy the policy but they will check if there is to be a payout.

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              As Marc said, I had a private health insurance with the company I worked for and while they called it “free health insurance” as the company paid the premiums it was counted as an earning so I personally had to pay the tax on it even though I did not want the insurance.

              Well the day came and I became disabled and thought “lucky I’ve got that health insurance after all” but then I got a massive payout of 0p, they wouldn’t even pay the bus fare for my wife to visit me in hospital.

              The only ones to benefit from these working insurances is the company as they get the tax breaks while you pay the income tax and should you need a medical operation you jump the queue over NHS queues so your back at the mill stone quicker than if you never had the insurance. So win win for the company and only a win for you because you jump the queues should you need a medical operation of that a stroke doesn’t need an operation, just time to recover so no cover.

              With pre-conditions when I worked for another company who were thinking about introducing health insurance a guy came to our office to explain it all and one of my working friends who suffered from arthritis asked about preconditions and there answer was an honest one when he said “it would be pointless for you”.

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