Has anyone ordered a car then not heard from the dealer to even confirm a date

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    I ordered a kona ev ultimate on January 14th  went smooth was told April left it at that came home 2 days went passed and I noticed my application had been rejected rang up motability to find out why which was sorted Monday. 17th I rang the dealer to tell him to remove me from the driver as it was a little early and I wasn’t the age for the car now I emailed him to confirm the date to be April as I seen the car had started to get a backlog of orders and was a 5+ wait and he hasn’t got backed to me been 2 weeks still no reply so I sent it again and still nothing????

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    I test drove and ordered ID3 from lookers back in early October – I rang and messaged them to ask a question a few days later – never got reply – rang on several more occasions spoke to receptionist who passed several messages on, both to the person I originally saw and to others – never had reply.

    At this point I decided these were not people I could trust or wanted to do business with – I suspect they knew that the ID3 was about to be taken off Motability scheme, but to not even have the courtesy to ring or message was exceptionally shoddy – I informed Motability of my experience and disgust – I suspect it might be filed somewhere!!

    I then went to Hyundai –  chalk and cheese – very professional and helpful!

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    6 months ive had 2 emails both intiated by myself.Im sure if was private the updates would be more common, to insure no change of mind.However being motorbility customer i really sense an attitude of ‘doesnt matter ‘as car will come and be easily sold on.For some reason i feel im bothering them which is wrong,not very helpful or approachable.Could be my bi polar but my family think the same.

    Everytime i have this negative treatment ,i always decide never to use that dealer or make of car again.So Nissan and vauxhall will not be seeing me in 3 years.

    I understand in present climate things are difficult but just a simple call/email with sadly ‘no change’ would be nice .

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    My experience of Hyundai dealerships is shocking to say the least, always requiring you to initiate any response from them. I have found it much more informative sending a msg via FB to Hyundai UK.

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