Hands controls affect car computer anyone else had this?

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    Hi collected my new Zoe on Tuesday.  Had to take back yesterday as warning messages keep popping up on dashboard. Various ones main one being stop check braking system. They say they think the hand controls are activating the the cars computer. Plus since garage looked at it yesterday it’s not always wanting to go into drive/reverse while messages up. Just interested to know if anyone else has ever had this type as issue.  I’ve had hand controls for years never had a problem before.



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    I too have remote controlled hand controls on 4 cars so far and have never had any problems with them other than having the battery going flat and losing controls, only had that on my first one as the battery seems to last the full 3 years on the last 3 I’ve had though I do always carry a spare battery with me now.


    Lodgesons R207 used here and like most others are connected to the cars CANBUS system so I’m going to guess that your remote has been incorrectly configured or has a manufacture fault.

    Anything wrong with the remote control needs to be fixed by the adaptions installer as the dealer will know nothing about how they work. The trouble here is its one of those things where the buck can be passed back and forth with you stuck in the middle while they could argue between themselves is the fault with the car or the adaptions.

    Hope you get it fixed fast.

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    What’s confusing me is I don’t drive with remote controlled controls it’s the push/pull brake accelerator.  Which I wouldn’t of thought would effect computer.

    Also does anyone know how it leaves me if they have to have car back as I won’t have a car?

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    Sorry Kat just re-read your post and when you said “hand controls” I took as a device for controlling the cars electrical systems, in my case remote from the steering wheel via a hand steering ball.

    If you only had the car since last week I think Motability needed to be called if the dealer is saying they can’t find anything wrong with the car and are passing the buck to mechanical hand controls that have no relation to the cars electronics.

    Motability will give the dealer a call on your behalf and see what the problem is and how to go forward from here in either rejecting the car or giving you a hirer car with the adaption you need until they fix your current car.

    This should not be happening on a car just out of the stables and needs immediate attention on the dealers side.




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    Depends on your hand controls do they have a indicator on the hand controls? Cause when wiring up someone could have caused a issue though having a indicator myself on hand controls they have never ever gone wrong touch wood. If not then I can not see how it effects it and they are just passing the buck. I would personally ask to reject it as not going into reverse sounds like a manufacturing fault and further down the line who knows what other faults might crop up. Talk to Motability about it and replacement car.  They should offer courtesy car if not Motability will.

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