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    Glos Guy

    My wife’s current car (2015 Tiguan) has Jeff Gosling push / pull hand controls (with indicator) and steering wheel ball. I find that the rods make it difficult for me to get in and out as my legs hit them and the clamp for the steering wheel ball doesn’t fit flush due to the thumb grip on the steering wheel.

    We are using a different dealership for the 2018 Tiguan that has just arrived in the U.K. and they use a different adaptations company who have suggested the Cowal Mobility version. Having looked them up, they usually hide the controls inside the steering column, which would be much better. The steering ball clamp looks just as bad.

    Does anyone have any experience of Cowal push / pull hand controls, good or bad? Thanks.

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    I don’t but would be very interested to find out how you get on. I really struggle with the rods always bashing in my knee.

    Also, is there a cost difference?

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    Glos Guy

    I’ll keep you updated Kam. According to the adaptations section of the Motability website, both are free. If so, I can’t understand why anyone would go for the Jeff Gosling ones as the exposed bars are a ruddy nuisance. I didn’t know that there was an alternative design that dispenses with that setup. Perhaps there’s a catch. As I say, will provide an update when we have investigated further today.

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    Might help – might not i have a lodgesons control fitted to my kuga has indicators wipers etc all on the pad – snyway the kuga has a bump on the steering wheel and the lodgesons has a clamp that fits around the wheel fine including over the bump so maybe a different type of ball will fit ok with its clamp ( or maybe just a different clamp )

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    I think Glos Guy is talking about a different setup to the Lodgesons control as that’s the same or similar control (R207) that I use and is a remote control that moves switches to where you can reach them and it sends a signal to a box hidden under the dash to send the signal for indicators, horn etc, etc to the cars CAMBUS whereas I think when they talk about push/pull controls and rods this is something that actuates the brake and accelerator and is mechanical.


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    Glos Guy

    That’s spot on ChrisK. The push pull control operates brake and accelerator only, plus there is a flimsy switch on top that operates the indicators. The Jeff Gosling controls, whilst functional, destroy the aesthetics of a nice car and the exposed rods make it a complete pain getting in and out. I had no idea that there were alternatives where the mechanicals could be concealed within the steering column. My wife (who uses the hand controls) is calling the fitters to discuss later today. Hope it works out as the Cowal Mobility setup would be ten times better.

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    I’ve got push pull controls, something similar to the gosling system. Apart from getting used to them (my salesman gave me a five minute demo), the rods do hit my knee. Bit of an inconvenience and not aesthetically pleasing at all.

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    Sorry i only meant that there are ball clamps that can fit around the steering wheels – didnt mean the controls

    Sorry if i confused

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    No need for apogees Gary, it’s an open forum and I’m sure were all open for suggestions from any angle and some solutions to problems come from being off canter a little.

    BTW I recommend Lodgesons too where this type of adaption is need.

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    hi always have used cowal hand controls if you specify at time of ordering you can for £35 have a leather push pull handle.

    As to steering ball had same problem the best one to solve it and the most pleasing to look at  is brig ayd quick release mushroom one

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    Excuse state of car my pride and joy needs a good hoover been in pain. If need any other advice please feel free

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    Glos Guy

    Thank you so much Baljit. Very kind of you to post pictures. I now realise that the rods go under the steering column, not within it, but go into the dash in the space that is under the steering column once the wheel is in the uppermost position. We have now changed our order from the Jeff Gosling model to the Cowal model. Not having to behave like a contortionist every time I get in or out of the car will be a godsend. I’m glad that I only found out about these Cowal ones within weeks of getting the new car as we have been putting up with a sub standard system for 3 years but were unaware that there are much better setups available!

    Your steering ball clamp looks much neater than our ugly one. Must look in to that. Thanks again.

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    Your welcome Glos Guy

    I needed hand controls but with my clumsy mind needed something that was not goner hit my legs with all the time as I use it for work. After research cowal Seemed to be the best for my situation.  Had same problem on bmw x1 thumb notch causing problem with steering ball . Plus with them being so ugly. After research Brig Ayd quick release one was the choice . This is available on Motability no cost . Same with hand controls no cost . I only paid £35 as I did not want ugly sponge  pull handle but leather one.

    Only thing I will say is be aware the steering wheel has to go at a certain position.   On the golf is was ok but on bmw x1 it does obscure certain info on dash as on bmw the digital dash info bit is at the bottom of dash.


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    Cheers baljit, that hand control is so much better. Definitely going to try for that on my next car. Like gloss guy said, why is Gosling using something so old school?

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    Fantastic info alround and great to be backed up with some pics. I can see this thread being very helpful to lots of people for time to come, big pat on the back everyone brilliant work. Thanks for sharing.

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    I agree. This will really help me out. I also feel it’s hugely unsafe in case I was ever involved in a head on collision

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    Talking about safety and having  no experience of this sort of adapted control as my controls are electronic remote controls but looking at these setups I would assume they have to disengaged the Knee airbag as most cars now have this type of bag now.

    Not sure exactly where the drivers knee bags is but would assume it’s in the steering column.


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    Dear all

    I was using gosling for almost 6 years, as legs don’t bend, I had to sit in a weird angle to get in and drive. This meant for any long journey’s I had to make regular stops due to the pressure put on my legs from the gosling metal work and the way I was sitting (my legs would go numb) .

    After much hesitation associated with the unknown, I moved to cowal. My legs now fit in without any issues, and I’ve started to enjoy driving again!

    I can’t say there is much difference in the way the two controls work to be honest but I can say that there is now better leg room than before .I wish I knew about these sooner!!

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    so glad i seen this post.due a new car very soon and never new about these hand controls.the pictures were very helpful.

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    Will definitely consider Cowal for my hand controls in 2 years time. I’ve had Jeff Gosling ones for 12 years, but will probably change next time I renew.

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    Mandy Lawrence

    Hi everyone,

    I have been made aware of this forum and I am so pleased that you have had this discussion. Cowal have been in business for almost 50 years and have gained our reputation for producing quality adaptations. We have never been tempted to replace our accelerator rod with a cable or stop hiding the rods behind the dash.

    The knee airbags – we fit the rods behind them, so in the event of an accident, the airbag will still work. however, the knee airbag will not push the brake rod into your legs!.

    Cost …. Motability have a generic pricing system which means all adaptations cost the same from all of the adaptation companies. In order to be on the scheme Cowal had to agree to this, so, although we have not cut corners on the manufacture of our controls, they cost the same as everyone else’s. That is NIL to the Motability customers. It’s often the installers who call the shots though, as our controls take longer to fit, so they make more money from fitting Gosling/Bekker/Brig-Ayd kits.

    So, it’s always lovely to hear favourable feedback and makes this job easier for us here at Cowal Mobility so thank you. Mandy

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    Welcome Mandy

    Thank you for posting, it’s great to know the Forum is getting such good coverage and recognition, your experience and knowledge I’m sure will be welcomed by many as at times it seems some are not always given the choice and options fully available. It’s interesting to hear that a lesser product may be given simply because the fitter can make more money, it’s becoming more evident that knowing the facts coupled with the knowledge really is a powerful tool for many of our users. Thank you for your input.


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    Glos Guy

    I’m pleased that I started this thread as it seems to have been beneficial to many others, not just my wife and me.

    Have to say that I am very disappointed with Motabilty that they don’t alert customers to the fact that the Jeff Gosling controls are exposed (and therefore foul peoples legs and make getting in and out difficult) but there are others available (such as Cowal) that don’t. It’s outrageous that installers should be fitting sub standard / old fashioned kit because they can make more money out of the job as it takes less time.

    My wife has now ordered the Cowal system for our new Tiguan SEL, which we hope to get in a couple of weeks time. I shall be sure to report back on how we find it.

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    No matter the manufacturer its down to the Installer as to how they fit and work within the car.

    Can Cowal fit in every stearing column

    Glos Guy please let us all know how you get on. As a avid Jeff Gosling user I’d find it hard to break away

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