Half price beef joints, Sains, post your offers

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      Shopping in Sainsbury’s Saturday, noticed half price beef joints with Sainsbury reward card, we had family over Sunday lunch so bought £12.45 joint down from £25..

      Still got a fair chunk left, so mustard gravy with a side today.

      Also available are smaller joints for one or a couple, even be getting a beef and ale pie with peas and chips from this😁..

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        That’s a good price! I always post Sainsbury’s offers on the family WhatsApp group, they regularly have large gammon joints at half price.


          Yeah great price Joe, that pic is what’s left over after Sunday lunch, has to be said we all enjoyed it, will be getting another for the freezer


            I’ve just spoke with Mrs Joe, we’re gonna get one and cut it in half. Half for Sunday and half for the freezer.


              I’m popping to the car wash today, then Sainsbury hopefully pick another up Jojoe cut in two and into the freezer..

              We’re having beef Chinese curry today with the rest of the joint, must say great value…

              Love to see what @Struth would cook up always got some great recipes/ideas..🌶️🥕🥒🧅🧄🫑🍞🍔



                Well bagged another joint of half price beef  (reward card needed),  along with a pork crackling leg joint at £4.40 half price too..

                Lots of nectar card offers in store, must say the beef joints wasn’t stacked so tidy today, great to see people taking advantage of a great deal..


                  Not sure if it’s a help to anyone…

                  carers discount (free sign up) just saved £28 on two dresses from the Seasalt site..

                  originally bought Marks Spencer in store seasalt..

                  I’ll be returning to Marks and saving through the carers discount.. lots of offers and store inside.



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                      Thanks for the info wmc.


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                          Sainsbury half price whole leg of lamb, also 1 ltr bottles of Baileys £10 (nectar card needed)

                          Must say these are large heavy legs of lamb..

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