Had test drive in new Yaris

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    Menorca Mike

    This morning had long 2 hour test drive in new Toyota Yaris it was fine up till around 40 mph but once over that there was too much wind road and gearbox ? Noise even the poor stereo couldn’t drown it out ! It was such a shame as I got 67 mpg and ride was lovely ! The salesman said like Vinalspin it’s with it being the bottom of the Toyota range anyway I’ve booked a 2 hour test dive in the demo CHR design next Tuesday in metal stream the colour I’d choose but will it be quieter than new Yaris ?  When I got in my Golf it was as quiet as a mouse imho it looks like I will finish up with the new hybrid Golf

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    @Menorca Mike

    The dreaded CVT soundtrack, it’s going to be there on all with that awful excuse for a gearbox, no avoiding that really.

    Here’s an idea, go test drive something with the Aisin EAT8 gearbox, doesn’t matter what just as long as it has that box, you will then see what an automatic gearbox should be like and at least you will have a baseline to judge others from, BMW, Peugeot, Citroen etc all use it and coming from a DSG I can honestly say it’s worlds apart.

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    One other point, it’s especially good when mated to a decent diesel lump, I tried both and the petrol was just not as nice as the oil burner.

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