Gridserve now owns 100% of Ecotricity’s Electric Highway

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    I got this news whilst at the Gridserve facility at Braintree today as speaking with them I expressed my relief that they had become involved in this summer’s upgrades to all the existing Electric Highway chargers & they told me the good news that they now own 100% of the Electric Highway.

    I congratulated them & discussed what they were doing & mentioned that their current chargers are difficult for people in a wheelchair to use (kerb plus posts when only the posts needed) and what would make things more accessible. Also pointed out that the Ionity chargers at Cobham for instance are much better for wheelchair users without all the kerbs.

    So, why is this so important a takeover? Quite simply Gridserve have the financial backing to invest in new chargers, that being the interim fix that is happening now with the new charger rollout & then them going back & installing banks of chargers like at Rugby services, and then the future potentially 100+ charger banks that could be needed.

    Electric Highway have charger/s at almost all motorway services & that’s why this is an issue, for years there has only been CHAdeMO & no CCS at many, but now we will have CCS with one or two legacy CHAdeMO connectors. Currently some now have no Type 2 (22kW AC) available because of the upgrades, but that will also be addressed & AC posts are already appearing.

    So, at 30p kW/h on the motorway it will finally be a reasonable place to stop to charge the car, the Braintree facility is 24p kW/h.


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    Jeff Schofield

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thank god for that, us ev drivers have been screaming about this for years 👍</p>

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