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    Has anyone used this? It says means tested but I can’t find any further info or an application. It seems we need to phone and be able to provide info then. Phone is really difficult so a shame I can’t find info and an application form.

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    Hi Ele, you need to phone the Motability Grants helpline and they will email you a link to do your grant application online. If you cannot do the application online they will send out a form.

    I did my grant application online and it was a very simple and quick process. When you speak to the grants department you just need to say you would like to make a grant application because you need help with the advance payment for a vehicle and/or adaptions for a hoist for example. The Motability grants department were very helpful to me and if you need any help completing your grant application I am sure they will do everything they can to assist you.

    In regards to the Grant application being means tested Motability require information regarding what benefits you receive e.g. Housing Benefit, Universal Credit, Employment and Support Allowance etc, they will ask your household income and how much savings you have. This information will enable Motability to establish if you are eligible for a grant award and how much they can give you. For example they can award the whole amount of the advance payment for a vehicle or ask you to contribute some of your money to it if you have enough savings and/or household income.

    They do not give grant awards to people who are ineligible for example if they have a large household income and significant savings. There is a limited amount of funds available to help people that need a grant and financial help is only given to people who genuinely need it.

    If you are making a grant application the vehicle and it’s specification needs to meet your requirements of your disability. People making a grant application can’t apply for help with the advance payment for a Mercedes CLA Coupe with an advance payment of £3499 for example just because they want a Mercedes CLA Coupe and like the look of it.

    If you are eligible for a grant the make, model and specification of the vehicle needs to be justified. Motability will not award a grant for a vehicle with a high advance payment if there is a vehicle with a much lower advance payment which meets your needs. People who want to get a high specification vehicle with a high advance payment because that is the one they want despite there being lower specification vehicles with lower advance payments that still meet their needs will most likely not be awarded a grant for the vehicle they want.

    It is definitely worth making a Motability grant application if you are eligible as I would not have been able to get my Motability car without it. If you have not already done so I would advise you to think about what type of vehicle you need, the features it needs to have to meet the needs of your disability and see what advance payments they have.

    I would go and see these vehicles to ensure they are suitable for your needs. It is just so you know what type of vehicle you require and the specifications it needs to have to meet your needs so you are applying for a grant to get the most appropriate vehicle for you.

    Here is the link to the information about making a Grant application from the Motability website If you call the Motability Grants department on 0800 023 4331 they will be able to give you any information or assistance you require in order to make a grant application if you are eligible.


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    When you call be prepared to hang up & call again to speak to someone else. My experience was awful I was told nothing I consider essential to be able to drive is taken into consideration. Running costs aren’t considered either so if a car is available with a smaller engine but roomier they could say you have to go into that even if it then means you can’t afford to drive it.

    It’s worth a shot if you’re on means tested benefits like housing benefit or a passport benefit like income based ESA.

    Be prepared for it & if you get someone like that hang up & call back later generally they seem good but just be aware some seem to be a bit unhelpful

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    I only got told about the grant after I ordered my car so had no idea there was even a scheme that could help me cover the upfront payment so now I guess I have to save save save for next few months 🙁 annoyed the information is not provided prior to you ordering a car and to be told after about the scheme to then call them and be told not to order a car until u hear from them as they search for you. Seams unfair when I have looked at so many and test drive kits and found a car that more than suitable for my needs

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    I ordered my car and then applied for the grant and it was given. When they asked why I said due to wait times I was advised to. Worth trying anyway all they can say is no

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    Nice one 👍🏻 Which Car did you order?

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