Grand Tour or Top Gear (new) whats best

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    I’m watching grand tour on some of their adventures on amazon prime I use to watch top gear with Hammond, May, and Clarkston  but now i watch  Grand Tour  i do not like the new top gear, Its problem a person thing,  i like the adventures

    i was just wondering what do you think is best Grand Tour or Top Gear

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    I think The Grand Tour is more enjoyable to watch than anything that Top Gear has ever done. I especially like the historic pieces they’ve done (Ford vs Ferrari at Le Mans, Audi vs Lancia at the WRC etc) absolutely brilliant.

    Top Gear has taken a long time to recover from losing those three but the most recent series was very good. Paddy, Fred and Chris have been good on screen together and I’m looking forward to the new series.

    Id also like to mention Fifth Gear as i think it always gets forgotten about but as a car show it’s very good. As far as I know they’re the only show that still tests “normal” cars outside of the internet.

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    ‘Original’ Top Gear with the 3 from Grand Tour, of course. 😀

    Though, to be honest, I think the format was getting more than a bit tired by the end.  Repeating old jokes with little spontaneity.   Seasons 1 & 2 of Grand Tour also didn’t really work for me.  Like you, I think the ‘Specials’ were the best episodes and I’m glad they’re focusing on that style now.  I just with we got more than 2 episodes a year!


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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>The new top gear for me, as DB said, Freddie, Paddy and Chris work really well.</p>
    The electric car challenge was one of the best. And when Chris dropped Freddie off the dam had me in stitches.

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    The grand tour is much more enjoyable to watch.

    Chris evens ruined top gear for me, I stopped watching it as it’s aired and now only skim through it on catchup, Chris Harris isn’t bad as he can actually drive and talk so he can be understood.
    Paddy and Freddie are awful presenters.

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    Totally agree was better many years ago

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    I don’t watch Top Gear anymore. Well the new one anyway.
    Shoving three people together who don’t know each other and have them act like they’re best of buds is just too off putting for me, especially with two of them having nothing to do with cars bar owning them. Don’t get me wrong, I like all three of them, I just don’t think it works with them trying to emulate Clarkson, Hammond and May.
    I just cannot bring myself to watch a review of a car from Freddie or Paddy.

    BBC could have worked with the likes of Mat Watson and built the programme back up but they tried celebs hoping ratings wouldn’t dip at all.

    Without TGT episodes being released, I watch DriveTribe for my fix now. And old Top Gear on Dave.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    It all comes down to personalitys, I can’t stand Hammond and I don’t find Clarkson funny any more, still love May’s dry humour though.

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    I have never really enjoyed top gear given the fact that many cars tested were for those with large wallets and would have liked to have seen more mainstream and normal vehicles test driven however I did wish I was in the drivers seat of the various super cars driven 👍

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    Gave up on TG before Clarkson did Bad Things to producer (?). They were doing more and more of those big productions where they’d take exotic or eccentric cars to overseas parts and see how many foreigners they could offend. Just boring. Tried Chris Evans one – once; not right. Not tried new TG with sporty types, nor Grand Tour; latter seeming to be more dull, exotic excursions.


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    Ian M

    Best summed up as

    a) always watched ‘old’ Top Gear straight away.

    b) always watch Grand Tour straight away.

    c). New top gear which is anything post Clarkson,Hammond, May.

    Recorded and watched later. When it occurred to me that is what I did, I realised my preference


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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I was always a fan of the 3 but when it moved to Grand Tour I never really bonded to it even though I have always had Amazon prime.</p>
    I couldnt gel with the le blanc Top Gear but things have changed with the new lineup and I am back to being a happy Top Gear viewer.

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