Governments PIP review consultation and how to comment.

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    Tiny tim

      Does anyone remember care in the Community which is nil now closing down of all Mental hospitals and now many are homeless on the streets and Remploy which helped the disabled closed down by both political parties. Also many local Authorities used to have green card disabled manning car park kiosks these are now mainly AMPR and ticket machines so these jobs have gone and with privatisation of many services like gardens they are only about making profits so do not want disabled and mentally ill. And this is all about the Gov now wanting to get many back to work many disabled have been frightened by bullying in the workplace which in Remploy many felt protected against this. I myself was bullied in the workplace and had a breakdown nobody did anything at the time and it goes on now on able bodied as well. To be honest I am glad I am a state pensioner now. Let it be known all the welfare reform green papers did take place so it is very worrying and even replying to the DWP I think we will not be listened to as always as they do not to DPAC and Scope and Disability rights I think votes count in elections but we needed Labour to clarify what they plan to do will they rule out this green paper?


        Ahh consultations, the illusion of being listened to!

        "Come on BYD Seal!"

          This is what we get when blaming immigrants doesn’t garner enough votes anymore


            Consultation? lol

            More like desperate political posturing that will ultimately lead them up a dead end alley

            In fact they wont even get as far as the alley imo lol

            Another cranky idea just like the Rwanda master plan

            Another Risky idea thats been scribbled on the back of an envelope

            Aint happening its all bull to try and win a few votes.

            Old Tory trick was to have a dig at ALL those on benefits

            But they cant do that anymore as most of those on benefits are now actually working

            So the disabled are again easy pickings

            Being led by a bunch of clowns that cant even legislate a bit of safe cladding Phhh


              Bang on @ELE


                Here here well said, Omg did I sound like a Tory MP in the Commons then? Now all I need is a bit of toilet roll to wave and I’m set for £75k plus expenses, plus unlimited fraud an tax evasion, winner.

                Seriously though the noise these scumbags are making on this is amazing considering there is no way with a Nov election as widely touted they have time to do ANYTHING.

                What I strongly suspect is going to happen instead is all those at the dwp will be offered bonuses for finding reason to refuse benefits at least until the election.

                As well as a new gov we need Labour when they win (who else, right) need to have a bloody good clear out of all the raging psychotics at the DWP who make it their mission in life to refuse people who clearly need help like those with very visible disabilities for example.

                I’d like to see if tribunals overturn dwp decisions breach a % in a given quarter this starts an independent investigation into the decision making process and if laws aren’t being followed decision makers found guilty should go to prison. The laws around PIP decision making aren’t hard if you’re being fair (when does that happen) same goes for assessments, end assessments full stop for those with unchanging or worsening conditions outside of miracle advances of course.

                I’d like to see assessors face charges for lying, doing copy and paste and just making stuff up. Like my assessment that says I stick my own Butrans patches to my own shoulder blades (wish I could wow)


                Dwp need an Ofsted with similar powers but run by disability groups

              Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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