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    Well I’ve had it for over 3 years and it’s killing me 28mpg. All I seem to do is put fuel in, I’m getting around 100 – 110 miles for £20, averaging £120 pm. Wow that’s the first time I realised I am doing around 600 miles a month and mostly city driving, well I know some who call Belfast a village, but it’s a lot of start stop driving.

    Really need a good hybrid or even better a PHEV, but the prices are crazy tbh. Yes I could go for a model with less spec, but I like a nice car and it doesn’t have to be a badge, all I want is a good interior and a few toys and average boot, well at least as big as my current 3008 which is 520ltrs

    Anyone any recommendations. Ruled out corrola as the boot is to small, also the Niro as the cabin looks a bit pah, mind I’m only looking at pics online and it may look better in a showroom and several others which I looked at an hour ago and have forgotten.

    Oh and Brydo, I do hope your MPG improves and you can enjoy the motor.

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    Did the new facelift 3008 change engines? I’m not that great with engines tbh but a lot of people having troubles with the xc40 MPG, the q3 is nice and so is the new Tucson

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    hyundai/Kia worth a look, with various models and good specs and @121.9p i paid for Diesel today im glad im getting better than 28mpg

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    des a course of antibiotics should sort you out lol.

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    I know you have ruled out Corolla but have you considered the estate with a 581 litre boot? I have a Corolla 1800 hybrid GR Sport Estate as a company car, I had to visit a company today for work, it’s a 29 mile round trip all urban driving.

    It was a cold morning with heating and heated seats on but the car still managed 54.1 mpg on the way there, I was there one and a half hours and when I came out the engine had cooled but was not cold and without heated seats on the return journey the car managed 65.4 mpg all according to the on board computer so I’m uncertain of the accuracy. The car has only done 700 miles so this should improve after more millage and will also improve in warmer months.





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    Forgot to add, be aware you will loose some boot space if you choose the 2 litre engine the 12 volt battery is in the boot on the 2 litre.

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    corolla with a diference ? Added Today

    New Car – Suzuki Swace

    As per the new Suzuki / Toyota partnership the Corolla Estate is rebadged a Suzuki Swace, built in Derbyshire the engine is the 1.8 Hybrid from Toyota and the prices are ok. £699 AP in SZ-T trim and £1199 in SZ-5 (automatic only)

    Take a look:

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    corolla with a diference ? Added Today New Car – Suzuki Swace As per the new Suzuki / Toyota partnership the Corolla Estate is rebadged a Suzuki Swace, built in Derbyshire the engine is the 1.8 Hybrid from Toyota and the prices are ok. £699 AP in SZ-T trim and £1199 in SZ-5 (automatic only) Take a look:


    That’s incredible, I was expecting similar to a Golf is a Leon is a A3 is an Octavia. This literally is a Corolla with a Suzuki badge on. They will even be being made on the same production line.

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    @suvguy the only thing i know about engines is that mines is done and I don’t mean the cars engine.

    I’ll just settle for my angiocradiogram on Wednesday, I do like the feeling of the dye, it’s like a soft warm feeling, can’t remember what it reminds me of 👀.

    @js the ioniq premium se is very tempting as it has a good spec and is hybrid. That swace, do you know the difference in price compared to the Corolla of similar spec. Read a bit on both then my brain give up. Corolla top spec excel and swace sz5 are they they same as there is a difference in price of nearly £1300. Swace sz5 is similar price to 2.0 ltr icon or 1.8 design. But if the sz5 is based on the excel trim I would really consider it.

    I sat in a Corolla gt and found it very low, not easy getting in and out of tbh.

    I would prefer an suv as I’ve had 1 SAH, 2 PHCV and 5 TIAs LOL. So one leg is ok and the other is a peg basically. But thought about it a lot today and really doesn’t be that much of a pain to get in and out of a car, or much discomfort tbh. It’s just easier. Thing is, I take a few seconds and a bit of a pain to get in, then drive for 100, 1000, 10000 times longer, so if the right car, then yes I would take the few seconds hassle.

    Another thing is, I don’t really care what a car looks like, honestly it could be covered in s&*t and if the windows are clear then I’m ok. It’s the inside, again were I spend most time in that gives me joy. I like a nice interior and dash, and honestly the more buttons, knobs and lights the better. If I had a choice between a mid level spec big badge and a top spec Ford, Kia, Seat etc, I’d always take the latter. Engines and stuff don’t really bother me as I’ve never been in a car that is to slow, and I’ve drove two old transits to know what slow is.
    Now that I have to drive autos, that gives me a bit of thought as I’m new to them and have only drove 2 DSG cars and from what I gather a lot of folk on here don’t like CVT. Whats the difference? Surely in modern cars they will both be fine?
    oh and my license is on the line, so I would like a car with lots of ‘toys’ to try before or if I do lose it. Like that parking fingy ma jingy that parks the car itself, I would probably never use it so would like to try it, same with smart CC or to open the pano roof, problem is I don’t really have the budget for that as any spare money I get goes towards holidays and for a good reason.

    Near forgot. Got 41.2 mpg. 20 mile motorway run with CC set at 59mph, jezz I don’t know what was more depressing, the fact that all I got was 41.2mpg  or driving at 59mph


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    @des until i looked at the car numbers thread and WMC link i knew less than nothing about the Swace and having had a quick look at Suzuki site i now know exactly nothing. hell spell check doesnt even recognise it as a word lol, for me hearing things rather than reading things especially about specs helps, and luckily some people love to talk. not the sz-5 but she explains it well.

    i now know that Motability wise for the money the Swace could become a popular car and certainly worth a look if ticks the boxes.

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    With CVT there are no gears so to speak of, in years gone past they were drive pulleys and a V belt the width of the pulleys is constantly variable making the V belt ride high or low on the pulley and effectively altering the diameter of the pulleys and so the ratio between driver and driven, never driven one but I believe they were problematic.

    Modern ones don’t use pulleys and belts but do have one gear that is used in a planetary arrangement, or at least that’s the case on the Corolla. There is no sense of gear change when driving a CVT as opposed to a DSG, a DSG will automatically select an actual physical gear and the driver will sense this happening, with a CVT this goes unnoticed and the car just drives. However CVT engines do rev high under acceleration, it only happens if you hit the throttle, for example when joining a motorway but it only last a few seconds.

    Be aware that although the Corolla GR Sport  is a sportier model it isn’t any lower than the Excel so the Excel would not be any easier to get into.




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    To add to what Marc said. How noticeable the revving of the engine with a CVT box is depends on how noisy the engine is, of course. I’ve found the Quashqai one unobtrusive (and that had fake steps too to immitate a normal box) and the Honda Jazz one pretty raucous when pushed.  It also depends how hard the engine needs to work to give a particular amount of acceleration.

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    Menorca Mike

    Yes the Corolla is too low for me that’s why I ordered a CHR design with your engine and gearbox Marc I found the CVT gearbox very smooth on par with my golf dsg I had 2 hour test drive end of November nice mild runny day had no heater on etc I went on motorway a roads town etc etc in eco mode it showed 73 mpg

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Bloody awful isn’t it, wish I’d never got my XC40.

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