Good condition bonus year extension

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    Sorry to be starting a new thread but can’t find the old one.


    My car is 4 years old in September so that would mean atm £700 gcb as I understand it, question is if I order a car now obviously it won’t be here till much later. Does it go by the end date of my current car or the date I order?

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    From the date you handover, Although if the car is available and you not got to get a factory built one you could be in the new car in a min of 7 days. If you say to dealer i want to exchange on/or after your sept date so it’s 4 years you’ll get the £700 if it’s less I dunno pro rata i think

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    No pro rata, I spoke to motability last week who confirmed this.

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    No pro rata, I spoke to motability last week who confirmed this.

    So you gotta see out the full year or you just get £600 unless you already had it / ask for it..

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    We extended to five years and motability told me last week if our car is ordered just now and arrives after our renewal date we will get £900 GCB. If it arrives before that date we get £700 not a penny more. I asked about pro rata, as it doesn’t seem fair, but she said that was the rule.

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    So really no point in extending unless you intend to keep it for the whole year or two of the extention.

    I’d rather have another new car after 3 years than extend personally, As I’m paying the same for an older car. Is getting trickier for some that’s for sure, who need certain things and just cannot get those cars anymore on the scheme.  So i do understand why one would extend but is a bit cheeky of them. Considering they still getting the full rate for a 3 year old car from dwp.

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    Our Alhambra is three years old and just under 20k miles. We extended because there is nothing equivalent on the scheme now and paying out another substantial ap for a lesser car seems crazy. The Alhambra has been faultless and under the Motability scheme there is nothing to worry about.

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    The big benefit rox is not paying an AP every 3 years, the additional 2 years also allows additional time to save for the AP. The £900 for five years can also go towards your AP making it far less of a burden.

    If having a new car every 3 years is a priority then this won’t be any use to you but I would rather pay additional money for a high spec car with everything I want and keep it 5 years.

    We are all different, that’s what makes life interesting lol.

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    who decides if you get the GCB is it the the car dealer when you pick up your new car or motability , im never sure

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    Thanks Rox, that’s what I thought.


    As I understand it the dealer decides about gcb, normally on a 3 year its done when it has the mot a while before it goes back.

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