Good condition bonus to those that have been extended

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    I fall under this bracket. My only concern is just before the lockdown occured I had a slight scrape on the car that I was hoping to repair before returning the car. Don’t think I’ll have the chance now… If I get the cheque, will I have to return the money when I return the car which isn’t in good condition?

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    Just to add, it’s too much of a scrape to fall under the wear and tear bracket…

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>That falls under wear and tear .we handed back a kuga 2 years ago with 2 scrapes  got cheque 4 days later😆also condition  of car was all done on last no you will be fine.</p>

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    Got GCB  some years back with huge dent in hatch boot door after reversing into gate post. Spoke with RSA who said that repair optional as wouldn’t effect driving or security of car.

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    They do 2 condition checks. One is done when you take it for the MOT and one when you hand the car back/get a new car. You will usually be asked if any damage has been caused by using a Wheelchair for example. This was what happened in our case their was a small dent caused by wheelchair when loading disabled brother into back of the car which dealer said was acceptable wear and tear and wouldn’t effect bonus.

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    Got my  gcb  yesterday. Don,t  no  when i will get new car.

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    Mark C



    When did you old agreement end?….mine was 4 weeks ago and waiting for new car from BMW, should have been here last week 🙁

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    Last  day  in  March .

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    Not holding much hope for mine as cars due end of may. I’m hoping I have enough time after the lockdown to repair the damage at a local garage which will cost a lot less than the potential £600 that I could miss out on…

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    Why are you not going through Motability’s RSA insurance, any repair must be done through them. It is likely when you phone and describe the damage they may advise not to repair and that you would likely still receive GCB

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    I’ll give them a call on after the Easter weekend band see what they say.

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    Faults and damage
    If your car is damaged, please contact RSA Motability (RSAM) on 0300 037 3737 for advice on whether you need to get it repaired. If the damage if minor and caused by normal wear and tear, you may not need to claim for a repair, saving you time and money. Tyre, window and windscreen repair is included in your worry-free lease package.
    What is normal wear and tear?
    We would expect that three years of motoring would result in some light scuffing, scratching or stone chipping to your car, particularly on the bodywork, wheels, interior trim and luggage areas.

    Damage caused by wheelchairs, callipers, crutches or walking sticks would also be classed as fair wear and tear and we would not expect it to be repaired. More serious damage, however, would not meet our standards. This includes:

    Deep dents and scratches on bodywork that go through to the metal
    Severe cracks on bumpers and mirror housings
    Irreparable damage such as burns or tears to the interior
    Heavy gouges to alloy wheels or plastic trim.
    If a car is handed back with damage, we may look to you to cover the costs of repair. If you are in any doubt about the level of repair required, please contact RSAM on 0300 037 3737 and they will confirm what action to take.

    Minor damage
    If you choose to have minor damage repaired, you can make a claim through RSAM. You will need to pay an excess amount. The excess varies depending on the age of the driver. Details are given in your agreement and in your insurance policy document. Please do not attempt to repair the damage yourself. Even using pens or aerosols for ‘touching up’ can damage the paintwork and is probably unnecessary.

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    My issue is my lease ran out in January. 5 years after a 2 year extension.

    It was extended again to cover delays by VW to approximate delivery of end of April.

    So when exactly would I qualify as I dont have a handover date.

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    We have extended our lease for another 2 years, hoping that by then the Kia E-Nero will come on the the scheme. There is some damage to the front bumper of the car which I am leaving until the last minute before handing it back, don’t want to get it repaired and have another bump.  The issue is do I pay for the repair to be done at a good body repair shop or get BMW to do it, the cost I suspect would be about £800, think it needs a new bumper and paint job, or let RSA deal with it. I don’t really like making a claim with insurance companies unless I really have to and the damage is substantial. Looking at using the good condition bonus to pay for it. What would you do?

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    I got my present car in January 2014 and due to a 2 year extension, requested by me, plus various problems have now been given a hand back date of September 2020. So will have had the car for well over 5 years, just wondering if when I am 3 months away from handing back the car and if the dealers are still closed will 6 more months be added! to the lease. Which will mean having the car for over 6 years!

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    Ian getting it repaired via RSA will cost you £100 and won’t effect any gcb.
    you won’t pay anything else as you get your cover for free anyway.


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