Golf GTD or 1.5 tsi

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    Hi guys been a while since I have posted and hope everyone is well, does anyone know if the GTD will come back on? And if so what is the ride and suspension like? Also looking at the golf 8 1.5 tsi anyone got one and views please?



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    Menorca Mike

    I had a test drive in the new Golf 1.5 Etsi dsg mild hybrid wanted one as on my third 1.4 tsi dsg golf they have been lovely the new one was quiet lovely ride etc but I couldn’t get on with touch screen for the controls nor could the salesman but good luck if you have one

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    I’d agree. The touchscreen controls are so difficult to use, especially on the move.

    I saw them as progress and was convinced I’d get used to them but eight months in and they are awful.

    Have had lots of little faults on system that keep appearing too.
    Constant beeping for front travel assist not working if a drop of water dare get near sensor.

    Heating controls regularly lock and Apple Car Play screen often goes dark.
    Each require a restart to sort (often more than one!).

    It also feels a lot lower than I thought it would, so be careful.

    Great drive and MPG (2.0d) but personally I’d avoid a Mk8 Golf altogether.

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    Menorca Mike

    Totally agree Dave I’d avoid the new Seat Leon too that’s just as bad it’s such a shame as the new Golf and Leon look lovely you can have it on voice mode but my god that gave me headache she couldn’t understand what I said to lower the heater controls etc it drove me mad thank god my new CHR has normal heater air con climate controls knobs that you can do in a second as you drive along

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Hey guys, I was speaking to VW dealer and he mentioned that they’re in talks with VW about the GTD but he has been saying this since January lol. Im waiting until the next quarter to see if anything comes into fruition.

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    Hi guys, thanks for your responses hmm that doesent sound too good, I wouldn’t want to take the plunge then experience them kind of issues. Back to the drawing board I’m in no rush just looking for something that’s good on the back. Sportish looking and everything works as it should lol.

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    I don’t know what vw were thinking. Quite a few car makers have gone down the route of less buttons and everything done on the screen, but have then put some buttons back after customer feedback and i feel the golf mk8.5 will do the same.

    I am so glad i decided not to wait for the mk8 to arrive which was well past my order date or exchange and one could not even get a mk7.5 to replace the mk7 i did have..would of been very disappointed indeed.

    Plus it seems vw have gone down the  route of alot of stuff is an added extra and or part of a pack. Increasing the price. Where as some other makers are doing alot as standard on the trim levels.

    The new r-line is not as well spec’d as the out going model thats for sure but does have more tech i guess but no folding mirrors unless i think you get the style, but those wheels are rather nasty looking imo..

    The gtd i dunno when it will come onto the scheme but i just dunno if it’s worth waiting for.

    So glad i opted for the civic sport, I liked the golf alot but i really do enjoy and love driving the civic more, The ap is more than the basic golf trims right now but with the add on’s you’d need to add and that it’s a 1.5l (182 bhp) engine and has a bigger boot than the golf and the ride is just alot better also in everyway..

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    I don’t know if the GTD will come on the scheme, bhp of most cars added seem to be around 150.

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    thanks for the reply Rox, yes I was looking into it and seen you can get more bits thrown in standard on other makes. I need to look at the trims and models available to be honest. I came across a picture of the new gtd in some sort off grey which looked really good so that got me thinking. As the ride has to be good I’ll definitely look at the civic and that’s a lot of umph there for a 1.5 😮

    And Azzy I thought the cap was 190-200 bhp? Would be good to see it on though mate


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    I’ve ordered one with 190 bhp.

    The hybrid Ford Kuga has 222 bhp.

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    @zohaib what i would say is look at as many cars that meet your needs and then when dealers re-open test drive them all and decide.

    I really do find the civic sport ride perfect for such a car as it’s not as firm a ride as i would of thought and is glued to the road,  I have a bad back and very long legs. So i have come to the conclusion that it’s when i am sitting in the car that really matter and how it feels. Plus there is very little side to side roll at all, which is great for my back.

    The one downside for some it’s very very low to get into and maybe some will not like it, but for me getting into or out of anycar is not an easy task.

    My 1st ever car was a honda back in the late 80’s and I have not had one since. Deffo is the car i have been the happiest with on the scheme with all things considered and alot has to do with the power and i would not be put off looking at cvts if you need an auto like me.

    The paddles work great to exploit the full power of the vtec. Which some astra driver foundout the other day. The rest of the time it’s so smooth as well and floats along effortlessly as it has no gears as such then..

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