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    Hi has anyone who has there own car or a car on finance hp know if you can get extra for your car and them settle your finance to join motability scheme or any dealers who may offer more.

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    Basically its up to you to sell your car – either trade in to the dealer you are doing your Motability deal with or a private/trade sale. You would then have to use the money to settle your finance deal.

    My experience was the Motability dealer offered a paltry trade in, convinced you are hooked on the Motability aspect, so I sold privately & made £1000 more  – and that was offering the car cheap to a friend who was stuck with no car after an accident. They subsequently traded it in AT THE SAME DEALER for more than they paid me 3 months later so we we all won in the end.

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    One to bare in mind if you trade it to the dealer your getting your Motability car from is you wont get a very good price if its a different franchise.

    I had a 4 year old VW Golf to sale when I rejoined Motability but the car was a KIA and the dealer was upfront about not getting a very good deal because they only have KIA’s on their forecourt and the dealership group did not do VW so could not pass it on.

    That said for a quick sale and to get the Golf off my drive I did a quick sale to We Buy Any Car and still got £500 more than the VW dealer was going to give me before I cancelled the VW Touran and went to KIA so beware.

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    When I joined the scheme, I had a Jaguar X-type estate and the dealer where I was getting my Motability car from told me honestly that what they would offer would be ‘crap’.  Told me to sell it privately. Went on that well known website who buy cars for cash and they offered me £2395.  I sold it for £4100 2 days after putting on sale privately. It’s well worth the effort if you have the patience.

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    Agree with many of the comments. I was offered £2000 for my car when I first joined and sold it privately for £3650. Trouble was it sold so quick I was without a car for 7 days and recall hiring a Fiesta for the weekend for £49.50

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    Glos Guy

    I would agree that the best price is almost always achieved if you sell privately. I have sold several cars privately for many thousands more than I was offered by dealers.

    Word of warning though. If the car is on most forms of dealer supplied finance, you cannot sell the car privately and then settle the finance, as you do not own the car until the finance is paid off. You need to settle the finance first, otherwise the car is not yours to sell. Any potential buyer doing an HPI check on your car would have a big red flag that the car is subject to outstanding finance.

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    Apologies for bouncing this back up to the top of the list, but I thought my own experience is worth relating, particularly as I asked a similar question when my wife first qualified for PIP.

    We asked around various dealers (of those cars we were interested in) and the responses varied from “Yes of course we’ll take your car in as ‘part exchange'” right through to “not interested – you need to sell it privately”.

    In the end we struck lucky in that my wife’s prefered car – the Toyota C-HR Hybrid was available from a very helpful local Toyota dealer who gave us the top ‘book value’ for our 3+ year old Renault Kadjar.

    This is the best I could have hoped for if I’d have traded in the car normally (ie outside the Motability scheme) and a bit below what I’d have got if I’d attempted to sell the car privately. But – doing it through the Toyota dealer avoided all the stress, and possible aggravation, connected with selling it privately (we can do without additional stress at the moment!!) – sometimes it’s not all about the money.

    We took delivery of the Toyota CHR last Friday, and the handover went very smoothly, and we came away with a cheque for the (<trade in value> less <Motability Fee + cost of extras>)

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    JS (justsaying)

    Well done! At the end of the day it’s what works for you, irrelevant of monetary value, if a deal works for you and makes your life just that little bit easier then you can’t put a price on peace of mind. Hope it all goes well.

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    Same here mike we px’d out touran with vw and came away with a cheque and a new car. 👍🏻

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    I did the same with my picasso for my 1st lease, new car plus a cheque, very smooth transaction, well that side of it anyway.

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