Game: Can you list all your motability cars and years

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    Can you list all your motability cars and lust year had then / AP paid also what’s your next car planned

    Here’s mine

    2001 Vauxhall astra estate £150

    2004 Renault scenic £600

    2007 Nissan qashqai £900

    2010 Vauxhall insignia £1200

    2013 Ford Kuga £1650

    2016 Ford Smax £1895

    2018 Mazda Cx5 £1200

    Next potential car

    Ford Kuga / Skoda Kodiaq / Volvo xc40














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    Dave Chugg

    Mini Countryman PHEV 2021

    suzuki Vitara SZ5 auto 2018

    Mini Countryman All4 auto 2015

    Skoda Yeti 4wd dog 2012

    Before this there was quite a break….as I fell out of love with Motability for a while.

    Fiat Brava automatic 1999?

    Renault Clio automatic 1996?

    My latest car has the highest AP I’ve gone with. I like it and I am lucky in that I can afford it, but confess the choice was spouse influenced as I wanted an EV, whereas other half wanted me to get a 4wd because of where we live. So ‘we’ agreed on a plug in hybrid that’s also 4wd.

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    1997 daihatsu move (MPV)

    2000 citreon xara picasso

    2003 vauxhall zafira

    2006 fiat doblo

    2009 vauxhall zafira new shape seats uncomfortable

    2010 renault grand scenic wifes disability changed

    2011 peugeot 3008

    2014 ford grand cmax terrible fuel economy

    2015 renault captur

    2018 jeep renegade

    2021 what next? I only have the good cond. bonus to use as AP, but that is £600 now and need to change to auto

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    Lee Bengough



    2005 05 Citroën C3 1.6i 16v 110 Exclusive SensoDrive Nil £350 For Hand Controls

    2008 08 Citroën C2 1.6i 16v 110 VTR SensoDrive Nil

    2011 11 Citroën C3 1.6i 120 VTI Exclusive Auto Nil £160 for Visibility Pack and £100 for alloy wheels upgrade

    2014 14 Citroën C3 Picasso 1.6 120 VTI Exclusive EGS6 £195 plus £210 for upgraded alloys and gloss black bumper inserts.

    2019 19 Citroën C4 Cactus 1.2 110 Puretech Flair EAT6 Nil £100 for alloy wheels upgrade.


    My late brother cars

    1997 P Citroën Saxo 1.6i 90 SX Auto 3 Dr

    2000 V Citroën Saxo 1.4i 75 SX Auto 5 Dr

    he finally got awarded War Pension in 2000 so prices below are them prices and he had a grant due to his records stating he needs an Automatic. I’ll put down what the deposits would have been for WPMS though.

    2003 52 Citroën C3 1.4 75 SX Auto £202

    2006 55 Citroën C3 1.6 16v 110 Exclusive SensoDrive Nil

    2009 58 Citroën C3 1.6i 16v 110 Exclusive Auto Nil

    2010 10 Citroën C4 Picasso 2.0HDi 138 VTR Plus EGS6 Nil

    2013 13 Citroën C4 1.6eHDi 115 Exclusive EGS6 £27 Plus £80 for spare wheel.

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    nice to hear from you lee. Citroen must owe you a free one by now, or at least a three month trial in the latest model.

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    2011 Nissan Qashqai acenta 1.5l dci

    2014 C4 Grand Picasso active 1.6l hdi

    2017 Vw Golf Match Edition 1.6l tdi

    2020 Honda Civic Vtec Turbo Sport 1.5l (petrol)

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