Frustrations with VW Tiguan Order

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    Glos Guy

    I’m getting seriously fed up now with the debacle of my wife’s VW Tiguan order and the passivity and lack of communication from the supplying dealership.

    Having chased the dealership yesterday to question why the ‘Provisional’ build week status of Wk 21 (w/c 21st May) had not moved to ‘Confirmed’ status (as it’s meant to do 3 to 4 weeks before build) they casualy mention (as if I already knew) that it’s now provisional build week 23. This is in spite of VW Online Chat telling me just 24 hours earlier that it was still provisional build week 21 and was unlikely to move backwards. Left hand, right hand. This is now the 4th different ‘provisional’ build week we have been given, although I have had to chase for every single update – absolutely nothing has been proactively communicated to us by either VW or the dealership.

    Since ordering the car in January, there have only been two contacts with the dealership, both of which were initiated by me.

    It is no wonder that new car sales are struggling. There’s a lot to be said about buying ‘nearly new’ when you can get the car immediately and not be subjected to the frustrations of delay heaped upon delay of new builds, all the while being kept in the dark by the supplying dealership. Sadly, this is not an option with Motability.

    I am keeping a detailed log of the order process and the various changes throughout. Here’s the sorry tale so far;

    – 20th Jan – Placed order in person with dealership (Wk 3)
    – 1st Feb – Dealer Placed Order with VW (Wk 5) after I chased them to find out why we had no VW order number (so the dealer had ‘sat’ on the order and not processed it for almost 2 weeks).
    – 2nd Feb – Online Tracker showing as ‘Processing Order’
    – 20th Feb – Online Tracker progressed to ‘Order with the Factory’ with a provisional Build Week of Wk 26 (w/c 25/6/18)
    – 21st March – Provisional Build Week changes to Wk 20 (w/c 14/5/18)
    – 4th April – Provisional Build Week changes to Wk 21 (w/c 21/5/18)
    – 3rd May – Provisional Build Week changes to Wk 23 (w/c 4/6/18)

    At this rate, we are unlikely to take delivery of the car until July, some 6 months after ordering the car.

    Anyone else considering ordering a VW Tiguan be warned. My wife and I have had dozens of new cars over the years and this has been the most frustrating experience to date. Not impressed.

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    Glos Guy

    That’s VAT for you! And I bet the US prices are for the Allspace model as well, as I believe that the larger model is now the standard Tiguan in the US.

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    Thank you for your kind post and helpful suggestions, Milman. Apparently the dealership’s workshop couldn’t swap the automatic gearshift for me. I will open a new thread to post how I get on. Thank you to everyone for your assistance, it’s much appreciated-great advice from a great forum!

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    Great advise guys well done. And yes please Star12 a new thread on the issue would be very helpful for other users and of interest to many of us to know how your situation turns out or gets resolved.

    sorry the bubble of excitement of collecting a new car was burst and hope it’s soon back on track. I’m on the side and opinion of if the car is suitable in every way with the extras you added to hopefully go down the adaption route, and retain your original chosen car. Motability are very good at resolving issues and this is when they really come into their own, good luck.

    and glad yours is starting to move along GlosGuy

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    Don’t know what’s going on but my car entered UK 28th .oh and now on chat I’m told it entered UK this week starting to feel messed around who do I believe.

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    Jane, cars often sit in a dock compound for several days until their paperwork is processed (it’s not officially in the UK until the paperwork is sorted) and only then are they released to a carrier. I would think that this is where your vehicle has been hiding. It’s coming!

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    Will Mike at Bury have any idea Jane?  Thought all manufacturers would keep the dealer fully informed throughout the process. Or is that wishful thnking!

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    Mike will not know till he gets the memo to say when it will arrive could be a day before  4 days he said he would let me know as soon as he knew

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    Mine is going to be ready a little later than hoped as whilst the car is now in the dealers the hoist company has got to get the parts in before they can fit it so expected handover is around next Wednesday. Still can’t complain as I am getting it much earlier than the end of June which was when my original order was expected before they offered me an earlier car in an alternative colour that was already built.

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    Karl barker

    We ordered a mobility car vw tigaun allspace, first few weeks in March 2019.Would you believe we’re still waiting for their car. Latest update is, the car is expected in vw llandudno.
    Half way into Nov 2019.
    OMG….is was bad enough, they forgot to mention the factory in Mexico closes the same time every year.
    I think our advanced payment should be NIL..
    what do you think.

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    Menorca Mike

    It should Karl that’s shocking

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    I was speaking to a VW salesman last week about the Allspace, he said be prepared for a 6-10 month wait if you order one.

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    Is there a problem with the normal Tiguan delivery ?

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Yeah, …. VW can’t seem to deliver the R Line 4 motion DSG through the scheme ..  ?

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    The Normal Tiguan ie not an all space is made in Germany and should take 3 months or a little longer

    the allspace is made in Mexico and the delivery times are horrendously long ( and might contain a stowaway or 2 lol )

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    Ordered the Tig Allspace in April (this year lol) and due to pick it up this week.

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    They are proving to be popular models as they’re great value and the build quality is great.
    such a shame about the long waiting times, VW should definitely be going more though to keep customers updated.

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    Dave h

    For how popular they are I haven’t seen any parked up in disabled bays at supermarkets near although that will change when I get mine

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    Just had a text telling me that my R-Line has arrived in the UK. Happy days.

    VW Tiguan R-Line Tech auto in nice shiny black. 🙂

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    Fantastic news! Won’t be long now ✋?

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    I ordered my allspace on February 9th, still not got it yet ?. I have been told it’s just left mainland Europe after stopping en route from Mexico and on its way to the UK.  So it looks like it will be about 9 months from order to delivery.

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    I couldn’t imagine the frustrations of having to wait that long for a vehicle.

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    Menorca Mike

    I agree it’s a long time but worth the wait from what I saw in the showroom last week

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    For us personally the wait wouldn’t be much of an issue, we have a perfectly good car that does its job ok, complete with all mod cons and a factory fitted towbar, so if we get another 6-10 months use out of it I’m fine with that.
    I’m not really in that much of a rush to spend a couple of grand on another mobility car.

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