Frustrations with VW Tiguan Order

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    Glos Guy

    I’m getting seriously fed up now with the debacle of my wife’s VW Tiguan order and the passivity and lack of communication from the supplying dealership.

    Having chased the dealership yesterday to question why the ‘Provisional’ build week status of Wk 21 (w/c 21st May) had not moved to ‘Confirmed’ status (as it’s meant to do 3 to 4 weeks before build) they casualy mention (as if I already knew) that it’s now provisional build week 23. This is in spite of VW Online Chat telling me just 24 hours earlier that it was still provisional build week 21 and was unlikely to move backwards. Left hand, right hand. This is now the 4th different ‘provisional’ build week we have been given, although I have had to chase for every single update – absolutely nothing has been proactively communicated to us by either VW or the dealership.

    Since ordering the car in January, there have only been two contacts with the dealership, both of which were initiated by me.

    It is no wonder that new car sales are struggling. There’s a lot to be said about buying ‘nearly new’ when you can get the car immediately and not be subjected to the frustrations of delay heaped upon delay of new builds, all the while being kept in the dark by the supplying dealership. Sadly, this is not an option with Motability.

    I am keeping a detailed log of the order process and the various changes throughout. Here’s the sorry tale so far;

    – 20th Jan – Placed order in person with dealership (Wk 3)
    – 1st Feb – Dealer Placed Order with VW (Wk 5) after I chased them to find out why we had no VW order number (so the dealer had ‘sat’ on the order and not processed it for almost 2 weeks).
    – 2nd Feb – Online Tracker showing as ‘Processing Order’
    – 20th Feb – Online Tracker progressed to ‘Order with the Factory’ with a provisional Build Week of Wk 26 (w/c 25/6/18)
    – 21st March – Provisional Build Week changes to Wk 20 (w/c 14/5/18)
    – 4th April – Provisional Build Week changes to Wk 21 (w/c 21/5/18)
    – 3rd May – Provisional Build Week changes to Wk 23 (w/c 4/6/18)

    At this rate, we are unlikely to take delivery of the car until July, some 6 months after ordering the car.

    Anyone else considering ordering a VW Tiguan be warned. My wife and I have had dozens of new cars over the years and this has been the most frustrating experience to date. Not impressed.

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    Sorry to hear this Glos, sounds a right nightmare, and the lack of communication is far from acceptable – nothing winds me up more then when something goes wrong and it’s YOU that’s left to do all the chasing.

    To give you an option, here is the email address of the Managing Director of VW UK, if you would like to address your grievances direct to her

    This is a screenshot of her Linkedin profile. Looks like she has the tools to deliver –

    I hope this build doesn’t get pushed further back and your wife and you will soon have at least some guarantees of when the build and collection will take place.

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    Hi Glos,  feel frustrated for you, so many situations nowadays when companies take your business, make promises, then leave the customer chasing when they don’t deliver.  Info given by Trev looks promising, the profile looks like this woman could move mountains,  unless this is just another example of bull…..

    Good luck.

    Regards,  wonky

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    Sorry to hear the troubles with your order however something I found when we were dealing with your dealer was that they fall over backwards to secure your order,but after that unless you chase them up all the time you hear nothing and the only reason I got my Tiguan a lot earlier than scheduled was that I was threatened to cancel which made them look on the VW system for ones that available much sooner and by some coincidence they found one to my exact spec and yes I know you opted for more options than I did,but I bet a pound to a penny they have never bothered to look however it does not take a couple of minutes to give a call just out of courtesy tbh.

    This might be worth exploring when an ordered vehicle is delayed longer than normal They implement mobel which I think is a loan car until yours arrive and I know you don’t need that,but perhaps there is an alternative they can offer you in these circumstances.

    I can assure you once you do get it you’ll won’t be disappointed.?

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    I understand your frustration. But it’s out of the dealers hand.they do always say when ordering a car even ford told me the same it go’s silent it’s not that there egnoring you it’s just there is nothing they can tell you .my car did not get it’s build week till 2 weeks before its build date it was ment to be the 9th but changed to 16th them on 16th build was ment to start well 16th came and got update car was built .I know it’s  frustaiting but it’s well worth the wait great car for a great price .x

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    Glos Guy

    Well, my rant earlier this morning clearly had more than just cathartic benefits.

    I have just this minute received a text from VW to say that the build week is now CONFIRMED. It’s build week 22 (w/c 28th May) so different to either week supplied by the dealer or VW.

    Anyway, at least we now have some certainty. I shall keep you posted. I have emailed the dealership to keep them up to date ?

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    I ordered mine Jan 22nd I have been contacted three times by my dealer, once a month. For a dealer not to have been in contact with you once in three months is appalling service I can well understand your frustration.

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    That’s great news ???.

    Ive tryed going on live chat for 2 days now to find out where my car is but stupid thing is not working strange ?

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    Fantastic news

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    David L

    I found VW the worse dealers ever, they really can’t be bothered.  No one wants to help, can’t even get a test drive, gave up and got a BMW instead.


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    Glos Guy

    Yes, I have a BMW as well and the purchase experience was far better, with regular updates and communication from the dealer and you were made to feel like a valued customer. Sadly, the after sales experience is as pants as every other car manufacturer (other than Lexus, if you believe all the reviews – never owned one butbhave driven several and found them too bland)!

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    I’m sorry to hear of the fiasco you have endured Glos Guy.

    I arrived at my dealership yesterday for handover of my X1. My experience to get to this point had been diabolical. However, the icing on the cake was to arrive, only to find it wasn’t what I had ordered! So 4 months of waiting, has resulted  in a vehicle I cannot drive. Meanwhile vehicle’s are disappearing from the scheme and the prices of such compared to Q1 have increased, to boot! I’m speechless and extremely disappointed.

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    Glos Guy

    Wow! That happened to me once with a company car. They delivered the old model, not the new one I had ordered. Thankfully they let me keep the ‘wrong’ new car until the correct new one arrived!

    Out of interest, where had the order gone wrong? I had been wondering if some people who had ordered the 4 wheel drive X1 would end up getting delivered the 2 wheel drive version.

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    Actually I did receive the xdrive version I ordered. However, the automatic gearshift had been altered in the facelift to one with a button on the side to place it back in to park which my deformed arthritic hands could not use or work. I have in writing where I have asked if the gearshift will be changing in the facelift model and their response was a categorical no-I would receive the gearshift with the button in the back which I test drove and could use. If the dealership had not sat on my order for 6 weeks, it would have been ok-so that’s the cherry on top!

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    Glos Guy

    Sorry to hear that star12. That must have been a huge disappointment for you. What are you going to do now, as I guess every new build will have the new auto stick? Are they able to find you an old model from anywhere or are you going have to choose something else other than the X1?

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    Cockney Geezer

    VW delivery times are poor and not just for Tiguans.  A friend ordered an e-Golf last year and still doesn’t have a confirmed build week.  And then there’s the Golf GTE…

    Dealer-wise, unless they have something to tell me, I don’t need to hear from them.  Having said that, I did hear from my dealer today (car, not drugs!) and I’ve now a confirmed build week of 21 May.  Word on the Tiguan forum is 4-6 weeks after for delivery.

    Just had a very different experience helping to buy a new Vauxhall for a relative.  The car they wanted was in stock so they has to wait 4 whole days to get it.



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    Hi Glos Guy, apologies for my late response. Sadly, I am back to the drawing board and will have to choose an alternative vehicle. My X1 had many optional extras added to it so I would think it virtually impossible that an old model with such on would be found. I will begin my quest tomorrow!!

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    Hi start12, just been reading your posts… what an infuriating experience you’ve had, let’s just hope things go a lot smoother with your next order. We learn a lot from the experiences people post on this forum and one of the repeated things is dealer allocation slots – i’ve certainly learnt when placing an order to enquire what they allocation slot status is, whether they tell me the truth or not is another matter, but if i have more than 1 dealer i am prepared to travel too i will enquire with all of those.

    Good luck with your search, and when you find the model you want, it maybe an idea to come back to this forum and use the search field to the right to lookup that model. Chances are it will return results of reviews, experiences, and maybe even discounts along with order times.

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    Glos Guy

    What a pain. I really feel for you. Just a thought, but there are many adaptations available for drivers who struggle with certain controls and Motability will pay for them (my wife has to have a push/pull accelerator & brake with steering wheel ball). If the car is perfect for you in all other respects, is there a way that the gear shift issue can be worked around? I believe that gear selectors can be fitted behind the steering wheel, as on some Mercedes and many American cars. As I say, just a thought, as I know that the new transmissions on BMW’s are superb (I have one on my privately owned 5 Series). Good luck.

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    Hi Glos Guy and Trev, thank you for your positive and uplifting posts. It has been a truly awful experience. I am speaking with both the dealership and Motability tomorrow and will put your suggestions to them, thank you. I will keep you posted! Best regards.

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    4 Suggestions for your call Start 12:

    1. Fit a weaker spring to the button

    2. Fit the old style gear knob if compatable (they are available from BMW spares)

    3.Make an adaption for the gear knob for to press the button.

    4. As suggested ask for an electronic gear shift adaption to be fitted. There are a few adaption firms who work for Motability and that is Motability’s job to find the adaption that’ll work for you so don’t hesitate to ask them to sort this out and work out how you can keep the car you ordered with the options you want. Be nice about it but put the ball firmly in their court to keep you mobile and don’t accept second best – it’s their job to do what’s best for you, something they conveniently forget regularly when they’re totting up their non-contributory final salary scheme pensions and free private healthcare; but don’t get me started…

    Good luck, maybe ask the Mods to move your posts onto a new topic as I’d like to see how you get on, we’re all rooting for you.

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    My car has still not reached dealer?

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    Jane, you have been so patient. The wait will end soon and you can get on with the sheer enjoyment of a superb vehicle. Hang on in there!

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    Keep calm young Jane

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    Oh I’m calm just thought it would have made it to the dealer Saturday. Possible end of this week pick up .oh well at least it’s in UK somewhere?

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    Mike 700

    It’s not just VW, Unfortunately lots take sdvantage of our general good manners and the fact that we rarely complain.

    Just imagine the furore in other parts of the world with the treatment dished out to us?

    They take advantage of our good nature, and the fact that we seem to be ok paying top dollar as well as putting up with bad service?

    Just looked at USA VW Tiguan Price, and scross the range, we seem to be paying £10000 more ?

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