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    Model: Hyundai Tucson 1.7crdi premium

    Transmission: automatic 7 speed DCT

    Colour: White sand

    Cost: ordered Q3 £2199 (with £200 discount) no added cost options,

    Option/Extra’s: Beige leather interior (no cost option on the premium)

    Mpg: still breaking in (600) around town I’m getting 34/on a trip 47 (still improving was 31/43) mixture of driving styles due to breaking in

    Pro’s: seating/driving position is great, heated seats, full electric adjustment including lumber and front edge of seat, steering wheel adjusts in/out up/down. Gear box is smooth The rear and front sensors are great detects rear cross traffic, blind spot, the projection cornering light are brilliant. Overall fantastic roomy/ comfortable and responsive car once set up auto lights wipers etc is simply get in and drive.

    Con’s: haven’t come across any issue with the car yet, a little niggle is having to press the parking sensors on as it resets on occasions. Hyundai doesn’t offer extras it would be nice to be able to add if I had a choice electric tailgate/push start, and memory seats would be nice.

    Recommend?: 100% worth a look, and a test drive.


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    Is that you swimming in the loch in the first picture, I can’t see who it is but I think its a buoy lol.

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    Thanks JS! I know everyone has their own taste, style and preference but I just can’t see by it

    the first pic is at Loch Lomond with Ben Lomond in the background and the one at night time is at a little isolated beach that I’ve found , ideal for walking the dog and then sitting on an elevated grass ledge above it getting warm whilst watching the sun set and stars ( when it’s not raining )

    I’ve got a private plate but thought I’d better use a virtual sharpie to black them out lol

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    And if I was in the water they’d swear the Loch Ness Monster had went on it’s holidays lol

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    If it’s too your needs and your still enjoying Her then I would ask for 12 month extension. So many face lift models across the board due out by 19 plate, the hybrids and EV cars would of earnt there stripes by then, I think theirs a few on  here that may extend at present with the uncertainty, some where lucky with timings last time with cars available but now stuck with what to replace them with,

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    Yeah that’s exactly how I feel, good timing for me personally and to be honest the ap was £3k and I spent £2k on options so I kinda want my money  worth aswell you know? And would be happy keeping for it atleast another 12 months , I’ve got exactly 1 year left now

    The AP did reduce by £500 at the weekend before I collected it the next Tuesday so I paid the £500 less , but it’s still a lot of money to fork out

    the Q3 is one of Audi’s oldest models now , it’s been Face lifted a few times during its life and again I was fortunate to get one at the time

    there is a brand new Q3 model out at the end of 2018 start of 2019 which will mirror the new Q7 and Q5 interior wise , virtual cockpit plus a host of new technology , could be a while before that hits the scheme ( if at all ) and would be a lesser spec no doubt with the price cap

    at the time mines had a RRP of about £36500 then £38500 with my options

    not a chance I could get that outwith the scheme so I was absolutely over the moon and so grateful for Motability

    i figured it was worth the £3k AP

    shame the cars with the new max AP of £3749 just aren’t value for money in my eyes at the moment

    what car do you have again at the moment JS?

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    Glos Guy

    Very nice Winston. I particularly like the lights and the alloys. White is a great choice in sporty SUV’s where the whole car is painted. Doesn’t work as well on those with plastic cladding around the bottom, hence why we’ve ordered a grey Tiguan SEL, but if we’d had an option of  the R-Line then it would have been white! It’s great that you like your car so much as, after 2 years, you will know it warts and all. I agree that there’s very little to compete with it at present, so an extension could be a good option for you. Pleased to hear that the LED’s are so impressive as we will have them on the new Tiguan. I have read contradictory info on them. People report being ‘blinded’ by them which is, of course, nonsense, but suggests that they are very bright yet, on the other hand, I read that the spread of light isn’t as good as Xenon headlights. I guess both can’t be true! I haven’t driven in a Q3 but a mate of mine had an A6 S-Line Plus Avant which was very nice inside but very low to get in and out of – lower than my BMW 5 Series I felt.

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    Very nice Winston, lovely car. My daughter had a Black Edition on loan while ‘Sharron’ was been no made legal (?) and she loved it, wanted to keep it but getting 2 adults and 4 children into it would have been a squash and a squeeze!

    Enjoy, but I would complain about the number plate too, they seem to have messed it up lol! And think about keeping it longer.

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    My step son and his partner have the q3 sline plus on a 66plate. He has had many faults with his alloys.they are corroding. Motability have replaced them once but they have started again.  They said they won’t do it again.

    theres is the that bright blue color. Lovely looking car but they only wanted it as I have an Audi Q7 lol.

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    Winston, you’re a lucky man. A beautiful car with real kerb appeal. I would be looking to extend the lease on it if you can. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for the replies folks ?

    I’ll quickly reply to a couple of the points raised

    Glos Guy: the only other car im in regularly is a friends Merc GLA ( non Motability ) she has xenons and the difference between hers and mines is really noticeable, I’m not trying to Big up my car cos there’s always better out there. But trust me you’ll be impressed at night time with the full LEDs , the light up the side of the road aswell as straight ahead of you so much better. Also the Cornering lifts work very well. If you scaore Halogens at 1 , I would score her xenons at 5 and the LED’s at 10 they really are that good ? And you’re spot on about the nice  Coloured cars with standard black plastic trim , it really spoils the overall appearance! The white ( when clean ) does look amazing in my opinion , I’ve noticed some unsightly tar marks at the bottom of the car and on the arches, this obviously can’t be helped but I’m going to get them removed professionally once the weather pics up

    Bladeybear82 when you says alloys corroding do you mean the actual alloys? Or do you mean the wheel hubs and Calipers?

    The reason I am asking is because the alloys are coated in a finish that can’t rust but the wheel hubs and calipers do rust VERY easily, especially if you get the car washed in in one of those Asian/Eastern European £5 car washes, they use very harsh chemicals unlike acidtone that actually burn the the thin layer of paint that is on your hubs and results in awful looking surface rust than then can run all over your alloys

    it’s a very unsightly especially with Big alloys that let you see into the hub/calliper area , I’ve had my wheel hubs cleaned and repainted 3 times now by Audi, and each time it’ll only last a couple of months max before that horrible corrosion is visible , they do it free of charge but as it only lasts so long It’s not a long term solution

    however the simple and permanent fix is easy.. a tub of high temp grey paint like hammerite will solve it. I got a valeter to repaint my hubs for me!

    the calipers will still corrode like any car but it’s the hubs that my money is on that is causing the issue and not the actual alloys

    every Audi or VW car I walk passed now I’m constantly checking the hubs and it’s pretty much in all of them

    but def tell them to avoid ( if they use them ) those types of car washing places I’ve mentioned along with any alloy cleaners you can buy from Halfords etc as they just strip the thin paint on the hubs ?

    I’ve got pics of my hubs before and after painting if you need to see them

    And to everyone else I think if I’m allowed then I’d be more than happy to extend the lease for a year or 2


    happy Sunday folks ??

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    mines the first one on this thread. The Tucson at time was best option for the needs and good value, done 1100 miles so far and love it. I think anyone has made the right decision if they want to get in the car just to go for a drive,

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    Glos Guy

    Hi Winston – Now I know what’s caused my wife’s Tiguans break hubs to rust! Might be able to save you the bother of a valeter for your tar spots. Buy some ‘Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover’. Absolutely brilliant stuff. Apply a small amount to a cloth and they just wipe off.

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    thanks for that Winston, I do think it’s what you where saying. I’ve not actually looked but it sounds like what you said.

    i know my son washes it himself but il deffo tell him about the soap etc. Cheers for that.

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    Thanks for the info Glos guy I will definetly try that autoglym product then ??

    The rusty wheel hubs and untreated calipers are a bit naff and make me a bit like Tony the Tiger.. Gggrrrrr

    if they used better paint at the production stage it would more or less be eradicated! I guess £1 here n there over millions of cars produced all adds up though

    but hammerite will certainty do the job ?

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    If you want to save some pennies, Winston, lighter fluid will shift the tar spots just fine.

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    Thanks wigwam! Do you mean the type you put in zippo Petrol type lighters?

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    no problem Bladeybear, when I first noticed it I just called Audi and said I wanted them repainted as it takes the look off a shiney new car, they didn’t dispute that and as mentioned before they’ve now done it 3 times, but that experience of getting a courtesy car for a day soon got old lol. So the Hammerite high temp paint is the way forward, it’s a much thicker paint, you can even paint the calipers aswell, although that can be a bit messy if he is able to spend time bent down etc, which I’m not

    Stuff like wonder wheels etc is terrible for alloys and the hubs – hopefully that helps ?

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    The same.?

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    Is there that much cost difference between lighter fluid and what Glos Guys recommendation of Auto Glym intensive tar remover as surely AG is gentler on the paintwork as it won’t strip any protective wax coatings that are already on there.??

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    Whatever you use will dissolve the wax as well as the tar.  Lighter fluid’s a pound for a 100ml can in the pound shop.  A little on a cotton bud is usually enough.  Will last for years if you don’t smoke.

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    Well I went and bought both today ?

    the Auto Glym had a couple of bucks off in Halfords so was just over a fiver I think! And the lighter fluid was a quid lol

    i have a nice zippo lighter from years ago ( I don’t smoke – Never have  ) but I’ll dig it out aswel now I’ve got the fluid

    once I get round to giving them a try I’ll report back with the results ?

    thanks for the tips guys ??

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    My Tiger Eye Titanium X Ford Kuga, I leased it in 2015 & it’s due to be replaced later this year


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    Berkshire Lad

    Hi Winson, great reading your comments, so I currently have a BMW 1Series, and behind my wheels the plate that the wheel is attached to is rusty, is that what your writing about? And is that what you had painted grey? I know nothing about the mechanics of a car and will get that painted on my new car so it stops happening as i5 looks awful. I just wanted to check if that is what you was saying about. Thanks

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    Hi Berkshire Lad,

    yeah that’s it exactly, it can look horrendous eh? Nice new shiney car then those awful hubs rusting away like something that’s been found washed up on a beach lol

    definetly a smart move to do as soon as you’ve picked up a new car ?

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