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      Model: Hyundai Tucson 1.7crdi premium

      Transmission: automatic 7 speed DCT

      Colour: White sand

      Cost: ordered Q3 £2199 (with £200 discount) no added cost options,

      Option/Extra’s: Beige leather interior (no cost option on the premium)

      Mpg: still breaking in (600) around town I’m getting 34/on a trip 47 (still improving was 31/43) mixture of driving styles due to breaking in

      Pro’s: seating/driving position is great, heated seats, full electric adjustment including lumber and front edge of seat, steering wheel adjusts in/out up/down. Gear box is smooth The rear and front sensors are great detects rear cross traffic, blind spot, the projection cornering light are brilliant. Overall fantastic roomy/ comfortable and responsive car once set up auto lights wipers etc is simply get in and drive.

      Con’s: haven’t come across any issue with the car yet, a little niggle is having to press the parking sensors on as it resets on occasions. Hyundai doesn’t offer extras it would be nice to be able to add if I had a choice electric tailgate/push start, and memory seats would be nice.

      Recommend?: 100% worth a look, and a test drive.


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        Wow Gareth, that looks fast, are the rear windows that heavily tinted?


          Yep, loving that Gareth!

          Avatar photoVinnie

            My son has one of those in white, beautiful car, his has heated leather seats, was a promotion on it when he bought it new 7 years ago, still looks like new.

            Bz4x fwd vision in silver


              Very tasty Gareth.  If I only didn’t need a big boot!!!


                The windows are more tinted than my last insignia but are no darker to look out through, if that makes any sense.


                  Very nice indeed Vinnie. I’ve already been waiting 6 weeks for my st dynamic technology 1.6 diesel with dsg box.  Dont think mid range trim takes as long as fr and xcellence versions! My lady wife and boss of the family wants to fill the big boot with all the money we saved from not getting an Octavia! Why did I suggest that ???

                  Avatar photoLee Bengough

                    My Car


                    My Car: April 2014 Citroën C3 Picasso 1.6 VTi 120 Exclusive EGS6

                    Colour: Pearl White

                    Advance Payment: £195

                    <b>Options:</b> Black Pack With 17 Inch Alloys £210, Chrome Wing Mirror Covers £55, Window Deflectors £45  and Mud Flaps £45.

                    <b>Adaptions:</b> Jeff Gosling Hand Controls and Steering Ball.

                    <b>Current Mileage:</b> 19850

                    <b>Dealer:</b> Thomas & Davies Citroën Merthyr Tydfil.




                    Glos Guy

                      Lee – your steering wheel ball looks higher up the steering wheel than on my wife’s Tiguan. Does it make your arm ache or obscure the instrument cluster at all?

                      Avatar photoLee Bengough

                        I’ve never noticed to be honest with you think mine and my late brothers have always been at that height.

                        Steering ball all on my 2011 Citroën C3


                        Steering ball all on my brothers 2010 C4 Picasso







                          can I just say, I love your posts and missed your input, not only with you in mind but your with respect to your late brother, when I first came across this Forum, your honesty with regards to yourself and your brothers experiences and your willingness to share  those experiences was one of the reasons that inspired me to say yes to to being a moderator. Thank you.

                          Glos Guy

                            My wife has the Motability car – a 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0TDi 140Ps Match 4-Motion DSG in Black Pearl Metallic. Options include BiXenon Headlamps with LED running lights, Cruise Control, Heated Seats, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. We have a new Tiguan 2.0TDi 190PS SEL 4-Motion DSG on Order which we hope to have by the end of June, so I shall post photos then

                            But my personal set of wheels is a BMW 520d Luxury Auto with a lot of options that I won’t list as it’s not available through Motability so would be a bit pointless (unless any real car buffs want to know).


                              very, very nice glos,

                              I bet that bmw is a tad comfy to drive, no question that would be my weapon of choice, i would be straight off to find the nearest motorway to have a long cruise.

                              Are you going black with the new tiguan? only ask as i have black and would never go back, but here you are with 2 black vehicles – perhaps you enjoy keeping yours clean, unlike me lol

                              I’m not a car buff, but would be interested in what the interior of the bmw looks like… can smell the polished leather from here lol

                              Glos Guy

                                Actually Trev the BMW is a dark grey – it’s a Xirallic paint (whatever that is) called Sophisto Grey. The next Tiguan is grey, partly because we dislike the grey plastic skirts (which you visually lose with the grey paint) and because the Black has been a nightmare. Never again!

                                Interior pic of the Beemer for you


                                Glos Guy

                                  And mission control…


                                    My next doors neighbours daughter has just brought a new BMW X1 M Sports in metallic blue and its is fully loaded, and I mean fully loaded.

                                    There is more rear legroom and the boot is slightly bigger than my Mobility Ford Kuga, however, the X1 rear seat can slide forward which reduces rear legroom but increases the boot space which is ideal for my mobility scooter, crutches and walker.

                                    Unfortunately I am going to have to wait another 2 years before I can change.


                                      Oh yes, now that is very nice Glos, best seat in the house right there.


                                        old n new


                                          Old car the volvo v40 D2 1.6 D that was replaced with the mini countryman cooper 2.0D.

                                          thanks to amber and stratstone mini.

                                          love this car and so does the mrs and thats all that matters.

                                          Glos Guy

                                            Are you sure that the boot in the X1 is bigger than your Kuga? I could get my wife’s wheelchair in the boot of the Kuga but couldn’t close the tailgate on the X1 until I rolled the rear seat forward slightly, which then meant the rear seats weren’t usable for adults.


                                              Looks nice geo,initial impression of your new Mini Countryman compared to your V40.???

                                              Glos Guy

                                                I love British Racing Green and it really suits the Mini.


                                                  the volvo was a very nice and comfy car(mrs loved how comfy)not our first volvo as that was always the choice for us before motability but the mini is so much fun to drive. the difference putting it in sport mode is bizarre its awesome. and comfy as well.

                                                  lets be honest its not minilike in size it feels bigger than the volvo and the green does suit it as i was told its the least colour ordered. already done nearly 8000 miles since november…lol


                                                    It is indeed all that matters. Happy new car!



                                                        mazda 6 tourer 2.0 petrol sel -nav 67 plate manual

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