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    Model: Hyundai Tucson 1.7crdi premium

    Transmission: automatic 7 speed DCT

    Colour: White sand

    Cost: ordered Q3 £2199 (with £200 discount) no added cost options,

    Option/Extra’s: Beige leather interior (no cost option on the premium)

    Mpg: still breaking in (600) around town I’m getting 34/on a trip 47 (still improving was 31/43) mixture of driving styles due to breaking in

    Pro’s: seating/driving position is great, heated seats, full electric adjustment including lumber and front edge of seat, steering wheel adjusts in/out up/down. Gear box is smooth The rear and front sensors are great detects rear cross traffic, blind spot, the projection cornering light are brilliant. Overall fantastic roomy/ comfortable and responsive car once set up auto lights wipers etc is simply get in and drive.

    Con’s: haven’t come across any issue with the car yet, a little niggle is having to press the parking sensors on as it resets on occasions. Hyundai doesn’t offer extras it would be nice to be able to add if I had a choice electric tailgate/push start, and memory seats would be nice.

    Recommend?: 100% worth a look, and a test drive.


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    Sorry for delay in repling busy day.

    glad to see a good support for Stuart’s idea for a thread.

    lightbody my photo was taken when I picked the car up and strange light (sunny day) but best way to describe White sand in normal or laymen’s terms is Beige. I was worried when ordered as I chose Beige leather interior and salesman said he has not seen that combination. But it works and I like to be different. Hyundai has come a long way in a should period of time

    Baggy13 if as it is for many a question of money, and your budget is SE or SE Nav, then I would check the spec as I’m sure the nav will be more than just a sat nav extra, spec wise Hyundai have just changed and although not advertised in between my order and delivery mine supports apple/android connectivity so if this is something (unlike me) you would use then check on that. they have also with the sport being fazed out come up with a SE GO! (Not on motability but may appear Q2)

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    Thanks so much for bringing up the idea Stuart, would be great if more people joined in when they get their cars, or post their existing cars.

    Looking at these Tiguan’s actually got me looking out for them when out on the road, BB and your’s photos look fantastic – the wife is getting hooked on them as well, not usually one for suv’s but she’s insisting a test drive when we start looking in jan next year – Marshall’s of Oxford promotion is certainly raising awareness to the Tiguan.


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    C’mon guys – would love to see more of what you’re all driving – that includes the ‘Mod-Masters’ Pops & Wmcforum! lol

    Current scores: VAG 5 – Others 2

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    Will put a picture up of my Desire Red Leon st when the snow goes, it’s a bit difficult for me to get out and about at the moment, but all the cars look good.

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    Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 diesel 4wd auto Premium, 5 seat. Run it for 17 months so far, just under 8k on the clock. Gets about 32mpg round town. Has a huge boot and is a total machine in the snow.

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    I would rather you gave us a review, it could save some disability customers heartache. Come on reviews warts and all. If Nissan supply a rubbish car that is there problem.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

    Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 PHEV

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    Look forward to seeing her Vinnie, how’s it been going?

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    That looks really good Macca, a few people around here have got them and i like the look of the bigger size, just a shame they are no longer on the scheme, hopefully they’ll make a return soon.

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    Cheers. Hyundai have redesigned the Santa Fe so that will be along shortly but will be surprised if it makes it to the scheme

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    Had a ride out last week, love the car although I don’t drive anymore.

    Very quiet, keep thinking if it wasn’t for the fact that we’re moving, would think the engine wasn’t on, seats comfy and heated is great, can’t go without them! Only downside is from hubby who says the reversing light is worse than a candle! The park pilot thingy is fantastic shows which way the wheels are turned and the angle the car will go. Kessey will take some getting used to, love the phone charger, and warns not to forget the phone. Just waiting for a decent day to take some pics and actually get out! The Xcellence is packed full of goodies.

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    Nice Macca Hyundai really have come along way and I like the direction they are going. I would suggest anyone looking around not to dismiss Hyundai and call into a show room.

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    In fairness in today’s market they need to up the game a touch on the tech, but Hyundai know that, and are already on with it for the new models. The Santa Fe is our first auto, and there will be no going back to a manual for sure.

    I’m curious to see what they do with the Tucson facelift, i really like the Tucson and was heading that way until the SF came along.

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    My car Leon St Xcellence 1.4 ecotsi dsg in Desire Red, Ruby. Not a brilliant pic.

    Oh and Bruce was delivered yesterday, he’s a Shark lol!

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    beautiful, much better alloys than on mine vinnie

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    Hi Justsaying

    I would agree up to a point with Hyundai dealers/showrooms.

    For those looking for cars and wish to view Hyundai and are in Scotland watch out for Arnold Clark showrooms, unfortunately those that we have dealt with are useless and not worth talking to, try and use an independent dealer if possible





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    Thanks Trev, I think they all look good, so pleased we found a Seat, never looked at them before Motability, always BMWs (mainly) and Volvos.

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    Looks lovely gorgeous alloys

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    And perfect parking in the space

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    Hubby parked Mike, but he can get it wrong sometimes lol.

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    Macca the Tucson facelift is due very soon, (couple months retail) but on another note we may see a return of the Santa Fe on the scheme the new model  will also be out soon and as of today there is around 3000 Santa Fe sat in a compound available to the uk market, so exspect big discounts on these in the coming weeks retail, then maybe Motability will benefit.

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    Some really nice cars on this thread, and they’re shiny and new. Thank you Motability (with some help from advance payments of course!)

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    Indeed if they do use the scheme to clear the current Santa Fe stock, then for someone needing a big capable suv, with a big boot and at least adequate tech then there could well be some bargains to be had

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    Pick this up yesterday 320d sport auto mineral white, so far so good.

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    That looks fab Gareth really classy looking love the wheels

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