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    JS (justsaying)

    Model: Hyundai Tucson 1.7crdi premium

    Transmission: automatic 7 speed DCT

    Colour: White sand

    Cost: ordered Q3 £2199 (with £200 discount) no added cost options,

    Option/Extra’s: Beige leather interior (no cost option on the premium)

    Mpg: still breaking in (600) around town I’m getting 34/on a trip 47 (still improving was 31/43) mixture of driving styles due to breaking in

    Pro’s: seating/driving position is great, heated seats, full electric adjustment including lumber and front edge of seat, steering wheel adjusts in/out up/down. Gear box is smooth The rear and front sensors are great detects rear cross traffic, blind spot, the projection cornering light are brilliant. Overall fantastic roomy/ comfortable and responsive car once set up auto lights wipers etc is simply get in and drive.

    Con’s: haven’t come across any issue with the car yet, a little niggle is having to press the parking sensors on as it resets on occasions. Hyundai doesn’t offer extras it would be nice to be able to add if I had a choice electric tailgate/push start, and memory seats would be nice.

    Recommend?: 100% worth a look, and a test drive.


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    Mazda CX-5 Sports Nav 2.0 petrol manual. Sonic silver.

    Hi guys as promised a review of my CX-5, I’ve left it a couple of weeks since I’ve picked her up to be able to give a balanced review.

    Just a tad about myself I’m 6ft 3, so needed a car that allowed enough legroom for myself and passengers behind whom normally have their knees up to their chin if sat behind me. The car easily allows passengers to sit behind me with the seat completely back and still have plenty of room.

    My last car was a Golf 150bhp tsi, which was pretty rapid and initially after driving the CX-5 for a few days I thought I had made a huge mistake with choosing the 2.0 petrol. I found that initially accelerating in the lower gears was sluggish and the car really needed to be pushed to allow rapid progression. Now 500 miles in and the engine has started to loosen up and to be honest my driving style has changed to suit the car, I had to remember that the car weighs over 2 tonne and I’m 50 not 21!

    We took the car for a long motorway run and the car easily sat at 70mph plus, very little road noise and it just swallowed up the miles with ease. MPG was around 40 and that’s with the car at that point only doing 200 odd miles. I commute 22 miles a day to work along A and B roads and currently I’m getting around 38MPG.


    Plus points:

    Interior in my opinion better than VW group cars.

    Infortainment system a doddle to use.

    Gear box as sweet as a nut, short precise gear changes that are actually make changing gear a pleasure.

    Exterior best looking SUV, stands out from the crowd in my opinion and makes people double look.

    Standard safety equipment and plenty of toys.

    Mazda dealership, 17 days from order to handover, great friendly service.

    Bad points:

    Being tall I find the tailgate doesn’t raise very high and have whacked by head a few time, might of knocked some sense into me!

    Automatic handbrake having to be put on every time you start the car, it stayed on permanently on the golf.

    In conclusion the car has exceeded my expectations and if your looking for SUV that ticks all the boxes and still manages to stand out from the VW group crowd give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.





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    I really loved this when we test drove it. Sadly, we need 82cm minimum height and this lovely car – like many others – doesn’t have it.  :/

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    Tony D

    Gave up trying the Motability route…


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    That is impressive Tony, very luxurious, the light interior looks fantastic. well done and thanks for posting.

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    Thanks for the photos and review Marcus, the cx-5 is a fantastic car – had mine weeks today and agree with you that my driving style has naturally changed to get the best out of the car….. I’m 6ft tall and yes, i’ve hit my head on the tailgate a couple of times too!

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    Very nice boomarang, thanks for sharing.

    How are you finding her?

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    2018 BMW ACTIVE TOURER SPORT 220i Auto (new face-lift model)h

    Highlights for me are the sports seats with the adjustable thigh supports

    Beautiful and possibly the best gearbox out there

    Duel control AC/0-60 in 7.4 sec/boot can be extended by 6 inch with this model.

    ECO/COMFORT/SPORT settings/twin exhausts/ability to open/shut/track car/and operate car fan via a mobile phone/voice commands inc SatNav ( satnav also has a nice voice bonus lol)

    Automatic key boot opening/closing ( Opening height can be adjusted if needed) heated wing mirrors & windscreen washers.

    Rear passengers have own air vent control plus power socket and x2 usb charging points/boot and front of car also has a power point/seats can be put down seperatly electronically via buttons in the boot

    Driver profiles/key functions can be tailored to suit/tyre pressure/oil level is checked via the 6inch touch screen along with many many other available functions

    Cons: Only one so far and that is that the centre arm rest has to be raised when putting on the seat belt and even then its a little fiddly. ( minor but worth a mention)

    Great powerful car that is quickly and easy to feel at one with.

    AP of £500 ( special offer) with free Mineral White Metallic paint ( usually a £500+ option)

    Car order was placed mid June told it would take 12 weeks to arrive ended up being 20 weeks approx ( the extra wait is now forgotten )

    Once built Sat at EU dock for 9 days 2 days at sea another week to get to dealer.

    Dealer turned the car around in 24 hrs and handed it over to me in 12 mins as I had requested them to do so. ( As I start flagging if not able to be comfortably seated after a short time)

    I will update in a couple of months if any Cons raise their heads which I have a feeling will not be happening ( Solid well put together piece of Kit imo )



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    Lovely photos Marcus and boomerang

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    Here is our Kadjar 1.5 diesel sport in black.  Due to change on 7 December and have gone for the BMW X1 xLine Auto in blue and oyster leather interior..  Added the privacy glass and extended lighting.

    Cant wait.

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    Very nice Phil, question though – would you go black again?

    My last car was black and I found that although nothing looks better than a clean, polished black car, it’s near impossible keeping them that way.

    Marcus, I’ve just had to book my 5 week old CX-5 in to the garage, got a fogged up offside rear light – all others are fine. They said it’s probably the seal that wasn’t aligned correctly – booked in for a week Tuesday.

    Cleaned her today – and yes, hit my head once again on the tailgate lol

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    I had the same with my golfs front fog light, a quick fix or a new light unit either way not too much of a drama, hopefully for you Trev.

    Filled mine up fully today so will be intrigued to see how many miles I can get out of the tank.


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    Oh yeah, no drama as you say Marcus, very pleased with the way in which Mazda have reacted, so all good.

    I went down to a fuel warning the other week, which gives distance left, went as low as 15 miles! Not clever, but filled her to the brim at Tesco using my 10p off a litre of fuel voucher and it took £61 to fill her up – i normally only go to about half – but wanted to get my money’s worth from the voucher – forgot to reset the clock though! doh!

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    that 10p coupon coupled with staff colleague discount card (10% off) comes in really handy when filling up

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    Yes.  Black looks good when clean but does get dirty very quickly and with our roads full of pot holes gets dirty very quickly.  Would not go for black again.

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    Hi folks

    Has anyone ot any feedback on the GLA 220d 4matic Sport?


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    Roadwarrior, @midge has a GLA, though it’s AMG – he started a post looking for a replacment as the GLA is now too small for his needs – could be worth posting a reply on his thread to see what his thoughts are –

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    Vauxhall insignia grandsport elite  at the moment but since i got it i had lot problems with the car gearbox has gone in 3 day when picked up the car, few week later the wheel was noisy again it was about 3week with dealer because it was,danger to drive 🙄 now motability think to terminate the contract and look for other car, horrible now i have no idea witch car to go for.. thinking about the a class. But still waiting if the VRS will be on scheme again.

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    Seat Arona Excellence Lux 1600 tdi 6 speed manual. Nevada white, black roof. AP £99.00 Q2.

    Very impressed with the car so far, I’ll add a review when I get chance.



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    Initial review SEAT Arona Excellence Lux 1600 tdi 5 speed manual.

    It’s a bit hit and miss what you are going to get spec wise with SEAT at the moment, at the time of ordering it was Alcantara seats but was told by dealer they were not available but it was Titan cloth heated seats and Beats Audio system instead, which we accepted. At time of build the spec was micro suede seats not heated, digital cockpit and no beats audio. What we actually got was Titan cloth heated seats, beats audio and digital cockpit, so pleased with that anyway. The spec has always included folding mirrors, but it appears that some cars do not have them fitted, when I asked the dealer a couple of days before collection if ours had the folding mirrors he told me yes but another car delivered the same day with the same spec but a different colour had not.

    Did a 222 mile round trip at the weekend from the West Midlands to North Wales, a mixture of motorway, fast ‘A’ roads and Snowdonia National Park so a good mix, the car managed 55.6 mpg but I expect that to improve with time.

    Adaptive Cruise Control.
    Blind Spot Assist.
    Digital Cockpit.
    Comfortable easy to drive car.

    Cons. (Bearing in mind this is a top of the range car).
    No light in the glove box.
    No lights in the vanity mirrors.
    No courtesy light for the rear passengers. (You would have thought they should have given us a free torch).
    No rear arm rest.
    Front arm rest not height adjustable and is too low, I’m 6ft 1 inch so may be okay for others. (Front arm rest in the Leon is height adjustable on a ratchet).
    No grab handles inside the car above the doors, could be a deal breaker for some people.

    Very pleased with the car, the cons are just minor gripes for us. I’ve yet to try the parking assist, when I had chance it was dark and I bottled it. The Beats audio system comes with a space saver spare wheel by default, there is a speaker and amp that sits inside the spare wheel, not really anything I would pay money for but it did sound good and on cranking the volume up there was little or no distortion.

    Hope this helps anyone in making a decision, it’s our first motability car and I have learnt a lot from this forum so I’m happy to give back.

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    We have a Qashqai 1.5 diesel Tekna, its 2 years into the lease.

    The seats are very comfy and it’s a nice hight off the ground, the car is good to drive. Some of the reports of the latest Qashqai   are a little disappointing we might consider a Volvo or a Mazda next

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>We finally picked up our BMW X1 yesterday evening. Will take some better pictures when weather better but here are a few for now.  Will do a review in a week or so.</p>

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