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    Model: Hyundai Tucson 1.7crdi premium

    Transmission: automatic 7 speed DCT

    Colour: White sand

    Cost: ordered Q3 £2199 (with £200 discount) no added cost options,

    Option/Extra’s: Beige leather interior (no cost option on the premium)

    Mpg: still breaking in (600) around town I’m getting 34/on a trip 47 (still improving was 31/43) mixture of driving styles due to breaking in

    Pro’s: seating/driving position is great, heated seats, full electric adjustment including lumber and front edge of seat, steering wheel adjusts in/out up/down. Gear box is smooth The rear and front sensors are great detects rear cross traffic, blind spot, the projection cornering light are brilliant. Overall fantastic roomy/ comfortable and responsive car once set up auto lights wipers etc is simply get in and drive.

    Con’s: haven’t come across any issue with the car yet, a little niggle is having to press the parking sensors on as it resets on occasions. Hyundai doesn’t offer extras it would be nice to be able to add if I had a choice electric tailgate/push start, and memory seats would be nice.

    Recommend?: 100% worth a look, and a test drive.


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    As requested by a forum member we have started this thread.

    at present its the only photo of my vehicle, I need to clean it before taking any more.

    personal choice but we are an open forum and I advise caution on showing number plates.

    look forward to seeing your cars.

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    Hi Justsaying, Forum Family.

    Picked up my first car yesterday in the poring rain !! Typical for Scottish weather.

    Kuga Vignale, Magnetic Grey n 18” and only thing I added as the heated steering wheel. It’s the 1.5 Ecoboost with Awd. To be honest people complain about the mileage per gallon but anything is better than my 14miles a galllon old diesel.

    I’ve not driven it enough yet to give a batter review yet but :

    Very easy to get into, wide opening doors. Very comfortable seats & you don’t feel the bumps on the road either. Good view all around and drives like a five door hatch and not an SUV.

    Once i’ve Driven it a bit more I will post a better review.

    BigBearMy Kuga

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    Also, Justsaying. Very nice Tucson.

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    Thanks BB I hadn’t looked at Hyundai until some helpful member on here suggested it. hope the reported weather this weekend does stop you getting out and enjoying the thrills of the first few days with a new car.

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    Hi Everyone

    Justsaying, that’s a nice Tucson in what looks like silver to me. We had a Hyundai I30, hatchback, which we had from November 2012 to November 2015 when we changed it to a Skoda Octavia Estate 1.6TDI DSG, in Race Blue. This is a much better car, Than the Hyundai.  I am skeptical at uploading photos so I will refrain from doing so, I hope this does not upset anyone that I have not posted a photo of our car.

    BigBear, nice looking Ford, hope you find its OK for you, I have never liked Ford’s, from my days in the motor trade (1970’s and early 1980’s) they always seemed to be breaking down!


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    Just had a test drive in a Tucson 1.6 se nav and I think it’s made my mind just about up the only snag is do I pay the extra £200 for the nav or settle for the se.

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    Posted mine elsewhere but what the hell, posting them again as i asked for the sticky topic.

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    Hi all this is the new additions.

    Make and model: Skoda Kodiaq 1.4TSi 150 DSG 7 seat SE L

    Colour: Petrol Blue

    Advance payment: £2995 + £300 for leather option

    Picked up Tuesday 13th of March. First impressions are all good.  Drives really well, comfortable and feels very planted on the road with almost non-existent body roll.   Will do a full review next week when I’ve had more time behind the wheel.  Would add that this car is very connective, installed a data only sim card which gives live weather and traffic where you are driving, and where you might be driving to.  Up to date news and sport is also available.  Mobile phone connection, either by Bluetooth, or USB connected is simple to do, but a more in-depth review will be coming up.

    Anyway, if you can afford the AP and it meets your needs, GET IT!!!

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    That is a cracking motor Stuart. And I know I’ve already said this in the other post, I love them wheels!!

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    I’ll keep you company Stuart.??


    Preview and more pics to follow.?

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    I love that color, paired with the light leather it looks awesome. Was my next car until they took the lighter leather off the options list. One of the nicest blues on the road.

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    Whoa!!! you got it then. Tell me what do you think ??

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    Stuart,it’s actually a really nice car and I cannot believe how good it is,so many gadgets it will take me weeks to try and learn what they all do.?

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    Model: Seat Leon St Fr

    Transmission: Manual

    Engine: 1.4 EcoTsi 148bhp

    Colour: Black

    Cost: Q2 2016 £0 AP Only £56 of £58 taken benefit taken

    Option/Extra’s: Full-Link at zero cost.

    Mpg: Combined 50mpg – Tesco Standard Unleaded, drive A & B roads only.

    Pro’s: Lumbar support on both front seats, Large boot with adjustable floor and able to hide parcel shelf, rear seats can be folded from the boot, near side wing mirror dips on reversing, ability to choose driving profiles – normal – economy – sport- custom, auto wipers and lights, cruise control, front seats hug you, no body roll, lots of storage including under the drivers seat – actually perhaps too much storage if that’s possible. The engine is just amazing loads of power when you need it, very quiet, with no vibrations, and great mpg. Infotainment system is clear and very responsive, lots of information easily found in a few touches max. Ability to ‘unlock’ customisations with a 3rd party dongle i.e turning lights, single press folding mirrors, lap timer, lock/unlock beep to name a few.

    Con’s: Black – terrible to keep clean and shows swirl marks, scratches, and stone chips far to easily, a bit of wind noise from the wing mirrors – nothing too off-putting though, no sun glasses holder up near the visor (miss that from the focus i once had),

    Recommend?: Yes, test drive this engine and compare fr and excellence trim in both hatchback and st models.

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    Here is my VW Golf 1.5 tsi dsg se nav with cylinder deactivisation very quiet and economical would recommend if you want a fabulous auto gearbox linked to VWs latest 1.5 130 bhp evolution engine

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    Lovely car, love the color choice 😉

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    What a fantastic selection of cars, well choosen guys.

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    That is a classy motor Bulldog.  Has the grin left your face yet!!!

    Look forward to your review, will be doing mine soon.

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    i don’t think i best do a review of my Qashqai, i think Nissan would probably sue me..and i think the words… STAY AWAY do it justice.

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    Hi guys and girls, I’m back. All your car’s are great and I’ve considered them all. However, Trev,im I’m naturally more inclined to love your car more as I’ve ordered a dynamic technology version of this car, and black is the colour of the Guinness I’m drinking. I’m Irish, my dad is English. Might need to phone him shortly ?. Nice cars everyone,we mightn’t have our health but thanks to the scheme,at least we have mobility,or the desire to leave the house ??


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    Welcome back Timerfirst, you won’t be disappointed with your choice, but in the meantime………


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    Thank you kind sir, Trev.

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