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    So with a new Quarter started and so many of use having looked through the new list and with lots of posters and visitors alike having varying Budgets we only tend to look at certain cars either by type or budget, so although similar has been done before maybe it’s time to appreciate what others go through or maybe the joys of looking at vehicles within certain budget constraints.

    i believe it will be useful to know and see the choices made, my idea would be to have Budget categories in line with Motability car search


    zero – 500

    500 – 1000

    1000 – 1500

    1500 – 2000


    I realise everyone is different but for fairness let’s say a vehicle for a person with reasonable mobility that needs an everyday car and must be Auto (as if Auto is on manual usually is but not vice versa) and narrow it down 2 three cars per category, it doesn’t need to be exact model i.e. Seat Ibiza would be enough. I know it could take weeks to compile but we could have a sticky thread for anyone wanting to take part and do a category at your leasure and edited until your list is full.

    its an ambitious idea and maybe it’s because I enjoy looking at cars for others when they ask for ideas, personally we always end up with cars around 1500-  £2000 but I’ve often looked through the zero list and above 2000 just to appease my curiosity. Apart from the interest in results it may also help us all understand others choices,What do you guys think is it a goer or to ambitious ? Who’s up for it?

    All thoughts welcome

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    Will there be a parallel budget category list for all of us War Pensioners who use the forum?

    Without that, it will totally skew your plan and confuse all on the forum.







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    I think everyone will get the gist of the categories and it’s certainly a lot easier to transfer the Motability search as is. Realistically it just step it down two categories as on average war pensions list is £1000 less I’m happy to do it on war pensioners search but I don’t feel that will show so much diversity in choice because of the sheer amount of vehicles under £1500 without sounding negative and certainly no prejudice meant but that would end up being zero – £1500 and £1500+ Whereas the other way around gives more separate categories and insights, like I said everyone is different and happy to do it either way,both,not at all.  This is why I’ve asked for thoughts because I find  others input interesting, good or bad, negative or positive.

    thanks for pointing out a flaw in the idea Pete you make a good point .

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    I think JS, that to be equitable to both sets of customers (WPMS and DLA/PIP/AFIP) and not cause confusion, it would need as Peter suggests, a parallel list.

    When I search on the Motability website I only ever look at the WPMS prices, and I am sure there are DLA/PIP/AFIP customers who only look at their respective prices. The prices  quoted on the forum often catch me out if they are the DLA/PIP/AFIP ones.

    I noticed in the July Prices thread, a war pensioner quoted his price for the Renault Koleos. This caused to DLA/PIP customer to contact Renault about the price. Probably leading to disappointment

    There does seem to be an increasing number of both new War Pensioners and new DLA/PIP/AFIP customers using the site/forum. So to avoid confusing new members in particular, and longer established members,  both budgets really need publishing.


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    I have problems with AP’s because they are plain robbery!

    Not can’t afford but won’t pay.

    I can add up!

    I would bet that Motability got their fingers burnt with the early LEAF’s ,that’s why they have been absent for so long and this is why the EV’s are either toys or ridiculous AP’s.

    East Yorkshire.
    Still looking for an EV I can get my wheelchair in or has not got a ridiculous AP!

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    Ok seems a none starter. With so many cars bundled into one category and such a vast choice doing it on wpms would just through up duplicates,

    i agree the 2 different price guides are confusing, I really don’t know how they can address that because I can’t see them levelling it out.

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