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    I recently was awarded the higher level of mobility on my pip claim.  I’m now currently looking at electric cars and was wondering if anyone has experience with the Mustang Mach E thus far on the mobility scheme?

    Thank you


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      I’m going to follow this thread with interest. I’m massively intrigued with its driverless capability. I’ve not dared go to view it as the AP just rules it out for me.


        Sorry can’t help but as I love my Ford’s then I’m interested in the discussion.


          Try looking on you tube, mist testers state the drive is choppy


            Ive sat in one and they are very comfy.


              Don’t have one but know somebody who did for a week. They weren’t impressed at all considering how much it retails for. It wasn’t fun to drive, very “wobbly and bouncy” on anything not newly tarmacked, interior was pretty “meh” as it (apparently) was cheap looking and felt the same.

              If the car was cheaper, they may have considered it but it wasn’t worth the price tag (according to them).

              Again, opinions vary so it may suit you perfectly. Not seen many great reviews of the car though.


              I ordered my car on Sunday and arranged for the disposal of my husbands car online Monday.  We got a call today saying that my new motobility car would be avaliable to me early march versus March the 30th when we were expecting it.  Overall I’m happy with the way the Mach E drove and we ordered the tech pack version as well.  I contacted two seperate dealerships about the car and quite honestly the first dealership just let me take it out driving it without explaining any features and I had no clue what I was really buying.  Whereas the test drive sunday he went with us and showed us all the features.  He is the reason we bought he car and feel we are in good hands.  I’m quite happy with the purchase and I didn’t want to mess around with driving a dozen cars before buying leasing one.  We decided this would be perfect for my needs as far as being able to get in and out of it.

              My husband does most of the driving and he was comfortable with the car and how it handled.  So we decided it was the right car for us.  I’ll be looking to extend the lease at the end of the current one if they allow it.


              All I’ve ever had are fords my entire life and my husband was driving a manual hyundai I can’t drive.  I’m looking forward to testing electric car out for the next few years and seeing where it all leads us before 2030.  I’ve been watching tesla for the last few years so we will see where the price goes on them and what else they bring out.  I’m looking for more of a crossover suv in an electric car versus a car.


              Advance payment is quite high but my husbands car was sitting on our drive, its to low slung for me to drive an a manual which I can’t drive anyway due to my health and only being an automatic.  Made more sense to dump his car and get an electric car for me to drive around near our home.  I currently have an SUV that I drive and we will keep that.


                @FordMustangMachEGirl What colour did you choose ? So you are a Ford Fan Girl


                  I picked mine up this week, loving it so far. Got a boot hoist and transfer plates in it.

                  The seats are very comfortable and I got the tech pack so electric on both front ones. I’d definitely recommend if it’s in your price range or it’s on your grants list.

                  happy to answer any questions.


                    From my test drive the car is lovely but I was constantly thinking that, for the price. There were better cars for me available.  However, the positives were:

                    ACC was incredibly intelligent recognising speed limits and adjusting accordingly without input.

                    Seats move significantly if you activate the easy access for getting in/out.

                    Seats were comfortable and could be adjusted sufficiently even for our fussy needs.

                    Only significant downside was we hit a smallish pothole and needed a chiropractor the bump was that bad.

                    I'm Autistic, if I say something you find offensive, please let me know, I can guarantee it was unintentional.
                    I'll try to give my honest opinion but am always open to learning.


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