Ford Kuga Titanium- Long delays for delivery?

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    Beth Morrison

    We ordered our new Ford Kuga Titanium with appearance pack (diesel auto) in “Guard” on 17th August.

    Dealer said delivery would be end October/ beginning of November.

    Haven’t heard a peep from Arnold Clark Ford ever since, despite being told that we’d get regular updates.

    I called them yesterday and its not even due to be build till 2nd November meaning we won’t get it till 9th December at the earliest!

    I think they are telling porkies and just haven’t ordered the car…. anyone else taking delivery of a Kuga now or have you been told there’s long delays??

    Thanks guys



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    keira robson

    I emailed ford recently enquiring the current build time of the ford kuga sport & was told 5-6 months, when I enquired in the showroom I was told 2-3 months?!

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    We ordered our titanium X on 2nd October and was told January/February time for delivery so realistically it’ll be March

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    ford told me titanium x was a 6 month build because of the petrol engines in high demand, however ford dealer looked on live system and their was a few already built or going into build mode that was avail to grab, just depends on extras, colors ect ect, some avail now ,some are factory build, but kuga’s normally is 3-6 month order to delivery time.

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    Amazing really considering the Focus RS has gone from a 12month wait to dealers having them in stock ready to go

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    Beth Morrison

    It’s so disappointing. I tried saying we would be happy to change the colour to something else, but nothing available.  I find it hard to believe that ordering in August they aren’t even building it till November 🙁

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    I know their are issues in the factory sure you seen on the news about the problems in spain and all that in catalonia (bad spelling), this is also ford and seat factory areas, which is delaying production and delivery of new cars, have you thought about the x trails, as some came back on 2 weeks ago, pre face lift that they had, and a few top of the range tekna models, and n tec, and others, avail now as already here, and most are same ap or less than titanium x / titanium, they are bigger as well and 4×4 , manual / auto / petrol /diesel but very limited stock

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    Just had a a call from our dealer, Kuga titanium X ordered on 2nd October and is due to be at the dealer first 2 weeks of December.

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    AP on the x trail is nothing like the AP on the kuga tit x, because in Q4 the AP dropped by £500 for the Kuga, I cancelled my tit order, and reordered a tit x on that strength, salesman rang me up yesterday to say it’s in production now, should be ready late Nov/early Dec so an approx 3 month wait – petrol too.

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    Beth Morrison

    We’ve heard absolutely nothing from Arnold Clark Ford re our Kuga Titanium Auto Diesel ordered on 17th August.

    Really poor customer service in my opinion. I am so tempted to not contact them and when they call to tell us the car is available to be picked up, I wont be in a hurry to take it off their hands….



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    Beth we had the same experience with the Skoda dealership we were dealing with. I had to call or email them to find out anything. Our previous car was a Mini and they were sending us video emails at every milestone!

    I believe you have to collect the car once ready within a certain timescale. Don’t let the customer service put you off enjoying the car.

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    Beth I know Ford has reduced kugas by 200 to 300 for all kuga diesels until end of December. Maybe speak to dealer see if he will lower the ap and if he says no Cancel the order and re order else where to get the saving. Most dealers will honour the price drop I went to Ford last week and he looked on live system if I ordered kuga titanium diesel it will be here for feb. Titanium x petrol was march. He says factory has caught up with back orders now and it’ back to std times 12 week build and 4 week delebery. But try and get that discount now all Ford dealers I’ve looked at on line are doing it as Ford have told them to.

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    we ordered our titanium X on 2nd October and pick it up this Wednesday, factory order due to optional extras.

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    That is a really good turn around time for Ford to be fair. Looks like my info above was correct and Ford have cleared the backlog.

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    Ford Focus RS and ST are built in a totaly different plant to the ford kuga so will have no bearing on it what so ever,most ford  cars are taking about 5 months unless u have no car it’s nothing really to worry about patience is a virtue.

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    Thought they were all built in Germany? the VIN suggests its the same plant as the RS and other Focus models.

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    Jack the focus is built in I think it’ 14 different plants I know the rs is also built along side the focus in some plants but can’t remember which and the kuga is build mainy in Spain.

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    Beth Morrison


    Thanks so much for your help. Can I really do this?? I would in a heartbeat.

    Really feel let down by Arnold Clark.

    Worth a try.


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    Yeah you can. As long as the car has not started being built with extras your be ok. If it’ just a std car then should be fine loads of people do it. ask your dealer first if he will adjust the ap as many will match the offer or they can cancel and re order try it saves money for you. Let me know how it goes.

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    Makes no difference to the dealer what the ap is so no reason why they can’t cancel and re order. If they say no cancel your order with them drive to next garage and order with them, if the car was already in the build process they may even be able to reserve the same vehicle.

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    Ian Hill

    I ordered Kuga Zetec with ap early September was told by dealer be ready to pick up 31 October at the end of lease period I rung day before to see time to pick up only to told oh it not in country yet it may be two weeks or more I’m really gob smacked Ford never even had the courtesy to ring me to let me no there was a problem really bad customer relations won’t be getting ford next time been with them since 1996 very disappointing

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    Our Ford dealer was quiet till I e-mailed him a few times, then they kept us reasonably well informed, still took 21 weeks from point of order when a 10-12 week lead time was stated by the dealers.

    It seems Ford is not exactly prompt at letting the dealers know the build dates after they order, so its not always the dealers fault.

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    Build dates are on the system all dealers have on there desk. My dealer went on the system two weeks ago to find the car I wanted added the extras and it was built today and I should get it  on the 8th or 9th December.

    The system is quite simple unless you want some weird co concoction of car. I think maybe your dealer is being lazy and just putting through an order rather than getting you a line build model.

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    The rumours on the internet Ford are going to unveil the New Ford Kuga at the Geneva Motor show in November 2018.

    They are going to retain Peugeot PSA  2.0 diesel power unit along the 1.5, petrol engines again 1.5 but 3 cylinders as opposed to the current 4 cylinders with the ability to shut down one cylinder like the new VW 1.5tsi, plus a 2.0 petrol.

    The powershift gearbox to be replace with an 8 or 9 speed.

    Also rumoured 1.5 hybrid and 2.0 hybrid.


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    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Oscarmax my 1.5 tsi engine in my Golf shuts down 2 cylinders to 2 cylinder mode

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    Sorry Mike I was not very clear and lets be honest Ford technology in my opinion is miles behind Volkswagen.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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