Ford Kuga Plug-In Hybrid recall: the latest details

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    In August 2020, Ford recalled over 20,000 examples of its Kuga Plug-In Hybrid due to battery safety concerns. In some instances, faulty batteries have overheated when charging, causing fires in a small number of cases.

    Ford refers to its recall as a ‘Safety Action’ and has written to all affected customers. Owners have been advised not to charge their cars and to operate them in ‘EV Auto’ mode only. Ford assures its owners that the car is entirely safe when following these rules.

    In October 2020, Ford sent all affected customers a £500 fuel card for use at BP fuel stations, in acknowledgement of the fact that “the fuel economy of the Kuga Plug-In Hybrid may not be what our customers may have expected when they took delivery,” according to a statement on its website.

    Ford has also recommended that owners connect their cars to the FordPass app. The firm says this will allow the latest software to be installed on the Kuga and ensure direct access to any future communications regarding the recall.

    Ford is still hunting for a solution to the problem and has issued the above advice while it tries to isolate and identify the issue. Speaking in a statement on YouTube (above), the acting managing director of Ford Britain and Ireland, Lisa Brankin, said that the timescale for a resolution “could be measured in months, rather than just weeks”.

    “We hope you understand that we are working extremely hard to urgently resolve this issue and to minimise the inconvenience caused to you,” Brankin said. She stated that updates will be provided, but that the brand’s Customer Relations Centre can be contacted if required at 0203 564 4444.

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    Speedy James

    I have a new Kuga Hybrid ST Line X on order from Q3 but not expecting delivery in the new future. Dealer would not be surprised by late Q1 2021. Has anyone else ordered one?

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