Fitting Hoist into Hybrids

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    Can anyone verify whether hybrid vehicles are suitable cars for installing scooter hoists into, please?

    I’ve been told they are not suitable due to the position of the batteries directly underneath the bootspace.

    Although eligible, I’m buying second-hand to avoid Motability costs and pitfalls/risks thereof.


    Thank you in advance

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    When I was considering the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEW last year the problems concerning my scooter and hoist was the lack of space.

    The boot space was its downfall for me but if the boot floor and rear door aperture is big enough then everything will be fine, but yes, electric motors under the boot floor can cause problems with hoist and scooter loading because the petrol and diesel version of the Outlander did not have that problem.

    I’m just hoping by the time I order my next car that technology has moved on and designs overcome this problem, but then, maybe the problem is only a problem for hoist and scooter/wheelchair users so not a big priority for manufactures.

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    Mike 700

    Not sure to be honest, but if your scooter is a lightweight version, there are alternatives to a hoist!

    I have a ‘Hercules’ freestanding hoist which is really great for lifting my Pride Quest.

    They are available second hand at reasonable prices, and there is no work to be done to the car.

    Also, I was reading about a company in Sheffield, Powatechnic, who have a wheelchair hoist, which slips over the rear of a front seat and pulls the scooter up via portable ramps!

    No drilling or fitting on either of these options?

    May be worth looking at?

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    I remember that the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid was about the largest size suitable for a hoist.  Better than most petrol or diesel vehicles.

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