first time car ordering and waiting times

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    Hi everyone.

    I’ve been reading through this forum all day but I thought I’d just outright ask a question.

    I am learning to drive (automatic) and hope to pass my test next month.

    This is all for my little girl that has spinal issues. She has difficulty walking has a mobility chair and is now getting high rate mobility.

    I cannot get a small hatchback as most won’t fit her chair in, and I was interested in either the Mini Countryman or the Peugeot 3008. I am open to other suggestions mind you.

    I wanted to ask what the average waiting time for a car is though. As I need to make sure there is 12 months left on be award, I’m not sure we can afford to wait months on end as I’m not going just assume they will award her again (they should, but you never know which direction the wind might take them).

    Is it possible to get a car within the month? We don’t need any adaptions we just need a good size boot really lol.

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    My first car in 2015 was a golf. Got that in 3 weeks. Call local dealers and see if they have stock cars

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    Thank for replying Moreton5. I didn’t realise I could do that. I thought all the cars had to be built and sent over here, so that’s good news.


    How is your Golf? Is the boot quite big?

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    That’s gone now. I have the Tiguan SEL. The boot was quite big on the golf yes but not huge. I have a big tandem double pram, it fit in my golf with about 10-15% space left. That same pram in my new car leaves around 40% space.

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    Thank you so much. Maybe I should take a look at Volkswagen…

    The mobility chair we have isn’t so much wide when folded, more long. It’s about 120cms in length. I may have to do a fair bit of googling boot sizes today lol.

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    Leon G

    Hi angelica, and welcome, I have had 2 Golfs and they are a fantastic car especially the auto with the DSG gearbox, boot not massive but perhaps an estate would do the trick. my first Golf was in Match trim or they sometimes call it the SE nav, very comfortable seats. I don’t know where you are based but I have a name at VW Sheffield who is very good and sure he will do his best

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    if delivery time is your main concern your best bet is to come up with a short list of models that would meet your needs and then contact dealers to see who has what in stock rather than wait for something to be built. it will mean you will have to be flexible on things like colour etc. remember if you end up having to travel to a dealer further away to order you dont have to use them for servicing etc you can use a dealer closer to home for that.

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    Welcome 🙂  120cm is about 4ft in old money so quite long to be fair, by “mobility chair” do you mean something line the Maclaren Major or a typical wheelchair just smaller for a child?  Only asking as we’ve just returned a Vauxhall Astra and my wife’s wheelchair fitted with ease but a friends Maclaren Major was to long and had to go in diagonally or leaning upwards.

    Our new car is Seat Leon ST and whilst the boot is slightly smaller the wife’s wheelchair fits fine but again the Maclaren Major wont.

    Can recommend both the Astra and the Leon – currently an auto Astra starts at £499 for the Elite Nav (top spec) and the Leon ST at £0 with £99AP getting the top spec version.  Our Astra was the Elite Nav and whislt not as sporty as the Leon was comfy, well equipped and very practical – only had the Leon for a few days but first impressions are really good.


    Pretty sure the 12months is when you place the order, not at the time of delivery.  Also if it helps with dimensions of boots, door widths etc has quite a few models listed with lots of info.

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    TJ the chair is a little like the Macclaren only bigger as it’s for older children. It’s called a Convair Cruiser.


    I don’t mind if it fits in a boot diagonally. I can’t really afford to go over £1.5k in AP so at lot of the bigger cars arent an option for us, so I might have to be okay with it just about fitting in lol.

    Thank your for the suggestions of the Leon and Astra. Looking at them right now.



    Hi Mitch. Yes I think you’re right. I’m going to compile a short list today.I di

    My mind travelling to get a car, just not too far as I don’t currently drive. I do live in Birmingham so perhaps most places will be relatively easy to get to.


    Hi Leon. I’m a bit scared of estates (the length…lol) But I can have a little look at them 🙂




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    Excuse the typos. My phone is freezing and doing all sorts as it feels to *eye roll*


    I meant I don’t mind travelling*


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    Her chair for reference

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    a zero ap option would be the suzuki ignis, not a glamorous option but v practical . ive kept it on my long list as the cheapest option but has easy to get in and out of seats and a decent spec. or if you want bigger the vitara is good. also like the seat arona.

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    Hi again,

    Just realised I wasn’t very clear, both the Astra and the Leon were / are estate cars which i’ve just seen your a little worried about size wise…  The Leon is a bit smaller than the Astra and the Xcellence Lux trim comes with a reversing camera as well as front / rear sensors for £199ap for the 1.5TSI (petrol) auto – thought it was £99 as mentioned above but was having a reading fail at the time it seems lol.

    Is dropping one of of the rear seats for the extra length an option?  Some cars also have “ski hatch” that drops down between the two outer rear seats, this lets longer items fit whilst only loosing the rear centre seat – the Leon ST has this feature for example.

    Possibly slightly biased as we’ve just collected one but for the AP the Leon ST is hard to beat in terms of what you get for the AP, the only potential downside is the new version is due out in the near future but what the specs / APs will be like is anyone’s guess.

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    I don’t mind putting the rear seat down. I thought initially it would be annoying to do everytime but going off what’s available and the AP I can afford, I think I’ll have to get past it. A ski hatch would be better I think.


    I’m on the motability website now, just comparing cars. Looks are secondary to me. Safety and space are the most important.


    I’m also going to watch some YouTube videos on the Seat Leon since you’ve praised it so highly lol

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    I would have a look at the estate versions of cars on the list as it gives you a larger choice and most will fit in the chair unlike most SUV types as they don’t have very long boots.

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    Have a look at Mini and alike with a bit more AP as there are deals to be had. As an example:


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    Lee Edwards

    All about stock levels if they have them in stock it’s only a week or two if they don’t it’s how long is a piece of string

    The seat range is very attractive at the minute a lot of there cars being zero or low ap and great levels of equipment as standard

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    oh no not this chestnut again….. (not you me) as I am just going to wax lyrical about the tiguan R line tech (just because std kit is amazing) 🙂 loads of space, good mpg once you have done a few 1000 miles or if you go for the slightly lower spec sel you get massage seats i believe.. one of the bargians of the scheme imho with what you get. Stock, well if you want quicker delivery you should be open to travel and not mind colour of car, if you ring dealers asking if they have any canceled orders, or in stock of the car you want and your not bothered about color you could be in a car as quick as the paperwork goes through, mine was literally found the car on a wed by the following monday i was driving away from the forecourt.

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    Nice to know about the Tiguan again but it still doesn’t have a boot big enough for this thread.

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    My electric scooter fits in my Tiguan as it folds up quite small.

    Sometimes i have pushed the rear seats forward for a bit of extra space for luggage too.

    But usually it’s not necessary.

    If I were you I’d take her buggy along to any test drive and see how easy it is to put in the boot of what cars you’re interested in.

    The other thing I’d say is you could always add another friend or family member as the driver until you pass.

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