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    1.  Me and my son test drove a seat Leon 1.6tdi st with dsg gearbox. I must admit we were both smitten. I’ve ordered hand controls,old fashioned push pull ones that my mates dad once had. I realise that seats delivery times are notoriously long,we were told about 12 to 14 weeks. Really can’t wait 😊
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    Nick Gray

    Mines taking 6 months and many others 5 to 6 months. Be warned you may be in for a very very long wait. Some models are quicker than others and seat say they have caught up with the back log. But what seat say and real world are 2 different things. Mine was ordered in December and i won’t get a build date until March so that could be April may build for may June delevery. It’ crazy.

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    well done, sadly time will drag, but worth it when you get the vehicle, love my st.

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      Yeah,seat have had that reputation for a long wait. However,as this is my first motability car,I am still soldiering in my old peugeot 207 diesel with manual box,so at least I have wheels to help with me and my family’s independence ☺️

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        Can’t wait, can’t decide whether it’s me or my 18 year old son who’s more excited. It was a little 1.6 diesel and it drove beautifully ☺️

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    Nick Gray

    I agree they are fab cars. I ordered the excelence 184tdi st. I wanted this model as it’s loaded unlike the fr model. But I’m a tech person I like toys rather than sporty looks in the fr. It is a catch 22 as I’ve been not too sure if I want this car or not but time ran out so I dived in. But now because of long wait and personal changes I think I’m going to have to stick with an suv so better start looking. Want to get it sorted before any more changes made with motability. Unsafe times ahead.

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    Joe London

    Hey have you seen the cupra. Not on the scheme but looks a beast, if we all get chucked off motobility I going for it . June/July delivery.



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      Will never be on the scheme Joe because of the bhp sadly, i like the st version.

      Saying that i got a carista dongle and unlocked features in my leon that come as standard on the cupra, i,e needle sweep, lap timer, carbon background, etc so when inside it gives me the same features as the cupra, just not the performance.

      Would recommend anyone with a vag to get the dongle, so many features you can unlock and dongle only cost me a tenner.

      Single press to lock and fold mirrors is a good one to save battery power in the fob from doing long presses, turning lights (responding front fog lights up as you turn) is useful for extra illumination in the dark, so not all gimmicky, some very useful.

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    Joe London

    That’s fab, wished they would do one for BMW, I have only tried coding using a laptop and dongle and failed to get my indicators to blink 5 times instead of 3. Lol

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      lol that’s another setting i changed, got the 5 blink lane changing lights lol

      With this dongle it connects to an app on your phone, been enjoyable sat in the driver’s seat trying different ones out.

      It does work with other vehicles i’ve just noticed, including bmw…. but depends on the model if it can do customisations as well as diagnostics (diagnostics is rubbish and should be ignored).


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    Joe London

    There is a app called bimmercode and connects with a Bluetooth dongle. But it’s a bit expensive for a one off . I think I might just get a KN airfilter instead!

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    Joe London

    Unfortunately no customised settings for the x1 on your app.  Cheers.

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    1. Wow,does this work with all Leon’s? I’ve one ordered! Even if the cupra was on the scheme,my son’s 18 so wouldn’t be allowed insurance on it! If this dongle pumped out the cupra sound that’d be awesome 😊😊
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    Hi … £15.99 isnt bad but the extra payments are a bit of an annoyance, there again I suppose you only need to get the dongle and use the 1 month premium trial to make the changes you need….

    Are there other OBD2 dongles that allow you to alter car setting etc? How about the dongle VW supply, can that do the same?  (Soz for all the questions but never used one of these lol)

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    All in know is with what i have, the Carista dongle, it cost me a tenner from Amazon (now showing £15.99), when i got it i emailed Carista asking to join their beta app (has more customisations) they sent a link to it the same day.

    Registered the app and you get 1 months free trial, did all i wanted the first day, but kept the app for a few weeks, then cancelled the subscription before the month was up so no further charge. After the 1 month they charge you £33.91 a year! or worse £8.99 a week!

    But to use it for customisations you really only need it for the free trial, just make sure you cancel.

    You then can either sell the dongle on, or do what i’m doing, keeping hold of it incase there becomes more customisations available for my current car, or for customising my future car. When i do need it again i’ll simply register a new google play store account, or use the missus account, and get a free months trial again.

    Carista customisation certainly work for all vag’s i.e skoda, seat, vw, and audi…. maybe more…. but no cupra sounds Timerfirst, sorry lol

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