Fine Scratches on Windscreen Kia Niro

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    James Pond

    Any ideas or advice on how to get rid of fine scratches on windscreen caused by bird poo ?

    I cant clean my own screen ( walking sticks) and a good samaritan appeared out of nowhere with wet kitchen roll and started vigorously scrubbing at the poo. Normally i ask a friend to cover with a well soaked paper towel to soften it for a while and never scrub .. more gentle wipes

    I did politely ask him to stop a couple of times but he carried on saying almost got it off. I did not get angry as he was only trying to help me out. I try to be philosophical in life.

    Now due to street lights at night i see a whole lot of fine scratches directly in my eye line.

    Is there anyway to buff out or get rid of them. ?

    PS its not the 1st time this has happened with other cars but its never been this bad , Is the Niro screen not as resilient ?

    Thanks as always

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    JP, I’ve used jewellers rouge in the past to get rid of wear lines left by windscreen wipers, but only because I had some.  You can get special glass polish but I would try toothpaste on a damp cloth rubbing in circles.

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    from auto glass:

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