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    Why is it that when you buy a car the dealers maintain contact and bend over backwards to keep you informed every step of the way how your car is progressing. Yet when you order a Motability car they just seem to say yeah well you will get it when it arrives and we can be bothered to call you ? I’ve called my dealer twice this week trying to find out when I’m getting my car and I keep getting well it’s on the system as being here but we can’t be bothered checking that it is but we will get someone to call you back and make arrangements to come & get it !!but you can pay the AP now if you want ??? Does this happen everywhere or is it just me ?

    This is my first Motability car  and to honest it’s putting me off feeling like I’m just a burden to the garage. Thanks for listening.


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    What car are you having ?

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    Hi Mike, getting a Kuga at some point. They attempted delivery to garage during The Snow. But could not take it, so now it’s in limbo? System states at garage, garage say it’s no there. Ford customer service day speak to dealer. I say what’s the point. Going to take a trip to dealer tomorrow and speak face to face.

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    After the last few years with the great Tim Withall at Marshalls Vauxhall, who couldn’t do enough for you, I can now share your view after my first experience at another dealer.  Started off good, but just went down hill from there to the point that I had to get Skoda UK and Motability involved.

    I now know that there are some great dealers out there that really care about Motability customers, but there are others who don’t give a monkeys.   Fortunately now with this wonderful forum, we are beginning to get some idea of the good uns and the bad ones.

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    Get on to Ford customer service and Motability, and most importantly tell the dealers that you’ve contacted them.  Also, if you use Facebook, go onto Ford’s page and post it on social media. I found that worked for me.

    Good luck

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    I’ve ordered a BMW X1 two weeks ago from Knights at Stafford and the service as been brill 17% discount on options, regular updates by phone and email.

    Which is completely different from Skoda UK and Skoda Telford which was totally rubbish.

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    BB maybe you have just been unlucky this is our fourth car and all companies have been great.

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    Thanks guys. I will see what happens tomorrow when I visit the dealers and will update you all then. Just feels a bit like he says she says if you know what I mean. Thanks again.

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    It’s such a shame. But don’t be put off. There are some really good dealers out there, but unfortunately the ‘idiots’ ruin it for all.

    Like the other guys have said, report to Motability and ford UK.

    Best of luck

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    Just to make you aware BigBear, if you made a complaint to motability about a dealer, and that complaint was upheld, the dealer would occur a financial penalty of at least £100.

    Of course i’m not encouraging you to make a complaint, rather to suggest you portray your dissatisfaction to the dealer so they have a chance to turn things around for you. (slipping in the words of complaining to motability if they are still not playing ball might help of course) 😉

    Either way, i hope you get it sorted, and it’s a shame you’ve experienced a dealer like this. I’m afraid it happens, but rest assured there are some fantastic dealers out there.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>It is sad to say because we are ordering through mobility the sales person is not earning too much out of every deal they make.</p>
    Unfortunately this in some cases means some sales people can’t be bothered.

    The dealer needs to remove this people from dealing with customers as mobility makes the dealer a fair few orders that go a long way to wards there numbers they need to reach set by the manufacturers.

    So i suggest contacting the dealer principle as well as Mobility with your complaint.

    There are many fine sales people but the odd few bad ones bring the dealership down and this needs to be put across to the deaership.

    Good luck

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    Update. Car was showing as at dealers and nobody checked !! On checking today Car was still at storage yard awaiting delivery call from dealers ? With me so far. So my car is now going to get its own transporter to bring to dealers on Monday then due to paperwork I will not be able to collect it until later in the week or at the weekend. So hopefully by this time next week I should have my new car firmly in my grasp. And I must admit I will believe when I have at. Pictures to follow.

    Thanks again for for all your words of wisdom.

    This forum family are all amazing.

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    I think the salespeople are earning a reasonable amount from a motability sale, and is even more lucrative for the dealer what with the other components motability brings.

    I however feel a few salespeople i’ve encountered have the opinion that we are getting a new car for free and should just be grateful – hence the inferior service compared to a private customer.

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    That’s great news big bear I get my car next Friday

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    Amazing news. Not long left now

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    Fantastic news, not many sleeps now.

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    Good news bigbear and don’t be a stranger just because you get your car. Like you say this forum is like a familily, ongoing and previous experience is of great help to regular users and newcomers alike, being your first motability car your experiences and thoughts will be a great help to others.

    enjoy your car!

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    I’ve had a similar thing with dealers they just don’t seem interested when you tell them it’s motability they just seem to adopt a buy it or not I don’t care attitude I can’t even get test drives with my local Hyundai Seat and Ford dealerships and don’t even mention getting anything off the AP they make less than £1oo on a motability car ?

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    I will get salesman to take photo of me with my new Golf and put on here if that’s ok

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    Would prefer a photo of the receptionist with your car Mike hahaha

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    Me too Trev I will ask her

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    Hi all,   Totally agree with Baggy 13, about not being able to get test drives in vehicles similar to what you want.

    Generally speaking I think we as Motability customers are undervalued. The dealerships might only receive £300 ish per sale but as we know they get massive volume bonuses from manufacturers.

    A few dealers as we see on this website choose to share these bonuses, well done to these dealers , we need more of them. Along with better test drives.

    How can we use our voices to bring this about?

    Regards,  wonky

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    That is good news, what Kuga did you order?

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    All my local dealers had automatics a vast improvement on 3 years ago but the auto gearbox has so much improved and very popular now with private buyers !   I’m having electric in 3 years by then the common range will be around 500 miles

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    Hi Oscarmax, it am getting the Vignale. Did not like the ST suspension so went for the full comfort package. Oh an£ I went for the engine that most hate

    1.5 Ecoboost with AWD.

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    Hi All , sorry for the late updates, rough night and I’m just up. Woken with a phone call from dealer ! Guess what ? It’s arrived at the dealers and I’m pencilled in for a collection  at the end  of the week. !!! I can not believe it. Now I’m starting to get excited.

    Mike I’m sure you will be the same.

    Justsaying.  I will not be leaving the family when I get my car. The help, words of wisdom and conversations we all have are so helpful. The fact you can all understand the situations that people are going through and offer words of wisdom & encouragement are as they say “Priceless”

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