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    not car related but i thought i would share this.

    on friday 4th may i came home from a holiday full of the joys.

    saturday morning i woke 07.30 whilst prepping breakfast i felt the need for the loo and had the worst case of the runs ever.then went very cold but started sweating like never before. made it back to the living room as chest pains started. i knew straight away it wasnt good and called 999.

    the ambulance with 2 techs arrived and hooked me up to an ecg and administered gtn they were loading me into the ambulance a paramedic arrived checked me over and gave more gtn.

    then off to northern general straight into angioplasty theatre and a tube inserted into wrist a balloon and stent put into a heart artery and i was on a ward by 11.00.

    i was discharged wednesday and apart from feeling ive been hit by a bus i am fine with nothing more than a tiny hole in my wrist.

    the downside i cant drive for 30 days.

    motability were great even suggesting putting a nominated driver on the policy and other useful advice.

    i feel extremely lucky and i know the nhs doesnt always get it right but this time i have to  say they were marvellous.

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    That was some ordeal Mitch! But glad to hear you came through it!

    my dad was a paramedic and was instrumental in the campaign to have the ambulances up in Scotland being fitted with defibrillators some time time ago. He’s passed away now but at the time received some type of medal from the queen for his hard work

    there are thousands of great workers in the NHS who want to save life’s and make a difference it’s just frustrating and sad that the powers that be have literally run it into the ground with poor poor decisions

    get well soon

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I can not knock the NHS People in the UK don’t understand at times how lucky they are to have this service.glad to hear your on the mend Mitch your a very lucky man.</p>

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    Very similar to what happened to my wife last September. From ringing 999 in the early hours to her arrivng home a week later the NHS were superb. So glad to hear you are feeling better James after such a traumatic ordeal!!


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    Hi Mitch

    Glad you were seen and dealt with so quickly and you are on the mend.

    It’s also nice to hear that someone has some faith in Motability at present, and that the information and help they gave you was invaluable.


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    Apologies Mitch called you James!!!

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    Good to hear of your ‘thumbs up’ for the NHS, and wish you a speed  and full recovery.

    Like all services, they’re only as good as the staff that they employ.

    Sometimes they can be fantastic, and you even get more than you expect – sometimes the opposite occurs, like my wife encountered when a Doctor suggested signing a ‘do not resuscitate form’. That was nearly two years ago!

    On the whole, both of us have received great service and attention over the past nine years.

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    Hi Mitch glad you are feeling better yes the nhs is great and although starved of monies do a fantastic work which without many would not be able to afford.

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    Hi Mitch, wow what an experience, so glad you are ok.

    30 days no driving is a very small price to pay for what was a serious condition.

    I hope your recovery goes well.

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    When the bbc have no news they start on about the nhs you watch in the future !! The nhs for me has been very good indeed

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    Mitch, I’m so glad that you’ve come through this frightening experience. The NHS is brilliant at things like this. It’s so sad that it’s woefully underfunded and poorly managed. The doctors and nurses and auxilliary staff are heroes.

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    Yes, people shouldn’t knock the NHS till they have lived somewhere without it.

    My Wife knows that the procedures, assessments, surgery and support from the NHS over the past 15 years would have taken her well past bankruptcy in South Africa and she very likely wouldn’t have sought treatment for some of her issues till they were really far gone as you just dare not go to the Dr for “minor” issues as they cost too much. Even with full private medical, her ex had a car accident, broke his pelvis &  they had to sell their house to pay the hospital bill. And they were not poor, they were both working as Architects and earning well above average salaries.

    She thinks the NHS is an absolute marvel and doesn’t understand why it gets so much flack from people.


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