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    Does anyone know if you have to pay for factory fit options at the time of ordering a car or can they be paid on collection of the car? Specifically Seat if anyone has done it. I’m still waiting to hear back from them. I know the advance payment can be made on collection.

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    Barlow Motors Seat in Wolverhampton got back to me.

    Advance payment and payment for any factory fit options can be taken on the day you take delivery of the car.

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    some will want a deposit on ordering , and the balance on collection now as it minimises customers cancelling orders after the vehicle has been ordered

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    Richard Hewett

    When I ordered my Ford Focus st I put every option on it except sunroof  ap with extras was £2400 I had to pay £2000 before they would place the order.

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    I’ll double check with them on Monday as we’re going down to try out a car but Seat did say over email that it can all be paid on collection. Motability have told me that dealerships should be flexible about how and when payments are taken. With our current car they wanted it all when ordering but previously we’ve paid on collection.

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    Ford have ordered my next car the ap is £2,500 I’ve payed  £450 so far. My current car is a Kia.

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