Extending a current lease- what about warranty claims?

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    Hi, I’ve never extended beyond 3 years but may have to extend my Alhambra next Spring as a better, proper 7 seater simply isnt available anymore.

    If I extend, do I just continue to sacrifice my full allowance and what happens if something goes wrong? Does the dealer simply treat it as a warranty issue even if its 4 years old? Ie. do we get the same full peace of mind?

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    Michael Turner

    Hi, Just contact Motability and they will arrange extention of lease as well as insurance, everything stays the same, cheers Mike

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    Michael Turner

    It remains as per 3 year lease

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    I believe that if you are currently paying Total Allowance, that changes to the amount of the DLA/PIP in force at the end of the 3 year period, ie if DLA is £50 a week, that becomes your new payment, so, if DLA then increases, you would receive the difference in your bank.

    As for the warranty, that is Motability’s problem, not yours and they would pick up the bill for any work needed, so you still have the same peace of mind

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    Glos Guy

    Yes you do still continue to sacrifice your full allowance unfortunately, for the full length of any extension. I don’t know what the manufacturer warranty length is on a Seat, but when the manufacturer warranty runs out any repairs that are needed will be paid for by Motability. So, yes, you do still get the same peace of mind motoring.

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    We extended our Alhambra lease last year for the same reason. We don’t want a van conversion and there is no similar size, as well equipped car on the scheme. We will probably have to change to a smaller, less comfortable mobility scooter to fit into a smaller vehicle. As far as costs are concerned, you will continue to pay the full allowance to Motability. The car’s warranty will expire and Motability will be charged for any repairs necessary. For you there is no difference. Extend for two years giving you maximum flexibility as you can still change vehicles at any time within the two years should your circumstances change or a suitable vehicle come on to the scheme. We haven’t had a single warranty claim in the four years.

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    Thank you so much for such helpful responses. It helps me plan for the future. Cheers.

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