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    Has anyone gone over their allowed mileage recently?

    My old car went back about 6 weeks ago and was expecting a bill of around £136, for the excess mileage, but haven’t received anything.  Obviously not that keen on chasing it up either…

    Are they still charging or decided not to bother, it was only 2722 miles over?

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    I’m guessing that they’re either slow at dealing with this or such a relatively small amount means they aren’t bothering. It may even be they have wiggle room due to the odd year its been too

    Good luck with it, fingers crossed they leave it. Have you got an oibe account? You could check there?

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    Or they may just be so shocked that after a years lockdown someone has managed to exceed their mileage allowance!! 😀

    Best of luck 🙂

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    Motabilty have issued a contract on your head.🪒🎯⚖

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    Dread to think what bill some will get, someone’s partner used their car after the other car was written off & no hire car given dread to think the mileage unlawfully put on it also dread to think what would’ve happened had an incident occurred whilst the vehicle wasn’t in use for the benefit of the pip recipient.

    Some people….

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    It’s a long time ago now but my first lease a v70 Volvo had 64k on when I returned it I was never charged a penny

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    My C4 Grand Picasso had 72k on when it went back, the lease had run on for 3 months while waiting for its replacement, so 39 months instead of 36. I waited for the excess mileage payment…it never came, which was nice. Now due to replace the replacement, but, due to working from home since March 2020 mileage is currently only 42k. Should be back at work by end July-ish, so my commuting mileage will increase again.

    Am tempted by the Kona, (or even the Soul – it still has heat pump) but not sure if the boot will be big enough for the guide dog.

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    I handed back my BMW X1 yesterday with 60251 on it and my GCB was confirmed by Motability with no debits for excess mileage.

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    I’d highly recommend the MG ZS EV for dogs we can get 2 GSDs in there no bother

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    Hi Richard,

    Not really suitable – range is too low. I often do over 100 miles a day, sometimes 160 in not so warm rural Scotland with no access to a charger during the day. In winter the ZS highway range is 95 miles, given you don’t want to go under 10% charge (well, really 20%  – but I’m being generous) that gives around 85 miles – which is too close to my daily commute of 81 miles to be comfortable, let alone the days I need to travel the extra miles.

    The MG 5 would probably be better, but even then its cutting it fine. I’ll go look at it, the dealer is just down the road.

    VW’s ID3 is out due to rear wheel drive – Scotland in winter is no place for a RWD car with instant torque and summer tyres…


    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    Yeah cold area of Scotland could be a problem esp as obv up there your journeys are that much longer.

    I don’t think 95 is realistic maybe if really pushing the car I’ve not seen any owners saying it drops that low even in winter but would depend on your driving style at that point. If the computer is close to accurate I’m getting very close to 170 miles at the moment at a balmy 12C. I’m not sure but I’m not confident EV database actually do tests themselves to establish those figures rather than host user generated figures?

    Did 60 miles today around here and got home with 108 left & just shy of 4miles/kwh.

    Just comes back to that compromise between space & range, I found none of the other EVs currently affordable had the capacity of the 2 MGs, the Kona wouldn’t fit a full lidl shop in the boot (not literally the entire store lol) plus rear room but the trade off is that huge range. I think the MG’s were the only 2 EVs I felt comfortable putting dogs in.

    If I didn’t have teenage kids & dogs I’d go for the Kona in a heartbeat or hold out & see if the Ioniq 5 comes on later this year.

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    Did you have a extension on the car lease due to covid etc, if so you get more mile allowance added to your contract.
    I had my car for 4 years rather then 3 due to covid I didn’t go over but was worried I was going to so I asked Motability I was told with any extension you get miles added.

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