EVs smash sales record in September

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    September was a record month for the electric car market, with more than 7,700 pure-electric models registered. Combined with more than 5,000 plug-in hybrid registrations, the total electric vehicle figure for September 2019 was almost 12,900 units.

    The latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show significant growth for the EV market. Pure-electric registrations rose 236% compared to September 2018, and even PHEVs – recently in decline – saw a 23% increase. This is against the backdrop of an overall market that grew 1.3%

    The pure-electric sales record is beaten by some considerable margin. The previous record for a single month’s pure-EV registrations was in March 2019, with 3,917 units. September 2019’s 7,704 registrations smashes that record. To put it into context, only four months total EV sales – pure-electric and PHEV combined – have topped September 2019’s pure EV numbers.

    Pure-electric market share for September finished at 2.2%, and 3.8% for EVs and PHEVs combined. It’s the joint third highest market share in the UK, impressive considering it fell in September.

    September and March are traditionally strong months for the car market as a whole as these are the times when the new registration plates arrive. In March for example, the total EV registrations of almost 8,900 was one of the highest on record, though considering the strong performance of the rest of the market, it only made up 1.9% of total sales.

    PHEVs saw a good performance considering much of the year has been a struggle for the sector. March to July 2019 saw continuous decline compared to 2018, and August only saw 1.8% growth. September’s figure of 5,179 units made up 85% growth compared to last year’s sales.

    September’s figures mean that we are now comfortably ahead of the same stage last year. Jan-Sept 2018 had 44,688 electric vehicles registered – 11,270 EVs and 33,418 PHEVs. New electric vehicle registrations to the end of September 2019 have seen 48,056 models registered – 25,072 of them pure-electric and 22,984 PHEVs. It means the UK is 7.5% ahead of where it was at the same stage last year.

    The impressive sales look to have come about due to a combination of factors. Increased choice for customers is coming on-line, with new models from the likes of Mercedes and Tesla adding to registration figures. On top of that, increased supply of newer models from Audi and Kia means more customers are registering their cars.

    PHEVs seem to be lifted by a similar increase in options. Where many manufacturers had sold out of previous generation PHEVs, the likes of VW and BMW have brought out new versions in popular sectors – particularly valuable to fleet buyers – which has made a greater number of models available.

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    Still a very small market, when there are over 25 million petrol and diesel cars on the road.

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    Yes Craig but look how quickly the ev share is growing and with hardly any models.

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    But take into account that new car sales in nearly all sectors are at their lowest. It makes the EV sales figures look high.

    Buy no matter what the figures say I’ve not seen more then a couple of EV’s about around my area.
    The local police have 2 ev BMW’s that are permanently parked plugged in outside the station.
    There not used to patrol?

    If you visit central London there are still empty charging points in busy locations. So there’s a long way to go before they are a common sight.

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    Phil it must be where you stay, there are number of Tesla, I pace and Nissan leafs around my way.

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    I’m in London Bri and I can honestly say I’ve not noticed an increase in EVs they’re still a rare sight, the people I know with Tesla’s inc my brother have  had them for over a year.

    lots of hybrid ubers around but very few EV’s and even fewer on street charge points.

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    As range rises so will the sales.

    Charge points are very slowly starting to appear here in the darkest depths of Surrey, but mostly people are charging from home or charging at the other end of their commute in London where there are even things like street chargers that are open to the general public.

    About half of the public charge points are currently showing as broken, so it’s risky trying to rely on them.

    I’m tempted by the Ioniq & the i3 on the scheme, but I could do with a bit more range before I’d attempt the drive to my parents (255 miles, and 1 charge on the journey would be acceptable, not 2).


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    Phil we have no on street chargers but quite a few chargers, some at the railway station others at hotels and the motorway service station which is about a mile away. There are a number of EVs on the road here mostly Tesla, I pace and Nissan Leaf. We have a number of hybrid also.

    Julie range anxiety is a real thing and the additional planning an ev requires on a longer journey puts some people off. Once we get EVs that do 250+ miles on the scheme we will discuss it very rarely.

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    Bri near me we have charging points on street, in most car parks too, they are rarely full and there are not many of them.
    The reason for this is we have largely Victorian and Edwardian terraced houses with mostly no off street parking.
    we are detached and have a fair bit off off street parking, so unless owners are parking miles away and walking or taking the bus home, there’s no obvious rise in ownership.
    Nothing that would make me think they are best sellers.

    People in my road have hybrids but I’ve not seen one EV yet.

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    Phil we are a long way off EV’s being best sellers, apart from maybe the Tesla, but there is no doubt they are in demand. The death of the diesel has helped as people look for green cheap options. Although I love my diesel.

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    I have noticed more and more EV and PHEV’S around our area including six Tesla 3’s in the last few weeks as people have finally been taking deliveries.

    Today was the first time that i was in a traffic line with three electric cars in a row which were an I-pace then an I3 and my countryman Phev,but you are right it is a slow changing process and to be fair the latest diesels are very clean.

    Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.

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    What area is that eame64?

    I was out all day in our area and i only saw the usual Toyota hybrid ubers.

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    That would be Stratford upon avon.


    Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.

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