Everything Electric Cars Benefits and Problems For Disabled People

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    i thought this might be an interesting topic , i know some of us are not interested in electric cars.. At some point all cars will be electric , i think for disabled people there will be benefits and problems .

    what benefits and problems  can you foresee

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    Benefit will be to the air we breathe and saving the planets resources for our future generations.

    Accessing the charging points can be difficult, especially if you are a wheelchair user cause they ain’t easy to reach. Too many cars have their charging socket in different locations so despite a charging bay being empty even an able-bodied person may not be able to park close enough for the cable to reach.

    Charging points are all unmanned and mostly in out of the way places so can be lonely and leave you feeling vulnerable, especially once it gets dark.

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    Main issue for us right now that would affect everyone regardless of ability would be that we could not charge it. The parking here is communal in an unmarked “car park”. Think of a cul de sac but with a large empty area in front of the houses. So we can’t park outside our own house and the council would never fit charging points. We’ve had issues in the car park before and tried to get a disabled bay marked up but the council aren’t interested as it’s not officially a car park.

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    Apart from the problems that abled body folk have the only one big problem from a disabled person point of view is cost.

    At this moment in time manufactures are subsidising the price of electric cars to off set environmental taxes on ICE cars so selling electric at a loss to sell more profitable petrol and diesel cars and you only got to look at the AP’s for those to see that electric cars that are large enough to carry disabled equipment are going to be way beyond what I can afford and way above the Motability cap anyway.

    I always try to end a down trodden post with a silver lining and on this occasion it’s is that I will have more than likely died of old age before ICE cars are banned.😁

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    ChrisK  good to see you looking on the bright site of life

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    Until that day comes i’m not gonna worry about it..

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    A lot can happen in 15 years.

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    Ive had an electric Nissan Leaf for the past 3 years and there are many issues that Ive encountered over that time. The biggest plus point was the zero emissions and the very low fuel costs. The worst thing was range anxiety, finding a charger that was working and not out of order, queuing to charge where it takes an hour before you can travel home. It became too stressful as the infrastructure just isn’t there yet so I’m looking for a self charging hybrid at the moment.

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