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    This will be like a casual journal of my experience with ordering an EV via Motability.

    5th November 2021 VW ID3 Max Pro Performance in Stonewashed Blue ordered
    22nd November 2021 Text received from BP Pulse requesting installation information
    23rd November 2021 BP Pulse information completed and sent
    30th November 2021 BP Pulse needs a site visit PLUS I need to fit a double pole isolation switch

    Mazda CX5 is my DD
    VW ID3 Max on order 5 Nov 21

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    Ordered my Kona Ultimate 7th August, started the BP charger process on the 10th August.

    I already had a Smart meter smet2 and new metal consumer unit fitted.

    EON fitted my 100 amp double pole isolation switch 29 September.

    charger is to be located within 2m of my meter.

    Found out that despite having  a 100 amp fuse already fitted (confirmed that the fuse cartridge  is rated 100amp  by the EON guy) that I am looped with next door.

    Collected the car on schedule to the exact day predicted by the dealer at time of order 10th December.

    Driveway to be dug up on the 4th February final un-looping to be done on the 8th February.

    Only when I send photographic evidence that this work as been carried out, will PB even consider arranging a date to fit my charger.

    So well into 6 months and charger still not fitted yet despite me thinking mine would be a straight forward installation 😂😂😂

    I gave up dealing with BP in October and have had Motability’s complaint team dealing with them on my behalf.

    But I’m absolutely loving the Kona it’s a brilliant car done 960 miles so far.
    I’m Granny charging via my garage overnight when required atm, bit of a faff but worth it.

    The savings compared to petrol is great too 😀

    Will be so much easier when I finally get charger fitted, hopefully soon 🤞

    Oh yeah Total cost to me thus far £98 for the Isolation switch all other works including DNO digging and un-looping free to me.

    So a mixed bag for me but definitely would recommend going down the EV route to anyone, because the end result is worth all the hassle 👍

    Good luck.





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    We don’t have a driveway either, we do have a drop kerb and a parking spot for a small/med car outside the front of the property (which i don’t park my civic on to much hassle or my other cars i had since we moved to this property) Be easy if it was say a fiat 500 but thats to small for our needs.

    The gas meter is on that front wall also. So i really don’t know if they’d fit it there. Plus our house has an old style fuse box and we had smart meters fitted by british gas a while back and they’ve never worked. They would not connect to the network, So we still have to give readings for the bills.

    Guess we might see when the time comes to renew, but i can see, many issues ahead for many who, might not have this or that and also have limited means. Plus for various reason I’m doing a lot less mileage on a regular basis, than i was and i don’t see that changing. Only done 8+k since june 2020. Not having the abilty to charge at home, is deffo a deal breaker for me.. Maybe one solution might be to get a small car on the scheme and then just hire something for the times we need a bigger car.

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    if you dont need a big car much then thats a great way round it. the savings on ap will afford you a nice motor on hire on occasion.

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    @rene – £1000 cost less £350 grant will equal what a charger costs today as you say. BUT the grant is finishing very soon and to qualify the charger needs to be in by 31 March 2022.

    Just to recap, it has been nearly three months since the process started and has cost me nothing so far. I have had an isolation switch fitted and I paid that upfront (£150) but it was reimbursed very quickly by BP. Communication from BP has been excellent, in part due to having a dedicated/named support person. Without exception, everytime I have emailed, he has either called me, or emailed me within a day.


    Mazda CX5 is my DD
    VW ID3 Max on order 5 Nov 21

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    So, 9am on the dot they knocked on our door just now, had a quick look at our electricity cabinet, confirmed no additional costs, they’ll go straight out of the cabinet to the charger (the charger location is only 50cm from the cabinet).

    Now we wait. So far, incredibly friendly for 9am lol.

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    I lied. They will install an additional fusebox (since there’s “too much going on in our cabinet”, whatever that means). That fusebox will be at no additional cost though.

    Current: SEAT Ateca Xcellence Lux 1.5 TSI DSG MY19
    On Order: VW Golf GTE PHEV DSG MY23

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    2 weeks from ordering, two guys showed up 9am in the morning on the dot, took ’em roughly 3 hours to get it installed. They didn’t need to get to our consumer unit either, which i found interesting/unexpected, they didn’t even look at it. Cost as quoted, £595, which of course stings a little, but in the end, we got the charger we really wanted, and we got it quick (not that that part matters since our car is still ages away, but alas).

    I suppose it’s easier to charge Motability for random stuff than it is to charge a private customer. Much like a hammer in the US military budget costs $150.

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