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    So today driving past the BP station I noticed Diesel at 158.9p per litre so this makes it just over £7.22 per gallon. So on my tariff  I can buy just over 131kw of Electricity for that but alas my car will only do about 2.5 miles per KW which means I am only getting just over 327 mpg I hope you are all doing better than me.

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    Good post Windy I think the same as you. I do think home charging is a necessity for an Ev aswell as having 80% of the journeys within its range.

    I am really fortunate that it works for us.

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    We are fortunate we have a 32 amp Podpoint EV charger and hopefully on the 7th March 4.4 kWh solar panels plus a Tesco with EV points just down the road. EV has to be the way forward

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

    Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 PHEV

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    If you’re on the wrong tariff though… We still haven’t got our smart meter repaired, and have been waiting nigh on 3 years, which means we are recharging our Kona at a cost a few points short of 20p per unit. A 60kw charge therefore costs us £12, and with the cold weather that won’t take us more than 200 miles.

    We always have to do quite a big slurp on the way home from London (2x a week), the net result is that our “cheap” electric car with “low” running costs is costing around 9p per mile – the “holy grail” of pure EVs seems to be 1p. For reference, our old diesel 4wd 190ps Kuga was costing us around 12-15p so we aren’t making as big savings as advertised.

    Our even older Volvo v40 if driven very, very carefully could work out cheaper than the electric Kona, but that was when diesel was only about £1.10 – £1.20 per litre.

    This is all to do with the electricity suppliers absolutely sucking if you have a defective or disconnected smart meter. If you have a dumb meter they’ll upgrade you quick as a whippet, but there appears to be no recourse for a duff one. Yes, I have complaining to ofgen and the power company (no result)

    Please don’t let this put you off getting a leccy – we’re still pleased with the Kona and as the weather improves we expect to do the London run with no rapid charging, so the cost should return to around 4p / mile

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    Adrian I forgot about the smart meter issue we had ours fitted about 6 years ago within 3 weeks of changing supply, from that day it was never used until we changed to Octopus last year then suddenly everything works. We had actually forgotten all about it after so long. I really thought we’ll they can’t be of any use but they are fantastic for monitoring your use and your EV but yeah now I believe getting one is more of an issue. Like every thing you can have it unless you need it.

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    There’s still lots of free chargers about Tesco podpoint are often free. I got a free charge at McDonald’s in Norwich Tuesday too,National Trust are free.

    Also even when paying on rapids at say BP the cost still works out fairly favourable add on the subsidised VED & it adds up still even after recent rises.

    We’re part of the beta test of a new incentive at Octopus you get an email with a 2 hour window & if you can reduce your usage by x% in that 2 hour window all the power you do use is free first window is 430-630pm tonight.

    I think there’ll be more scheme’s like this coming along to try & shift usage patterns & hopefully reduce bills too

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    Richard yes I agree I am on Octopus go faster at the moment until September but they are introducing a new one specific to vehicles and charge points with 6 hours of charge time sadly neither our vehicle or charger is compatible yet, but they do work hard at their projects so hopefully soon

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