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    I had placed a order for a Renault Zoe but my social landlord has refused permission for a home charger stating it would be a trip hazard running across the pavement.

    this is a major problem facing EV cars as most people don’t have a driveway.

    I will be forced to cancel my order now and leaves me in a mess because I need the high ride position that the Zoe provided and with very few cars on motability and very high ap I don’t know what to do now.

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    Sorry to hear that.  Could you not use public chargers instead? I realize it’s not as convenient but it would allow you stay with your original choice of car.

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    What about putting pressure on the social landlord to provide a communal charging point, if there is an area for it. Like it or not, they can’t ignore EV’s.

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    i think they can apply for grants to provide public chargers as well.

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