End of 3 year lease

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    2022 is the last year of our lease with Covid the car has only done 8k miles. Can we still extend the lease on our current car and when do we have to inform mobility about the lease extension.

    I imagine that many people have not been driving the miles they normally do because of the Covid lockdowns.

    We have a Qashqai Tekna + and  really like it.

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    It does look like you can extend the lease


    Mobility can only arrange a lease extension in the final three months of your agreement so you should wait until this time to contact mobility

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    Glos Guy

    Yes you can extend for either 1 or 2 years. It’s only worth extending for 2 years though, as you have the option to order a new car at any time from the day that you extend, but Motability won’t allow two extensions – so if you extend by a year and then decide that you want to extend for a further year they won’t allow it.

    I’m not a fan of lease extensions. Keep in mind that you sacrifice exactly the same benefits in the 4th and 5th year in order to drive an increasingly old car. Over 5 years you will have paid over £16k for the car, plus AP, plus options. It’s a nice earner for Motability.

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    Yes you can extend and as Glos Guy says it’s best to go for two years as you can order at any time in the two years but be aware that you need at least 12 months remaining on your PIP to order a new car.

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    I don’t know if it was because of covid but our car is now in its second one year extension.

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    Glos Guy

    I don’t know if it was because of covid but our car is now in its second one year extension.

    Probably and I guess there’s always exceptions, but there’s nothing whatsoever to be gained by doing a 1 year extension and I recall another poster on here recently bemoaning the fact that they had extended for a year and now weren’t allowed to extend again.

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    I asked the question as I suspected Covid had reduced many peoples mileage. I also wondered if the Motorbility rules might state that the lease could be extended but in practice permission was not being granted, many things have gone a little odd during Covid.

    The advice about going for a two year lease is most welcome, we like our Qashqai and it suits our needs very nicely. The mileage we do is mainly journeys of 300+ miles and I don’t want to go down the Hybrid or electric route simply due to the lack of range.

    At least I know what my options are.



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    yeah due to having 18 months locked in house up here not really even allowed to take car out and deffo not allowed out of my county, which isnt particularly big, my mileage is only 5k and due to go back in 10 days. still not heard if new car is at dealers yet.

    im betting they will be licking lips at profit they should get on mine as its basically mint. i also have to say it gets best mileage of any car ive had and is nice to sit in and drive too. just door head height is a struggle now.

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    And I thought my Milage was low 😂😂


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    5,000 miles for about 15 trips, that’s about £660+ per trip if only taking pip payments, you’d have been better off just renting a motor each trip, could have got something nice and saved thousands.

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    Lord muc

    Maybe they should look at mileage, if you do low miles, the monthly cost should be lowered or a higher good condition payment at the end.

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    Maybe they should look at mileage, if you do low miles, the monthly cost should be lowered or a higher good condition payment at the end.

    Good idea 💡

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    My car Mondeo eastate st 2 ltr  auto lovely car mileage 7500 it’s 3 years 2 months old,my mercedes dealer extended lease until Oct 22 ,or dare I say it, until  new Merc arrives ,don’t be daft I hear you say lol

    When a new car order in its your dealer that extends lease & insurance.

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    Lord muc

    Micky, it’s motobility, that extends the lease, one way or another.

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    We extended because I couldn’t see the point of putting down another large ap when the car was hardly being used and because our Alhambra had no direct replacement available on the scheme. It still doesn’t, and we will be forced into a smaller, less suitable vehicle. Frankly, I’d be happy extending even further. The car has covered 26k miles and has been totally reliable. I’m no longer bothered about driving an older car.

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    I share the same thoughts, it’s of little use changing a car if you are unable to get a car that suits your needs

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