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    Disappointed Customer

    Below is an email I received from a dealer local to me. I guess this car make is now off my list.

    Good Morning,

    I still don’t have  ********** auto to drive and the test drives must be accompanied and as it stands I cannot allocate more time than the standard due to the volume of customers in the dealership since the end of lockdown.”

    absolute disgrace to their profession and their employer.

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    Disappointed Customer

    I meant to say I’d had a ten minute test drive a few weeks ago along a defined route accompanied in an older model that smelled so bad that he apologised and sprayed it.

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    Be very wary of test drives in older models because as with my current car was sat in a field for 8 months awaiting an unsuspecting fool guy like myself.

    I’m not abled to test drive cars because of adaption I need and I don’t for a minute expect a dealer to accommodate that but the fact was I sat in, what I thought was the current model in the showroom and disregard the car because it never had an electronic handbrake but was convinced by the dealer the car I would receive would be the latest model with the EHB but when it arrived it was an old model that was, like I said, sat in a field for 8 months.

    I was desperate for the car so had to take it once it was there in front of me on handover day but that rules out another dealership and manufacture in July when I renew.

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    Chris, their behaviour is no direct fault of your own, however… motability customers putting up with and accepting vehicles like this reinforces their behaviour as dealers. Sadly, it perpetuates the problems.

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    I was under the impression that accompanied test drives were unlawful right now, it’s getting into a tiny box with a stranger. We’re not supposed to car share right now so why is this OK?

    I’d forward that to your local council covid enforcement as well as the Marque, media & as many others as you can think of.

    I’d also ask the question so you expect someone to make a decision to spend tens of thousands of pounds based on a very short unrealistic driving experience is that what you’re saying?

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    Chris I appreciate the pressure on the day but why accept the car? At this point you’d been lied to, let down strung along & now the salesman is patting himself on the back for getting rid of that old car out the back. He’s now likely to do it again & again. Easy for me to carp from the cheap seats I know & I’m not saying its your fault at all, we do need to stand up to these scumbags who prey on vulnerable customers.

    Yes there’s an endemic problem with car sales people but we’ll only get change if we force it.

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    Doesn’t sound like they followed this

    Taking an accompanied test drive
    Depending on local rules this may or may not be possible so check the restrictions where you live and check with the dealership to see if they are open and able to offer test drives.

    Where this is available you are advised to observe the general rules for sharing a car with someone from another household. These include:

    • Have as few people in a car as possible
    • Maximise the distance between people in the vehicle – for example sitting on the furthest back seat from the driver
    • Share transport with the same people each time
    • Open windows for improved ventilation
    • Wear face coverings

    As always, wash and/or sanitise your hands for at least 20 seconds.

    It is also recommended that cars are thoroughly cleaned before and after a test drive

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    I was the opposite i was expecting a vehicle with a handbrake but recieved one with electric handbrake because of covid i waited 8 months for vehicle and in that time they had changed the spec .

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    @Robert bit of a bugger if you wanted a proper handbrake for handbrake turns 🤣

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    Ah. Now there’s an art that will be lost to the next generation, like heel and toeing. And then there was double declutching…

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    Much sadness

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    Menorca Mike

    What use is a test drive for 10 mins ? I had 2 hour test drives at Toyota dealer

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Definitely same as a test Sri e on prescribed route ffs. I live in a rural area on rural roads how is driving for 20 mins on a ring road Representative of that?

    There really needs to be some back to basics CS here where these dealers have to make a pledge without asking offer extended test drives by default etc

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    Can I suggest a strongly worded e-mail or letter which is copied to, at least:

    1. The manager of the dealership.

    2. Motability.

    3. The head office of the makers.

    Your email/letter should include emphasising that due to disability (as using the Motability scheme requires) you required a reasonable adjustment and are amazed that they have refused to make any adjustment as the law on disability requires.

    It is still, sadly, the case that many people believe that treating everyone the same means  there isn’t discrimination.

    Hope you get some satisfaction in the end!

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    This reminds me of the “warranty” scam – that your “rights” are covered only under the “car warranty” / agreement, which is incorrect as it ignores Consumer Law which has precedence.

    There is the Equality Act of 2010 which protects disabled people against discrimination, one form of discrimination is in the area of “services” ie car dealerships.  You are discriminated against in services if you are treated less favourably than others.  It is worth looking into this act and worth mentioning it to Dealerships in a polite way, for example, “are you aware of the 2010 Equality Act which aims to prevent discrimination against disabled people?” – if you believe you are being treated unfairly and discriminated against then mention this act and state that you will report them.  It’s a bit like being fobbed off about a broken electrical item that you buy and then you mention the Consumer Rights Act and all of a sudden get a refund or a replacement.  Don’t be fobbed-off and don’t accept it, but be polite in the way you go about it, see it as educating cars dealerships and letting them know that there is legislation in place that they have to be aware of and follow.

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    Chris, their behaviour is no direct fault of your own, however… motability customers putting up with and accepting vehicles like this reinforces their behaviour as dealers. Sadly, it perpetuates the problems.

    Being a disabled driver with a car that needs adaption before I even get off the starting line puts me at a disadvantage.

    This was back in 2018 when we we’re playing the WLTP waiting game (much the same as now with the micro chip waiting game) and the car I had on order was one, if not the last model in the VAG to get its WLTP ticket but was told the waiting time would be 5 months. 4 months go by and it had changed to 9 months so had no choice but to cancel a car that would have been 100% perfect or as near as dam it.

    My disability never changes, doesn’t get worst or better so at least I know where I stand with it. My carer wife who is not disabled but like me ageing and so getting weaker with age was struggling to get my scooter into a standard car without a hoist.

    The cars I need generally have to be seven seat cars for which I keep seat six and seven folded so to allow to carry a fully assembled pavement scooter on board and these type of cars are hard to find at an affordable AP price, hence, being in the situation of take it or leave and just walking away from a car knowing there’s not a lot out there that can take its place.

    Apart from the EHB the car is a very usable car even with one of those old fashion levers and a two second auto-hold that I can live with but now with seven seats and a hoist under my backside I can tell and will tell the dealer where they can go should the car not be as expected next time but yes, I agree it lets them off the hook though I made them well aware of my disappointment.

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    So I’ve now discounted that dealer from my car search. It ticks off one car off my list lol.

    can you imagine any other type of business treating a potential customer like this. Say for instance buying a £40,000 painting or watch. They’d be champagne chocolates and at least civility.

    Cheers, all the very best


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    I recently bought a watch and was treated like a king. Car Dealerships just treat you like dog **** on their shoe and it ****** me off. Can’t even get an email reply these days

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    Totally agree, any other business & you’re treated like a customer they want. In the past the VW service dept used to have fridge stuffed with free cans of drinks, biscuits, crisps etc at Robinson in Norwich don’t know what they’re like these days but it seems as car prices have gone up customer service has gone down across the board.

    I’d love to see a study done to see if it’s Motability or a general malaise towards customers.

    It’s high time manufacturers set a minimum for sales like:

    1. Min 1 hour test drive, unaccompanied.

    2. Treat all customers the same

    3. Treat all customer like they’re family (who you like not like parts of my family lol)

    4. All customers to be greeted on entry, asked if they need help, shown to the car they’re interested in then left alone until they ask for help

    5. Regardless of finance kickbacks treat all purchases equally they’re important to each customer so should be important to the dealer.

    Just a few off the top if my head & not really thought it thru but imho there needs to be a minimum service level set like that across ALL manufacturers & dealers.

    No one should be forced to make a decision based on 10 mins in the car no one least if all motability customers. I wonder if its worth writing to Which about it….

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    Also imho these dealers need naming & maybe a shtlist created & maybe we can see the dealers to avoid

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    Motability should be doing mystery customer visits to dealers and act on those that don’t meet their standards.

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    Except they won’t because & this is just my opinion, they don’t really care. They’ll say we’ve set our standards you can see them on our website, if a dealership doesn’t meet them then individuals should make a complaint to that dealer & go elsewhere.

    I complained to them over being told I couldn’t have an extended Kona test drive & I could only drive it over a prescribed inner city route (I live in a rural area so nothing like the roads I use) and they said sorry to hear that, go to a different dealer, that was it.

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