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    So has anyone else listened to Sir Elton Johns new REVAMP album..

    His classics revamped with modern artists….not sure I’m liking it yet.

    I have it on Spotify playing.

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    I haven’t heard it yet. I’m into his early stuff such as Tiny Dancer”. It was epic when it first came out. Totally different to anything around all those decades ago.

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    I have it on Amazon prime, an impressive list of artist, will listen to it in full this afternoon – only listened to Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters by The Killers which i liked…….. though i like all what the killers do, hoping Florence and the machine doing Tiny Dancer is good….. another group i really like, will report back.

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    Get an earful of this Pops….. spine tingling….

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    see i do like this version of tiny dancer..her voice is very spine tingling.

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    Thanks for alerting me to this album BB, i think this is a lovely tribute to some classic Elton songs, if you want to hear Elton John buy an Elton John album, but if you want to hear modern versions of some of his best tracks by some of the top performers around this is worth a listen…. well some tracks are, here’s my take….

    1. Bennie And The Jets (2018 Version) by Elton John & P!nk & Logic – Really like this after 2nd listen
    2. We All Fall In Love Sometimes by Coldplay – Good
    3. I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues by Alessia Cara – Ok
    4. Candle In The Wind (2018 Version) by Ed Sheeran – Very, Very Good
    5. Tiny Dancer by Florence + The Machine – Fantastic, listened to this track twice already
    6. Someone Saved My Life Tonight by Mumford & Sons – Brilliant
    7. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word by Mary J. Blige – Ok
    8. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart [feat. Demi Lovato] by Q-Tip – Ok
    9. Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters by The Killers – Fantastic
    10. Daniel by Sam Smith – Very Good
    11. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Miley Cyrus – Good – Miss George though
    12. Your Song by Lady Gaga – Very Good
    13. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Queens Of The Stone Age – Fantastic, This and track 5 my favs
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    Not more music to add to Pops six million track mobile radio station,

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    Six million and one now JS!

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    Glos Guy

    Thanks for alerting us to this. Listening to it now on my new Bose headphones that Mrs Glos Guy bought me for my birthday the other week, although I can’t access the Ed Sheeran track as I’m a cheapskate and only have the basic Amazon Music that you get free with Amazon Prime! Saw Elton John in concert about 10 years ago and he performed for hours, doing all the hits. How he can play the piano faultlessly like that with his stubby little fingers is amazing! Scissor Sisters were the support act as he’s great at nurturing talent.

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    Here you go cheap skate, my belated birthday gift to you lol

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    Glos Guy

    Thank you kind sir. Talented chap that Ed Sheeran. Amazing to think that he was playing to just a handful of people not that many years ago and is now the most successful artist in the world.

    I really liked the Florence and the Machine track. Really like their stuff but sadly they are not as prolific as young Mr Sheeran.

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