Electric Vivaro, Citroën, Combi Life etc.

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    Does anyone have any of these vehicles?

    I have a 2 litre tarraco and I am paying almost £100 a week on petrol, with it being 23mpg and petrol prices at 1.90


    I simply can not afford it. I think I will have to change it before the 3 years

    Does anyone have any of the above noted electric people carriers? If so, what is your experience with them?



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    Look up posts by Windy he loves his Vivaro

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    We have a vivaro e. Had it since September and we absolutely love it. Mile range could of been a bit better but it’s been fab. We spend an average of £125 a month and we use the car constantly. Very luxurious for an 8 seater.

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    We have the Vivaro but a warning without a home charger prices of away from home charging have risen rapidly since September last year some have risen 5 times and with the current situation my guess is that will get worse, but if you can get a home charger then on a good tariff you can run for 10% of diesel which is where we currently find ourselves.

    our previous car would cost approx £250 per month to do current miles we now pay around £25 although we will have a new tariff in September that will double to around £50

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    can i ask how many miles, roughly you do each month, Windy and Les?

    May look at the e-combo life as the range is a bit more.

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    I can agree with Windy on the cost of charging when away from home. BP have just put their prices up again and it’s now 48p/kwh with chargers at motorway services being more expensive still.

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    Mm5 I am doing roughly 1200 miles a month so this snapshot shows a month of home charging but like Elliot says I had an email yesterday from one of the networks and it was going up to 57p KW

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    One last thing, there’s 7 of us. What would, do you think would be the real world range on the vivaro for that? Thanks again you two.

    Appreciate the info and time.

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    Another issue to consider is the lead times.


    You are looking at about a year wait presently for all of the above.


    I’m presently waiting a grant decision for a vivaro with a turny Evo seat (week 6 of what was supposedly a priority 7 day decision) if successful then once the vehicle is ordered the present van will be terminated and I’ll grab a used runaround that’s too small for the full family but better for my daughter until the vivaro is delivered or motability might be able to find a way to long term hire something.

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    Mm5 I know of people ditching their Vivaro due to only getting 70 range but much of this is due to driving I so far have not experienced huge weight difference we have a hoist a 150 kg chair dogs, but the base vehicle is heavy so perhaps weight isn’t so important. Driving style on the other hand truly makes a huge difference but we had to go electric due to cost so always pulled the most we could from a diesel, so if you have that approach with the electric. But wait times are massive so we found a cancellation but even that’s not easy anymore.

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    I wouldn’t hold your breath about car hire. There’s a huge nationwide shortage if hire cars, probably due to the chronic parts shortage for repairing cars. When mine brokedown Thursday Europcar couldn’t get me anything until Monday & even then it was unsuitable tiny hatchback & manual.

    Everything is such a nightmare at the moment

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