Election 2019: 100,000 people have lost Motability vehicles through Tory PIP ref

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    More than 100,000 disabled people have lost their Motability vehicles after being reassessed as part of the Conservatives’ disability benefit reforms, Disability News Service (DNS) can reveal.

    The figures show the number of Motability customers who have had to return their vehicles after being assessed for the new personal independence payment (PIP) has now passed 100,000.

    The figures were revealed after the former minister for disabled people, Maria Miller, was accused of lying about the government’s introduction of PIP when she was taking part in a local election hustings event in Basingstoke (see separate story).

    Miller was a Conservative minister for disabled people between May 2010 and September 2012 and steered through the early stages of the unpopular and controversial replacement of working-age disability living allowance (DLA) with PIP, which was eventually introduced in April 2013.

    The PIP reassessment process has been blamed for causing years of distress to disabled people, and making it harder for many to access work, leisure and other independent living opportunities since Tory chancellor George Osborne announced in 2010 that the government planned to cut the 1.8 million working-age people claiming DLA by 20 per cent.

    Disabled campaigners repeatedly warned in the years after it was introduced in 2013 that the decision to tighten a key eligibility criterion for the enhanced mobility rate from being able to walk less than 50 metres under DLA to 20 metres under PIP was having a significant and serious impact on disabled people’s independence.

    Among them was a disabled man who lost a leg to bone cancer and was left unable to travel to hospital for vital x-rays after he had to hand his Motability car back and was left virtually housebound.

    DNS later spent months investigating allegations of dishonesty by PIP assessors in late 2016 and throughout 2017, hearing eventually from more than 250 disabled people in less than a year about how they had been unfairly deprived of their benefits, with such cases continuing to come in two years later.

    And in September, DNS revealed that PIP claimants are now almost twice as likely to win their tribunal appeal than DLA claimants were almost a decade ago.

    Miller told her Labour opponent on Monday that the higher mobility component of DLA “was actually designed for people who couldn’t walk”.

    In fact, the higher mobility component was for people who had severe walking difficulties and for those who could only walk a short distance – less than 50 metres – without severe discomfort, as well as those who could not walk at all.

    Kerena Marchant, Miller’s Labour opponent, who is a Deaf user of British Sign Language, had told the former minister that 80,000 disabled people had lost their Motability vehicles because of the government’s reforms, restricting their ability to leave their homes.

    DNS has now secured updated figures from Motability, with a spokesperson for the charity saying today (Thursday): “As of 1 November 2019, some 101,000 customers have lost their eligibility to the scheme meaning they would have had to return their vehicle after a DLA-PIP reassessment.”

    Marchant said: “The current criteria for the enhanced mobility of PIP fails disabled people who are virtually unable to walk.

    “It is a scandal that one of the richest countries in the world has made 101,000 disabled people prisoners in their own homes due to a barbaric PIP descriptor for enhanced mobility.

    “I pledge that if I am elected I will campaign to change the enhanced mobility descriptor of PIP, which no parties have addressed in their manifestos.”

    Marchant said this was another reason why there needed to be more than the one per cent [approximately] of MPs who are disabled people in the last parliament.

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    I’m not going to argue the move to PIP and I’m certainly not going to defend the terrible way assessments have been carried out. But I do wonder how many of those who no longer have the higher level mobility award (and therefore no mobility car) is as a result of being found to be fit. I know of one.

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    mmmmmm 🤔

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    whats wrong brydo someone disagree with your agenda?

    over the years ive seen many abuse the system,indeed guess which govt encouraged the unemployed to get off the dole by claiming disability, and loads did. so maybe some are being found out at last.

    as wigwam says i am not saying pip is the solution but there are many out there getting the allowance who are playing the system.

    and those who should get it get penalised because of it and the daily fail etc demonise us all.


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    Mitch I have no agenda and I don’t know anyone who abuses the system. If you do I suggest you report them.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    Well, Mitch and Wigwam

    To hell with the 80,000 to 100,000 who may have been thrown off DLA Mobility or PIP Mobility, at least wigwam know’s of one who in his (rightly or wrongly) opinion should not have qualified even though I am quite sure he has no full knowledge of the person’s full incapacity and I am not quite sure how many you think you know of Mitch.

    Do you both not accept that the process is not about throwing of people who are not entitled to DLA/PIP, which we all agree with, it is simply designed to reduce pre-defined figures to cut the number of people getting DLA/PIP without actually assessing them first.

    As someone who actually worked for 27 years for DWP, they should never pre-define the figures (which happens) that they want to reduce the number by, who claim a benefit, before you assess them. You should also definitely not be issuing contracts with private companies, with the only aim for them to meet these pre-defined numbers.

    I do not dispute that there are some people who should not qualify and should be thrown off, but still get DLA/PIP, but we should not be creating a system where the public are acceptable of putting genuine people off DLA/PIP so that the Government with the assistance of private companies with pre-assessed targets, can put genuine people off DLA/PIP and other benefits, simply to meet Government targets, which clearly happens, otherwise why are the DWP loosing so many appeals.


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    Menorca Mike

    A man I knew used his motability car as a taxi he has since died it does go on

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    John, I am not going to bother responding to your post except to say I have full knowledge of the person I mentioned as they are a family member.  You do not persuade people to your point of view by questioning their integrity.

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    It’s sad to think how many genuine people are being made to suffer under these rules. The government (and the general public) always seem to be more focussed on a small number of people who take advantage of the system rather than the people who the system is supposed to help.


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    john if you read both our posts we did say we were not commenting on wether the system was fair, just that brydo was using the article to promote comrade corbyn and demonise the conservatives.

    no government in the past comes out smelling of roses as far as their treatment of the disabled goes.

    that is all i was saying. i am sure anyone could write volumes about the inadequacies of the current and planned system but do you really think a different government would make any worthwhile changes i doubt it very much.

    as someone more eloquent than me said “a pox on both their houses”.

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    Mitch I don’t need to demonise the conservatives they do a great job all by themselves.

    If you vote Tory you can’t complain when they come after you, and they will, it’s in their DNA.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    what might happen after election?

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    Christmas comes next, as I understand it.

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    Christmas comes next, as I understand it.

    then new year? or have the EU cancelled it?

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