Easee EV wall charger fitted today

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    We have just had a Easee EV wall charger fitted this afternoon by a local company  https://evchargingsolutions.co.uk

    Can highly recommend them as they installed really quick and did an amazing job.

    We contacted them the week before Christmas along with several other of the big names installers and was starting to think was it all worth it with some of the others with all the online surveys etc. then these guys came back to me and I can’t believe how easy they made the whole experience all via email with no pressure.

    The requested information needed in simple to understand terms and agreed to sort the goverment grant for us and quote supplied and installation agreed all within a day.

    All we had to do was pay the total cost was £649 and the really polite installer turned up today and fitted with no hidden extras at all.

    Very happy and highly recommend



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    But aren’t these free with Motability?

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    Only if you have a full Electric vehicle, I have a PHEV on order so mobilty does not cover cost as still run on petrol power.

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    Great news, what charger did you get installed?


    What questions and info did you have to provide.


    We have a 100amp fuse + unlooped supply + 25mm sq tails into and out of smart meter into fairly new 17th edition consumer unit with a spare way. The only thing we are unsure about is if we have earth bonding or not. I have contacted some locals and they don’t even get back to you. Don’t fancy using BP as they have such a bad reputation.

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    I just had to send pictures of fuse box and electrics, and where the cable run will be along with where box will mount.

    They do offer several different wall chargers but I opted for the Easee.

    Drop them an email as they were amazing for me and it was so easy start to finish.

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    Thats great news @Newbie.

    Mazda CX5 is my DD
    VW ID3 Max on order 5 Nov 21

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    Thanks @newbie I will contact them later today, if it works out that easy and costs about £650 after rebate I will probably give it a go.

    I know we can get a free one through MB but it’s the hassle I can’t be doing with, I would rather pay for it myself if it is a hassle free option.


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    And you only have a couple of months before the grant runs out at the end of March (unless you are renting/housing association).

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    @newbie I see you got the Easee charger, I see they are untethered, does it come with an untethered cable or do you have to buy that separately. If so how much are the tethering cables please.


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    @Abercol We own our house but if they work as quick as Newbie says it should be done by end Feb so before grant finishes.

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    I went for the easee as wanted an untethered version as didn’t want a tethered cable as worried ot would get dirty of out in all weather.

    It doesn’t come with an EV cable, but one should be included with your new car.

    They do plenty of other wall chargers that offer tethered, they will go through the options.

    The installer did say he hadn’t fitted many easee ones so perhaps it’s not popular, just a friend has one and recommend so I went with it.

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    Thank you Newbie, I have checked and the new car (ID4) will have a charge lead supplied, mode 3, Type 2: 7.2kW / 32 A  but not sure what the length is.

    Not sure whether I prefer tethered or not at this stage so will see what options they can offer when I contact them tomorrow.

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    I went for tethered, its just quicker/easier than taking out the cable supplied with the car, wrestling with it, getting it wet/dirty then wrestling it back into its bag in the rain/snow/cold.

    It depends on your drive/charger location, but I only need to unwind one loop from the cable tidy and plug it in, a meter or so away. Takes all of 10 seconds to plug in and walk away or unplug and set off.

    The cable is clean, never touches the ground and getting it wet is no hardship – its built for exterior use.

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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